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What the religious system ERRONEOUSLY calls "tithing" is UNBIBLICAL.

There is NO SCRIPTURE ANYWHERE that requires ANYONE -- Jew or Gentile - to pay 10% OF ONE'S SALARY or income to a religious figure or organization.

Repeat: The Bible DOES NOT REQUIRE ANYONE - Jew or Gentile - to pay 10% of their income to the High Priest, Levites, OR ANYONE ELSE - LET ALONE to a Christian pastor, evangelist, minister or religious organization.

FREEWILL OFFERINGS, however, are a different matter.

Freewill offerings are either money, or things that can be exchanged for money, given VOLUNTARILY, IN ANY AMOUNT THE GIVER CHOOSES, WITHOUT any coercion, manipulation, or THREATS.

FREEWILL offerings are, in fact, ENCOURAGED throughout the New Testament (Romans 12:8; 2 Corinthians 9:7; Philippians 4:16-19).

There is NOTHING WRONG WITH receiving VOLUNTARY DONATIONS from those who have been blessed or edified by a ministry.

THE REASON that I have CHOSEN NOT TO accept even VOLUNTARY offerings is, to put it bluntly, CREDIBILITY.

BY TALKING INCESSANTLY ABOUT MONEY, most ministries have reduced the Christian Message to little more than a BUSINESS.

The public, in general, believes they care nothing about people's soulsthat ALL they are after is MONEY.

The public, sad to say, IS usually CORRECT.

Jesus called me into a rather unique and UNCONVENTIONAL ministry.

The LAST thing I need is for some UNSAVED person to think that we're just "another ministry" who is  ONLY in it for selfish gain.

Or that these teachings are merely "another religious gimmick" concocted so that I can get rich and live better than the Sultan of Brunei.

That is why, by the sheer Grace of God, I won't take a nickel from ANYONE.

But JESUS (fortunately, in His day, there were no lying, greedy, corrupt televangelists) DID RECEIVE free will offerings.

Luke tells us that Jesus had a group of REGULAR DONORS that included Mary Magdalene, Joanna the wife of Herod's household manager Chuza, Susanna, and "many others" (Luke 8:1-3).

In addition to these WOMEN, He was doubtlessly given voluntary offerings by others from time to time.

Although the Gospels do not specifically say this, the Roman centurion whose daughter He raised from the dead comes to mind. He probably became a regular contributor (Luke 7:5-9).

TWO things are noteworthy:

1. Even JESUS' ministry was mainly supported BY WOMEN.

Statistics show that, even today -- 2,000 years later -- WOMEN provide the lion's share (70%) of the funds to support ALL ministries.

UNLIKE today's hypocrites, Jesus DIDN'T APPLY A DOUBLE STANDARD by TAKING women's MONEY, then BANNING women from preaching.

The FIRST PERSON He sent to announce the Good News of His Resurrection WAS A WOMAN (John 20:17).

She announced it to His 12 MALE apostles, no less! (John 20:18)


Jesus is the King of kings. He and His disciples NEVER begged for money, as today's hirelings do (supposedly in His Name) and virtually NON-STOP.

He is King and He always comported Himself as such... even when being sentenced and executed.

Contrast that with today's religious traffickers WHO CONSTANTLY BEG LIKE PAUPERS, so they can LIVE LIKE kings... AT YOUR EXPENSE.

Jesus gave us THE SUPREME EXAMPLE to follow, which is this:

If you are preaching and teaching God's Word, being and doing God's Will, God will see to it that the money is there WHEN YOU NEED IT.

He never promised that you'd live in a palace, travel in luxury, and wallow in excess.

But when He calls, He PROVIDES what's NEEDED when NEEDED.

Glory to the eternal King. Amen.

There is NO SCRIPTURE anywhere that THREATENS Christians that "God won't bless them UNLESS they give".

Those who THREATEN Christians with "a curse" if they fail to give 10% of their incomes to a lying preacher, are BLASPHEMERS.

God gave us THE GREATEST blessing of all, Salvation, by sheer Grace (Ephesians 2:8-9).

He DID NOT require us to give Him ANYTHING first.

WHY ON EARTH would He require tithes, offerings, or ANYTHING ELSE, in order to grant us LESSER blessings?

It doesn't make sense.

Romans 8:32 couldn't be clearer:

"He WHO DID NOT SPARE HIS OWN SON, but GAVE HIM UP for us all--HOW will He not also, along with Him, GRACIOUSLY GIVE US ALL THINGS?"



ANY individual who hasn't heard or read the Gospels and watched 10 MINUTES of Kristian TV, would get the idea that ALL that Jesus EVER talked about was money:


Give, give, give, give, give, give...

Do you know that JESUS NEVER asked ANYONE for money?


You won't find A SINGLE INSTANCE in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, OR ANYWHERE ELSE, where He asks for donations.


Do you know that JESUS (BEING GodNEVER said that giving to Him IS "giving to God"?

Take note, lying televangelists.

Do you know that our precious Savior NEVER EVEN passed around an "offering plate" or TOOK UP A COLLECTION?

Don't look SO SHOCKED... Christian.

It's one thing for the UNSAVED NOT to know this.

The really SAD PART is that Christians DON'T KNOW IT EITHER.

Just like they don't know that Jesus WASN'T ALWAYS NICE.

He WASN'T ALWAYS the "sweet, gentle", "meek and mild", wimpy doormat that religion has sold us.

From time to time, certain individuals have offered to donate money to this ministry.

Most have been sincere. However, in some cases, I KNEW, by the Spirit, that they were simply "testing me" to see if  we REALLY LIVE UP to our stated policy of NOT receiving donations from anyone.

When given our standard answer: "we appreciate your generosity and thank you, but this ministry does not ask for, or receive even VOLUNTARY donations", then THE REAL MOTIVE of their heart was exposed:

What they REALLY WANTED to know is how do you propose that we maintain our church building, or conduct fund raising, since you teach that tithing by Christians is UNBIBLICAL?

When we provide THE MODEL followed by Christ and His Apostles, they are shocked.

They consider it "INCONVENIENT".

We never hear from these people again.

That should give us a rough idea of WHAT the CORRUPT RELIGIOUS SYSTEM has done to the Christian psyche, and HOW THOROUGHLY BRAINWASHED most of God's sheep have become.

WHO SAYS you have to meet IN A BUILDING?

The MOMENT one of those RELIGIOUS FORTRESSES is erected, it becomes MASTER.

EVERYONE, from the pastor to the congregation BECOMES ITS SLAVE.

That's why their PRIMARY CONCERN becomes "HOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY the mortgage, the electric bill, the insurance, the maintenance... ?"

Jesus said NO ONE can serve TWO masters (Matthew 6:24).

If we met in PRIVATE HOMES, or PUBLIC PROPERTY (parks, libraries, beaches, coffee shops, as Jesus and His Apostles did), not only would we save TONS of cash, we'd be free to love Jesus, be Jesus, and worship Jesus, instead of CONSTANTLY HAVING TO BEG and existing to serve ANOTHER MASTER (Acts 8:3; 12:12; Romans 16:5; 1 Corinthians 16:19; Colossians 4:15; Philemon 1:2; Matthew 5:1; 8:1, 18-20; 14::15-21; Mark 2:1-5; 6:30-39).

Not to mention that we'd be SURROUNDED BY the unsaved and bringing them IN DROVES into His Kingdom, instead of ISOLATING from them in our religious fortifications.

This all begs the question:

HOW DID Jesus pay for HIS ministry?

Sure, He DID multiply food on a couple of occasions (Mark 6:40-42; 8:1-9).

He DID cause a couple of superabundant CATCHES of fish, with which they not only filled their bellies, but doubtlessly SOLD and made a nice profit, since most of His disciples were fishermen, and that's HOW they made a living (Luke 5:4-10; John 21:1-6).

We even have an instance where Jesus - while declaring that He was UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO DO SO -- instructs Peter to throw in the line and hook, and he would find a coin inside the fish's mouth which he would use to pay the "temple tax" so as not to scandalize the religious hierarchy (Matthew 17:24-27).

But these were rare and ISOLATED cases.

We know from the Gospels that Jesus ministered publicly for HALF A SHEMITTAH, or 3½ years.

We also know that, in addition to the multitudes that followed Him almost everywhere, He had the 120, the 70, plus the 12 disciples and their families to support.

We know He did not own large granaries in which to store food, and that He taught to live mostly on a DAY TO DAY basis (Matthew 6:33-34).

We also know that Judas was the group's Treasurer, who "carried the bag", from which he regularly stole money and, apparently, there was enough in it that no one noticed (John 12:6).

We can infer from these passages that, WHILE NOT RICH by worldly standards, as the  "word of faith" predatory wolves would have us believe, Jesus and His disciples lacked nothing.

WHERE did the money come from?

Come back tomorrow, and I'll tell you.

MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2015


For all the talk about heaven and "going to heaven", I've yet to hear anyone teach WHERE HEAVEN IS.

Most religionists will present it as some DISTANT, mysterious location known only to God:

A secret place trillions of light years from the earth.

Certain religions misrepresent heaven as a giant oasis, full of "black eyed virgins", ready to indulge every male sexual whim.

Contrary to conventional religious teaching, heaven is NONE OF THAT.


Heaven is a HIGHER DIMENSION (Isaiah 57:15).

Heaven is where Jesus is.

Jesus IS heaven.

In fact, if you are born-again in Christ, heaven is ALREADY IN YOU (Luke 17:21).

That heavenly dimension is already INSIDE YOU.

It is INNER space (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

What we call "OUTER space" (the Big Bang) is merely the result of God's response to Satan's rebellion.

What caused the "expansion" was God EJECTING Satan (the mystery of iniquity) and blasting him and his angels away from Himself (Genesis 1:1-2).

Satan only regained access to heaven by deceiving and then usurping man's authority (Job 1:6; Isaiah 14:12; Revelation 12:9-11).

The Bible is clear that HELL is in the CENTER OF the earth (Numbers 16:33; Deuteronomy 32:22; Isaiah 14:9).

But HEAVEN is NOT a geographical location.

Again: heaven is NOT a GEOGRAPHICAL location.

Heaven is a SPIRITUAL dimension.

Heaven is only INCHES away from the earth realm.

Repeat: Heaven is ONLY INCHES away from the earth realm.

It only SEEMS FAR OFF to our flawed human perception.

From the heavenly dimension we can travel through space and time.

Jesus certainly did.

And DOES...

When the Body of Christ is raptured, it won't go through trillions and trillions of miles into space.

It will be CAUGHT UP into the INNER dimension.

Our Spirit (Jesus) will rapture our soul into Himself (2 Corinthians 3:17).

The soul will be raptured by Jesus (our Spirit), INTO Jesus Himself, WHO IS heaven.

And from that INNER dimension, we will be able to see and know EVERYTHING that happens in this realm of OUTER DARKNESS.

We will see them, they won't see us.

Religion, which treats its mindless followers as little more than Pavlovian dogs, has conditioned us to look for "God" on the OUTSIDE, way off in THE DISTANCE, UP IN THE SKY INTO THE FAR BLUE YONDER...


The Truth is God (heaven) is closer than our breath (Deuteronomy 30:14; Romans 10:8).

We will never find Jesus, or heaven, by LOOKING INTO OUTER space.

We will find Him when we look for Him WITH ALL our hearts in INNER space (Luke 17:21).

He is the INNER dimension.

SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 2015


I know the term DOES NOT appear in the U.S. Constitution.

I also know it came from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802.

This term is actually a misnomer.

What they actually mean is "separation of RELIGION and State".

In that context, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does state:

"Congress shall make no law RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances".

God bless our Founding Fathers.

All reasonable, freedom loving individuals should be FOR separation of RELIGION and State.

History has demonstrated aplenty the atrocious consequences of merging RELIGION and State:

The Dark Ages, the Crusades, the Thirty Years' War, the death, the torture, the incarceration, the extortion, the excesses, the repression, the "sale" of salvation, the stifling of free speech, the abuse of power, the greed, the excommunications, the hatred, the division, the mock trials, the Inquisition.

And if you want more recent proof of just how evil and lethal this ungodly combination can be, just look to Northern Ireland, Iran and ISIS.

Separating RELIGION and State is wise.

Separation of CHURCH (as in the true Body of Christ) and State is an altogether different issue.

Every born-again person should be fervently AGAINST IT, and here's why:

The CHURCH and "State" will be one and the same in the Millennium.

Whether anyone likes it or not, this world will be ruled by Jesus Christ, and NO ONE ELSE (Zechariah 14:9).

Jesus, however, will not manifest as only ONE Jesus anymore.

He will be ruling and reigning from Jerusalem.

He will also rule, SIMULTANEOUSLY, in and through an army of MANIFESTED SONS OF the Most High God, which is what you (born-again believer in Christ) and are PREDESTINED by God Himself to become (Daniel 7:22, 27; Romans 8:19-23; Revelation 5:10).

Each of us will manifest a unique facet of His Infinite Wisdom and Perfection - glory to Him for all the ages to come, amen.

We will cover the earth with the knowledge of the Lord, as well as with His glory (Isaiah 11:9; Habakkuk 2:14).

This was, and HAS ALWAYS BEEN, God's intent since Genesis 1:28: to have this planet ruled and subdued by His Sons.

If ANYONE has a problem with THAT, then I suggest they GET SAVED by inviting Jesus into their hearts, and RECEIVING Him as God and Savior.

Because THAT'S WHERE this thing is headed.

The only ones who would OPPOSE such magnificent plan are those who AREN'T children of God.

It is during that time, when the Kingdom of God will TANGIBLY AND VISIBLY manifest on earth, that the "restoration of all things" promised in Acts 3:21 will take place.

That is when this planet will be restored to paradisaical state (Isaiah 2:1-5; 11:1-12; 65:17-25; Zechariah 14:6-9).

This, according to Romans 8:19-23, is for what ALL of Creation eagerly groans: the moment when it is ruled, once again, by its Creator.

The heathen - tribulation survivors - and the earth itself, ARE OUR INHERITANCE (Psalm 2:8; 37:11; Matthew 5:5).

We as loving, obedient children, will delight in presenting that inheritance back to our heavenly Father, as OUR LOVE GIFT.

Separation of RELIGION and State?

You bet!

Separation of CHURCH and State?

In your dreams!!!




But after faith has come, WE ARE NO LONGER UNDER A TUTOR.

For YOU ARE ALL THE CHILDREN of God BY FAITH IN Christ Jesus". (Galatians 3:24-26).

Most parents deal with this at some point or another:

Jimmy's having problems with math, and Jenni's failing French, therefore, their parents find a tutor to bring Jimmy's math or Jenni's French to an acceptable level.

Once they reach that level, the tutor is history.

He or she is GONE!

Tutors are always hired on a TEMPORARY basis.

Only until a certain degree of knowledge is achieved.

Then students are ready for the Teacher.

In the verses above Paul undisputedly says that the Law was merely our (temporary) tutor to BRING US TO faith in Christ.


Once faith has come, we've achieved the desired grade, and we're now ready for the Teacher.

Once faith has come, we don't need the tutor, and WE ARE NO LONGER UNDER THE LAW.

We are to DUMP THE TUTOR, and COMPLETELY TRUST the Teacher.

And, if the Teacher, BY SHEER Grace, chooses to bestow on us not just a "passing grade"... but a PERFECT grade, praise His Holy Name!

Jesus is the Teacher.

The Greatest Teacher ever.

In fact, the title Rabbi (teacher), comes from rab, which means "great one".

He established a NEW Testament based ENTIRELY, 100%, ON FAITH (trust).

There is NO SUCH THING AS a New Testament based on Law.

Repeat: There is NO SUCH THING AS a NEW Testament based on Law.

You can't find that contradicting concept ANYWHERE in Scripture.

WHY do so many "Christians" insist on CLINGING TO A FAILING GRADE UNDER THE LAW, when they can get AN "A+" by Grace through faith?

WHY do so many "Christians" insist on CLINGING TO THE TUTOR, when they now have THE TEACHER?

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2015


The Word of God is FULL of Wisdom.


We will cherish His Word, both the Incarnate Word, Jesus, and His written Word - a manifestation of His brilliance - for all eternity.

I say this because I ADORE Jesus with every particle of my being.

But also because we must never become so "religiously spiritual" (there's a CONTRADICTION of terms for you!) that we cannot address practical issues that people face in everyday life.

We must never become so "heavenly minded" that we're no earthly good.

As in all other situations, Jesus is our Pattern, OUR SUPREME example.

As spiritually and heavenly minded as He was and is, He also dealt with the disciples' practical needs.

He could minister to the crowds one moment, to an individual the next, then get into a boat with some of the 12 to ACTUALLY catch fish.

What to do with challenges that life throws your way? 

How can we unravel the unholy mess we've made of our lives?

Of course, the first step is to ask the Holy Spirit's guidance, His Wisdom, and His SOLUTION.

Then LISTEN, PAY attention to His inner "Voice".

Asking Him, and NOT EXPECTING an answer, is a waste of time.

So is asking Him, then NOT LISTENING and being ATTENTIVE to His answer.

You have to be ON THE LOOKOUT FOR His answer, UNTIL it comes.

Then look at the circumstance, instead of as one big, giant "problem", as A SERIES OF SMALL items that need to be fixed.

As the saying goes, NO ONE can eat a WHOLE elephant in one sitting.

But WE CAN eat it ONE BITE at a time.

Make a list of things that need "fixing". Then PRIORITIZE.

Which of those things IS IN MOST IMMEDIATE need of fixing or correcting?

Tackle them in order OF PRIORITY, one by one.

Before you know it, "the elephant" will be GONE.

This principle applies to nearly every circumstance we face:

If you think of ALL you have to do at home, you won't do anything, and the situation will get worse and worse.

You'll get depressed, discouraged, and DEFEATED, BEFORE you even start.

Conversely, if you think in terms of "this week, I will focus on doing _______, and nothing else".

Then pick ONE item next week, and focus on solving, that, and so on... what seemed like a monumental task, will be resolved in no time.

Likewise, nobody gains or loses 50 pounds in one day. If you think "Gee, I need to lose 50 pounds", chances are you never will.

If you focus on losing 5 pounds, then when you do, focus on the next 5, then the next 5... the 50 pounds will be gone before you know it.

You GAINED the weight in small, regular increments, and YOU'LL LOSE IT THE SAME WAY.

Remember that God has NO PROBLEMS.

Jesus is THE SOLUTION to EVERY circumstance and challenge.

You may be the only Jesus that someone else ever comes across.

Jesus wants His children FREE of worldly concerns, so they can focus on Him, worship Him, and BE Him.

As Paul instructs Timothy:

"No soldier ENTANGLES HIMSELF WITH THE AFFAIRS OF THIS LIFE; in order to please Him who has chosen him to be a soldier" (2 Timothy 2:4).

If you are entangled, it's time to BREAK FREE



From God's eternal perspective, Salvation is complete, perfect and lacks nothing.

From our earthly perspective, its completion and perfection have not yet manifested.

That is why we can be saved (born again) and STILL sin.

It DOES NOT YET APPEAR "what we shall be" (1 John 3:2).

When we receive Christ into our hearts, our spirit is reconnected to His Spirit, and we're SPIRITUALLY born again.

From that moment, we have Him (Perfection) in our spirits.

However, OUR SOULS (minds) are a different story.

The HUMAN MIND only gets renewed (born again) BY SEEING the REAL Jesus, as He really is, in His glorified, ascended Self.

I'm not talking about some religious icon who resembles the human Jesus.

I'm not even talking about His ACTUAL, earthly HUMAN picture.

If that's what it took, then everyone who's seen the Face and Image on the Shroud of Turin would have been transformed and raptured.

It's SEEING the REAL glorified, ascended Jesus, Face to face,that renovates our minds thus triggering our transformation from mortal to immortal.

Our SPIRITS are saved when we RECEIVE Christ.

Our SOULS are saved when we SEE Christ.

The Good News is that ALL who have RECEIVED Him will also, sooner or later, SEE Him.



"LOVE (Jesus) NEVER FAILS: but whether there be PROPHECIES, they shall END; whether there be tongues, THEY SHALL CEASE; whether there be knowledge, IT SHALL VANISH AWAY.

For we know IN PART, and we prophesy IN PART.


There is a saying among my family that "if you want to see Martel LIGHT UP, just talk about Jesus, the Bible, or Bible prophecy".

They're right.

At the mention of Jesus, His written Word, or His prophecies, I get "turned on" like a neon sign at a Vegas casino...


I could talk about Him, His Word, and His prophecies non-stop 24/7.

Jesus PERSONALLY called me to teach His Word of Prophecy.

For me, studying and meditating His Word is something that comes NATURALLY and effortlessly.

Something that I greatly enjoy.

I get as excited TODAY about new prophetic revelations, as I did 20 or 30 years ago.

And yet, this prophecy teacher is telling you, based ON GOD'S WORD, that PROPHECY SHALL CEASE.

It will come TO AN END.

One day soon, there will be NO MORE prophecy.

How come?

Because prophecy, no matter how awesome and accurate, IS ONLY "IN PART".

JESUS, on the other hand, IS Perfection.

And when that which is Perfect (Jesus) has come - EVERY THING that is IN PART (therefore, imperfect) WILL BE DONE AWAY.

That includes prophecy, human knowledge and tongues.

I love you Pentecostal brothers and sisters, and I'm Spirit-filled. I privately speak and pray in tongues...

But just like prophecy shall end, SO WILL TONGUES.

When He who IS PERFECT appears, there will be NO MORE speaking in tongues.

We will be able to communicate with God in a perfect and pure language, faster than the speed of thought, and without even moving our lips (Zephaniah 3:9).

The REASON that ALL prophecy will soon END is that JESUS (Perfection, Completeness) IS THE END of all that is "in part" (therefore, IMPERFECT) INCLUDING prophecy.

All Bible prophecy is TRUE, and WILL HAPPEN, but prophecy is related to "time", and time is FINITE.


That is worth repeating:


The testimony (witness) of Jesus IS the Spirit of prophecy (Revelation 19:10).

When we SEE JESUS, as He really is, Face to face, ALL that is IN PART and IMPERFECT shall come to AN END.

Therefore, if we REALLY want to see His Word of Prophecy FULFILLED, if we want ALL that is prophesied to FINALLY happen...

If we really want the Rapture, Second Coming, Millennium, and beyond...

If we want PERFECTION to manifest in this corrupt, sinful, miserable planet WE MUST DESIRE TO SEE Jesus, and we MUST SEEK Jesus Face to face, with ALL our hearts.



JESUS is what every individual on earth WANTS and NEEDS, whether they realize it or not.

To experience Him, in the DEEPEST recesses of our hearts and being is what being born-again is all about.

But our GREATEST DESIRE -- and our GREATEST NEED -- is TO SEE JESUS, as He really is, Face to face.

Many of you know that I was raised Roman Catholic.

Many of the artistic renderings of Jesus are remarkably accurate, as far as His PHYSICAL, human face and body are concerned.

The Shroud of Turin is the first photograph ever made, and AN ACTUAL PICTURE OF the HUMAN Jesus, as well as graphic evidence of the terrible suffering and death He endured for our sakes.

It's also soaked with GOD'S OWN, IMMACULATE Blood.

As PRECIOUS as that relic is - and I'm NOT A FAN OF religious relics, but this one - for obvious reasons - is THE exception...

As much as I love the Person on the Shroud, and as much as I appreciate that piece of cloth that I just described...

That man is NOT the REAL Jesus in the sense that the REAL Jesus is in a much HIGHER realm, and is the FULL Manifestation of God's unspeakable Love, Beauty and Perfection (Hebrews 1:3).

What we see on the Shroud is what the REAL Jesus BECAME, when He took off His glory, became HUMAN FLESH, and showed up as Last Adam in order to redeem Adam-kind (Philippians 2:5-11).


And the REAL Jesus is what we - who believe in Him - are DESTINED TO BECOME (Romans 8:29).

In order to BECOME Him, we must see Him "as He IS" (1 John 3:2).

When we SEE God's Perfection, we BECOME PERFECT.

When we SEE Jesus, we BECOME Jesus (Colossians 2:9).

That is what He intended ALL ALONG.

MONDAY, APRIL 20,  2015


Most people have a secret desire of which they aren't even AWARE.

They have a deep longing in their innermost being, which they find difficult to identify, and even more difficult to fill.

Because they have that void, and they don't realize WHAT they REALLY long for, they try to FILL IT WITH all kinds of stuff.

Problem is that all the stuff, all those artificial "FILLERS", ALWAYS LEAVE US EMPTIER than we were before:

Relationships, pretend "friendships", material things, mansions, planes, cars, motorcycles, gadgetry, booze, drugs, music, movies, sex, plastic surgery, spas, parties, luxuries, clothes, jewelry, fame, money...

The list is ENDLESS.

The PROOF that these things do NOT fill the void, and DO NOT satisfy, is that they're NOT PERMANENT.

Hence, we have to "keep going back for more", and "reinventing" these things, as well as "reinventing" ourselves, time and again...

And ALL they bring is TEMPORARY relief.

So, WHAT is this deep, secret longing in our hearts?

WHAT IS IT that we REALLY, REALLY WANT, of which most of us aren't even consciously aware?



We want -- and NEED -- A PERMANENT CONNECTION with the Divine.

To personally experience the ETERNAL Being from Whom we came and in Whom we are.

That is why JESUS - and ONLY JESUS - will fill the void in your heart.

That is why JESUS - and ONLY JESUS - will SATISFY.

We were made in His Image.

Consequently, ONLY His Image WILL FULFILL US.

Only His Image can FILL the void - TOTALLY and PERMANENTLY.

Only His Image will NEVER leave us nor forsake us - for any reason, or under any circumstance.

Only His Image can be TRUSTED 100% -- ALWAYS.

I'm talking about His TRUE Image, NOT some human adaptation, manufactured by our corrupt mind.

You can run after stuff ALL YOUR LIFE, and NONE of it, will EVER fulfill your longing.

Because those things were created in YOUR image, NOT in His.

You will get old running after stuff and end up lonely, disillusioned and ruined.


He will never abandon you for ANY reason.

He is THE SAME yesterday, today, and FOR ALL THE AGES TO COME.


SUNDAY, APRIL 19, 2015


"Brothers and sisters, NOT MANY OF YOU SHOULD BECOME TEACHERS. You know that we who teach WILL BE JUDGED MORE SEVERELY" (James 3:1).

The immaturity and self-deception that goes on in religious circles is simply appalling.

Apparently, some "Christians" believe that they can manipulate GOD to do THEIR bidding.

Apparently, they think the Almighty is taking polls to see what's popular and what isn't, what they like or dislike, what they approve or disapprove.

They think that by voting to "dislike" a video, they can CHANGE God's Word and what He said would happen.

Never mind that they have NO BIBLICAL ARGUMENTS to refute the video.

Likewise they delude themselves into thinking that THEIR OPINION determines what is true or false.

One pitiful moron, in particular, actually tried to "correct" one of our videos by pointing out that the first month is called "Nisan" and NOT "Aviv".

Of course when I countered, that God calls it Aviv, provided several BIBLICAL CITATIONS TO PROVE IT, and informed her that it did not become "Nisan" - which is a PAGAN NAME - until 1,000 years later during Babylonian captivity, the nitwit HAD NO ANSWERS.

For Pete's sakes, Israel's second largest city is called Tel Aviv. It's not called Tel Nisan!

Another idiot actually said that the tribulation (I kid you not) lasts 2,000 years!!!!

When I PROVE to these LIARS - who CLAIM to be Christian - that THEY ARE CONTRADICTING Christ, and even quote Scripture VERBATIM to prove it, they don't show THE SLIGHTEST CONCERN.


Not even A SMIDGEON of hesitation, REPENTANCE, or remorse.

They go on pushing their unbiblical lies as though the Bible, and Bible prophecy in particular, is SOME SORT OF GAME.

EVEN CHILDREN have enough sense not to accept "because I say so" as A VALID REASON to believe or do something.

But delusional imbeciles think THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT.

Apparently, they perceive God as some fickle egomaniac worried about what A BUNCH OF IGNORANT SINNERS THINK OF HIM and His decrees.

What all these Bible illiterates have in common, besides probably BEING LOST, is they are SELF-APPOINTED "teachers".

Jesus NEVER CALLED THEM into the ministry, and NEVER CALLED THEM TO TEACH anything. 

They are TARES, planted  by the enemy, PRETENDING to be wheat. 

But they're NOT FOOLING Jesus.  He knows EXACTLY what they are.

He said that wheat and tares must grow together until the harvest. 

But when harvest time comes, He will gather the wheat in His barn, and BURN the tares in the lake of fire, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

They need to REPENT (if they do, perhaps God, in His mercy, will transform them into wheat), SHUT THEIR STUPID MOUTHS, SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES DILIGENTLY, and LEARN humbly and in silence.

Yet they have the AUDACITY to "teach" and "CORRECT", when they're the ones BADLY IN NEED OF CORRECTION.

Fact is God DOESN'T CARE what you or I think, what you or I like or dislike.

What we call "the future" HAS BEEN PREARRANGED since before the foundation of the world (Isaiah 46:10).

The outcome IS FIXED whether anyone likes it or not.

I promise you won't wake up one morning to God's tweet: "Guess what? I decided to change the Antichrist from Alexander to Obama, ‘cause that's what you all wanted".

Hell will turn into a glacier BEFORE that happens.

We have TOO MANY UNQUALIFIED "teachers", and TOO FEW students.

That ratio URGENTLY needs to be REVERSED.



Just in time for Holy Week, two of the cable news networks went head-to-head on THEIR VERSION of the life and ministry of Jesus:

Fox News showed Bill O'Reilly's movie adaptation of his best-selling book Killing Jesus.

CNN countered with a series of mockumentaries enticingly titled Finding Jesus. 

I COULDN'T STAND to watch more than A FEW minutes of Killing Jesus.

The film has little to do with the Gospels and, as is usual with most Jesus related fare, it's artificially overacted.

The casting is HORRENDOUS, to put it mildly:

Kelsey Grammer (TV's Frasier) as Herod?

Of all the JEWISH actors in Hollywood, New York, and elsewhere, they had to pick A MUSLIM to play Jesus?

But the "good" people at Fox News and National Geographic, who produced the film, know all too well that in the TV game CONTROVERSY EQUALS RATINGS.

This guy wasn't even REMOTELY believable as Jesus, and not just because of his ethnicity.

This brings us to CNN's series Finding Jesus:

It's nothing more than a disjointed smorgasbord of supposed relics (a bone that is said to be John the Baptist's), plus the second century, heretical, so-called Gospel of Judas, plus the old, tired UNPROVEN, NON-HISTORICAL, UNBIBLICAL, alleged "relationship" between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

As usual, there wasn't ONE commentator featured who was an orthodox Christian scholar, but the customary lineup and repartee of liberal scholars, who claim, among other things, that John the Baptist was Jesus' mentor, and present Jesus as little more than a social activist.

Of course they never tell us WHERE in the Gospels - or even IN SECULAR HISTORY - they find such lunacies.

EVERYTHING they presented AS "FACT" is UNPROVEN:


The ONE THING that you WON'T accomplish, by the end of the series, IS "FINDING Jesus".

So, why am I bringing this up?

Because REAL Christians can LEARN A LOT from these unfortunate, inaccurate presentations:

When WE FAIL to tell the Truth, when WE DO NOT PRESENT the REAL Jesus to world -- the world WILL PRESENT THEIR own, DISTORTED VERSION of Him.

And, Lord knows, they have THE WORLDWIDE MEDIA and resources, to present WHATEVER THEY WANT as "fact".

Instead of using air time to manipulate stupid Kristians into sending us money, instead of preaching a "give to get" scam, or some INVENTED prophetic fantasy, WE BETTER GET BACK to WHAT JESUS COMMANDED US TO DO:

Preach His GOSPEL.

Present Him - the REAL JESUS - to a lost and dying world headed for damnation.

If we DON'T, secularists WILL.

And THEIR "jesus" (small "j") WILL ALWAYS BE A SORRY CARICATURE of the REAL Savior.

Tell them that He is not only THE Messiah, but GOD Incarnate (John 1:14).

Tell them that He is THE ONE AND ONLY SAVIOR, and there's NO SALVATION APART FROM HIM (Acts 4:12).

Open your eyes, greedy Christians!

FOR ONCE, stop focusing on YOURSELVES, and FOCUS ON HIM, whom you CLAIM to "serve":

Give Satan AN INCH and he'll take THE WORLD.

FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015


There are several things every good fisherman must know:

1. You'll never catch ALL the fish.  No matter how many you reel in, there will always be more.

2. You won't catch all, but YOU WILL catch SOME.

If you throw the net out, you WILL catch fish.

3. Only way you won't catch any fish is BY NOT CASTING your fishing line or net into the water.

That's worth repeating: THE ONLY WAY you won't catch fish is by NOT using your fishing gear, and not putting it in the water.

If you throw it where the fish are, YOU'LL CATCH FISH... no ifs, ands or buts. It's INEVITABLE.

You gotta go where the fish are.

Likewise, THE ONLY WAY you'll never win someone to Christ is by NOT presenting Jesus and his timeless Message of love and redemption.

If you put His Message, His Gospel, OUT THERE, some people will be brought into the Kingdom FOR SURE.:  It's INEVITABLE.

4. You gotta have some sort of "lure" and "bait".

Something that will get the fish's attention -- that will ATTRACT the fish -- and induce them to bite.

Begin by talking about or doing something that they like and INTERESTS THEM.

5. You gotta be ready to catch ALL KINDS of fish.

You'll catch some nice fish, but you'll also bring in some really nasty looking ones.

Most of the time fishermen don't know what they got at the end of the line, until they reel it in.

I promise you'll sometimes be shocked at the kind of fish that attaches itself to your hook.

6. No fish you catch will EVER be clean.

EVERY fish you bring in will be slimy, scaly and smelly. There's NO WAY of getting around that.

No one's ever caught a fish that lacked entrails (yuck!), didn't feel slippery, didn't flap around, didn't have scales, and didn't have that fishy smell...

Likewise, no one's ever brought a sinner into God's Kingdom, who didn't look, or feel, or act, or smell... like the world, LIKE A SINNER.

Catch them first. Clean ‘em later.

Actually, it's the Holy Spirit who does the cleaning.

The cleaning isn't instantaneous.

Everyone who's ever had the unpleasant task of cleaning fish knows IT'S A PROCESS. It can be pretty gross.

Same goes for human "fish".

7. We've all heard the "fish" stories, about "the one that got away".

Won't happen too often, but once in a while, you'll THINK you got a fish, you start reeling him in, and he'll manage to get off the hook at the last minute.

This happens because HE DIDN'T REALLY SWALLOW THE HOOK. Hence, it did not go in deep. It was a SUPERFICIAL bite (Mark 4:16-17).

At such times, you'll be disappointed, but there's NOTHING you can do to FORCE the fish to bite. You commit such fish to Christ, and just go on fishing.

So, now that you've taken a "crash" course in fishing... throw the net out and bring ‘em in!

When you do, invite me over for dinner.



In Matthew 4:18-20 Jesus came across Peter and his brother Andrew as they were washing their fishing nets.

He gave them this command: Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

Matthew's gospel says they IMMEDIATELY left their nets and followed Him.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. His disciples, likewise, should be the same yesterday, today and forever.

Jesus taught them to fish men.

They learned from the best.

And, boy, did they fish!

In a matter of 300 years, you could hardly find anyone who hadn't heard the Gospel, or who wasn't Christian.

Their "fishing" was so successful, so productive, that it changed the world forever.

It's brought untold millions of "fish" from the depths of hell, to the heights of heaven.

Jesus' true disciples are still fishing.

They haven't quit. They haven't retired. They haven't folded up their nets. They didn't leave their trade to enjoy "the good life".

If you throw the net, you may not always catch fish, but YOU WILL CATCH SOME.

EVERY SINGLE follower of Jesus has the God-given assignment to "fish".

I'm mindful that not every disciple is called to do it full time, but at the very least, on a "part time" basis.

Jesus started it all.

His apostles took the Gospel to the entire known world.

But it was average, ordinary individuals, who spread the message from house to house, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, synagogue to synagogue, at the water well, the public bath, and the marketplace.

If you are a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, it's your duty, as time and opportunity permit, to share His Good News with others.

You should, AT THE VERY LEAST, share Him with those about whom you care and who are an important part of your life. 

If you need instructions on how to do it IN SIX EASY STEPS, just click on "Soul winning" (TOP LEFT).

Ever told someone HOW MUCH Jesus loves them, and the price He paid to SAVE THEM?

Ever invited someone to receive Him?

Caught any "fish" lately ?



What should a believer in Christ do when things don't turn out as expected?

We spend COUNTLESS HOURS studying and meditating His Word of Prophecy, we receive tons of fresh revelation, we stand on His Word, we make our projections and calculations... EVERY DETAIL matches TO PERFECTION... and NOTHING happens.

Do we throw a tantrum like spoiled children who didn't get their way?


Do we immediately DISMISS God's Holy Word, ASSUME IT'S NOT TRUE, and run all over cyberspace in search of an "alternative theory"?

If you have more faith IN MORTAL MAN, than IN GOD, you got A SERIOUS PROBLEM.

Forget Bible prophecy, if I were you I'd examine MY OWN HEART and MAKE SURE that I'm saved (as in BORN-AGAIN).

Do we run to one of those lame prophecy forums where every moron can OPINE anything that pops into his/her stupid head - and come up with 10 different AND CONTRADICTING theories within a month?

You'll only end up MORE CONFUSED than you already are.

Well, are you going to tell me, Martel, that YOU'RE NOT disappointed?

Of course I'm disappointed!!!

I'm HUMAN, like everyone else, and I want to see Jesus.

I'd also like to get THE HEAVEN OUTTA HERE!

I'm EXTREMELY disappointed that the Rapture DID NOT, and will not, happen this year.

E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y !!!

What I won't do is SHOVE God's WORD ASIDE, and look for some MAN FABRICATED THEORY, SOME MORTAL "OPINION", that suits my fancy. 

Nor will I forsake what can be PROVEN -- BEYOND ANY DOUBT -- with His written Word.

The Word of God IS INERRANT.

Any mistakes WERE MINE - and MINE ALONE.

God DOESN'T make mistakes.

His Word has NEVER FAILED in 6,000 years of human history, and never will !

What I will do, IS STEP BACK for a while.

We got at least another year, Lord willing, so what's the rush?

Then, when time, energy, and my own health permit, and when the Spirit MOVES ME to do so, I'll go GO BACK TO HIS WORD, and look at each and every detail with fresh eyes and mind, and HUMBLY ask His Holy Spirit to show me WHAT I missed.


To Jesus be all the glory from everlasting to everlasting. Amen.

Those who LOSE THEIR TRUST in God, because they "didn't get their way", or things didn't happen as expected, ARE NOT His CHILDREN.

They are BASTARDS.

And bastards AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE - even if the Rapture happened today.



In Revelation 2:10 God tells the churches "YOU WILL HAVE TRIBULATION 10 DAYS".

We're not given many details in Scripture as to what exactly will happen during those 10 days.

We know, beyond any doubt, that none of God's judgments will begin until the Church is safely in heaven.

And we know of at least FOUR MAJOR things that happen during the 10 days:

1. The 144,000 Israelites are sealed (Revelation 7:1-8).

2. The dead in Christ rise (1 Thessalonians 4:15-16).

3. Believers are gathered from one end of heaven to the other (Matthew 24:30-31).

4. Whoever calls on the Name of the Lord (Jesus) - even in the closing moments of this Age - will be saved (Joel 2:32).

Perhaps God, in His infinite mercy, will have some of His angels explain to the Church WHAT is going on (Matthew 24:29-30).

If He DOESN'T, it's going to be A ROUGH 10 DAYS.

And here's why:

Not because some building is going to fall on you, as some of you fear.

Not because some tsunami is going to sweep you and your loved ones into the ocean, as others of you fear.

Not even because we won't have access to smart phones, internet or TV.

But rather because, UNLESS God somehow explains to the Church what's going on, 99% of Christians will be CLUELESS.

The prophecy establishment has most Christians believing that they won't even SEE the tribulation except "from the balconies in heaven".

That the Rapture could take place ANY DAY, AT ANY TIME, without ANY warning.

That they'll be here on earth going about their daily routine one moment, and the next instant - before they can even blink - they'll be in heaven.

Never mind that Revelation 2:10, Revelation 7:14, and Luke 21:24-32 have been in the Bible for the past 2,000 YEARS.

You NEVER hear these things taught or even MENTIONED.

The Church has been duped into thinking its Departure is either COMPLETELY pre-trib, or completely post-trib.

It's not quite that cut and dried.

For all intents and purposes the Rapture IS pre-trib.

But the Church experiences the first 10 days of the tribulation - whether anyone likes it or not.

Can you imagine when the ominous signs BEGIN to take place?

Then Jesus appears in the sky?

Some Christians will think the Rapture's already taken place and that they MISSED IT!

That THEY (to coin a phrase) have been "left behind".

Worse, most of them are expecting a 7-YEAR TRIBULATION!

If they're SCARED NOW when I tell them about the 10 days with no judgments...

IMAGINE when they THINK they're facing 7 WHOLE YEARS!!!

Plus ALL KINDS of judgments!

Plus the Antichrist!

Plus the mark!

Again, I hope and pray that God, in His great Wisdom and mercy, will somehow inform His people as to what is going on.

That His gathering angels, or some of us who may be alive, or both, will be able to convey to the great multitude what is taking place.

If He doesn't, it'll be PANDEMONIUM.

Just three days ago, we posted a message entitled "Conviction Has NO Buts".

The basic theme of the message is that most Christians have NO CONVICTIONS.

They DON'T KNOW WHAT they believe.

Today they SAY "they believe" this. And tomorrow they SAY "they believe" that.

Their opinions change more often than their underwear.

They have NO DEEP-ROOTED BELIEFS about ANYTHING, including eschatology.

And next week they'll SAY "they believe" SOMETHING ELSE.

As I've been saying for the past 10 years:



WHO CARES what "YOU" believe?  WHO CARES what "I" believe?


WHAT DOES GOD say about it?

Those who KNOW what GOD says, are NOT EASILY SWAYED.

We are NOT swept away by every wind of doctrine.

We have CONVICTION because we KNOW that His Word NEVER CHANGES.

He will say the same thing yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week, a billion years from now, and FOR ALL ETERNITY.

Heaven help the blind prophecy traffickers, and their blinder groupies.

They won't even know WHAT HIT ‘EM!

They are going to wet themselves.

And all the worthless books they've SOLD, filled with biased, censored eschatology, will be used as toilet paper.

For years, they've capriciously and unconscionably added and subtracted from God's Word of Prophecy.

For years, they've MISUSED God's Word claiming "it says" WHAT it DOESN'T say, AND OMITTING what IT SAYS that they don't like.

And, AT THAT TIME, it will all come back to bite their behinds.

MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015


I'm sorry to say that, according to God's Word of prophecy and barring some sort of supernatural Divine intervention, the catching away of believers will not happen in Gregorian year 2015.

At this point a number of specific details given in Scripture would no longer fit.

While God IS God and can do ANYTHING, we have to assume that the specific details given in His Word are expressed in what we humans call "real time".

If they weren't, they'd be pretty USELESS.

If they weren't, then the calendar that God Himself gave and the Feasts that Himself commanded His people to observe, make absolutely NO SENSE.

Having said these things, and knowing now, with the benefit of hindsight, that it won't happen this year, I stand by EVERYTHING that I have taught in recent days about the Rapture, tribulation and Second Coming.

The Timeline for the 3½-year tribulation is absolutely, 100% BIBLICAL, REGARDLESS in which year the Rapture finally happens.

The major events will happen on the indicated Hebrew dates.

That is THE Timeline given in Scripture, and THE ONLY THING that is "up for grabs" at this point is THE PRECISE YEAR in which these things will begin.

That year, as per the 70 weeks prophecy, and Luke 21:24-32, CANNOT be far off.

So, if we're off by a year or two... it's understandable, given the fact that there are numerous calendar issues - which we've already explained in detail - with which to deal in reconstructing the past 2,500 years.

That's why we stated, FROM THE VERY START, that it's NOT easy.

And that if it happened some OTHER year, the Gregorian dates would need to be adjusted accordingly.

A question that keeps coming up is: am I sure that Christians will go through the first 10 days of tribulation?

Answer: Yes.

There's NO REASON WHATSOEVER to allegorize Revelation 2:10.

Furthermore, Revelation 7:14 very clearly says that the great multitude that NO ONE CAN NUMBER (the raptured Church) has "COME OUT OF the great tribulation".

You can't COME OUT OF the bedroom, UNLESS you have been IN the bedroom.

Just like you can't COME OUT OF the car, unless you've first been IN the car.

There is no way of getting around that BIBLICAL fact.

Thank God it's ONLY 10 days. That's A LOT BETTER than 1,285 days, which is the duration of the tribulation.

Thank God that He won't send ANY judgments UNTIL we're safely removed from the earth.

But we do get to experience THE START OF that harrowing period.

It is clear that our transformation from mortal to immortal takes place IN AN INSTANT (1 Corinthians 15:50).

What is UNCLEAR is AT WHAT POINT during those 10 days the actual transformation takes place.

It's also UNCLEAR WHERE believers get to spend those 10 days.

Since, by God's Grace, we have at least another year on earth, let's MAKE IT COUNT:

Let's use it for Jesus' glory.

Let's share Christ as NEVER BEFORE.

If you need step-by-step instructions on how to do that, just click on "SOUL WINNING" on the top left of this page.

Let's continue to intercede for many, many souls from every nation, kindred, people and tongue to come into His Kingdom.

And let's all WILLINGLY offer ourselves as LIVING SACRIFICE to God, so He will have a Body of believers in whom to manifest.

Let's seek His Face, with PURE hearts, and NO ULTERIOR MOTIVES - Rapture or no Rapture.

We should ALL INTENSELY DESIRE TO SEE Jesus as He really is, simply because He is our One and only God, our One and only Savior, and OUR FIRST and greatest Love.

SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 2015


"On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I AM SUPPOSED TO LOVE. And I have to say that sometimes WHEN I LISTEN TO LESS THAN LOVING EXPRESSIONS BY CHRISTIANS, I get concerned.

So today, we celebrate the magnificent glory of our risen Savior. I pray that we will live up to His example.. I fall short so often."

Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States

President Obama made these unfortunate remarks at a recent Easter Prayer Breakfast.

He used THE VERY DAY we celebrate our risen Savior - the day Divine Love conquered death, hell and Satan - to spew verbal vitriol against Christians and label us "unloving".

This from the same man WHO WON'T SAY ONE condemning word against Islamists who regularly behead Christians, and commit a number of other atrocities too gruesome to even mention.

Christians around the world are being massacred each and every day, dying and subjected to horrific, unspeakable suffering at the hands of brutal jihadists and, instead of focusing ON WICKED ISLAMIC HATRED, the so-called "leader of the free world" chooses to attack Christians.


Obama's comments were outrageous. But worse, they were harmful.

The President's remarks could be used to try to "justify" and even defend the on-going, horrendous persecution of Christians.

After all, according to Mr. Obama, we're just a bunch of "unloving" hypocrites who only call ourselves "Christian", but DO NOT FOLLOW Jesus' example.

This from the same man who was A MEMBER of Jeremiah Wright's HATE MONGERING congregation for 20 solid years, and HEARD NOTHING BUT HATRED from Wright's pulpit".

Yet he never said A WORD about THAT.

This from the man who has led the MOST DISASTROUS presidency in U.S. history, and whose so-called "foreign policy" is an international JOKE.

But this shouldn't surprise us.

THIS WASN'T THE FIRST TIME that the President PILES IT ON Christians, all the while FAWNING OVER the likes of Iran's Rouhani and Cuba's Castro, whose behind he is kissing even as I write:

Just a few short months ago, at another Prayer Breakfast, the President launched another verbal assault on Christians saying we should "get off our high horse" about Islamic persecution of Christians.

In order to "make his case" that Christians ARE AS BAD AS JIHADISTS, Mr. Obama invoked the Crusades that took place 800-1,000 years ago and which were orchestrated by the CORRUPT religious hierarchy in Rome, and NOT by born-again Christians.

Well, Mr. President, I'm sorry that we Christians AREN'T AS HUMANE AS those wonderful Iranians you seem hell-bent on "befriending" while throwing our friend and ally Israel under the bus.

Just like I'm sorry that we Christians aren't CHAMPIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS like those compassionate, freedom-loving, murderous, communist, Castro brothers in Cuba.

The ones who two years ago had PEACEFUL Christian dissident Osvaldo Paya MURDERED simply for his ideological opposition to their regime.

All he wanted was freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. It cost him his life.

But YOU'LL NEVER HEAR any protest OR ACCUSATION from the White House about THAT.

It's bad enough that this joker somehow got elected Commander in Chief, but WHO THE HECK MADE him THE LOVE JUDGE?

One of those "good", "exemplary", "loving" Christian advisers who have the President's ear should take the time to read Jesus' words in Matthew chapter 23.

Then come back and talk to us about being "unloving".

But I know, of course, that Mr. Obama and his self-righteous, clueless advisers, are MORE LOVING THAN JESUS, and BETTER CHRISTIANS than Christ Himself.

The President's ludicrous comments on OUR HOLIEST DAY, are not only OFFENSIVE to every single Christian across the globe, they are also FALSE.

Mr. Obama, to put it bluntly, IS A LIAR.


That's why he constantly seeks TO APPEASE Jesus' enemies, while CRITICIZING His followers, whom he should be supporting.

Christians, while far from perfect, are not unloving.

Christians are not responsible - nor have we done ANYTHING to merit - the wrath and barbarism of Islamic jihadists seeking to exterminate us.

If the COMMANDER IN SH*T wants to see WHAT REAL HATE LOOKS LIKE, just look to the Middle East:

Christians are dying for their faith. And they are BRAVE ENOUGH (glory to Jesus!) NOT to renounce Christ, even when faced with the most atrocious and vile acts of rape, torture and murder.

As Christians, we must stand up for our brothers and sisters. We must SPEAK THE TRUTH and call out EVEN OUR STUPID PRESIDENT for assaulting our faith, which he should be DEFENDING. 

"Unloving" Christians ARE NOT "the problem".  Unloving, HATE-FILLED MUSLIMS, ARE the problem.





"These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; THAT YOU MAY KNOW THAT YOU HAVE ETERNAL LIFE... we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life" (1 John 5:13, 20).

Eternal Life means we've ALWAYS been ONE WITH the Eternal God.

Our carnal and finite minds tend to think of Salvation or Eternal Life in terms of "FROM THE MOMENT we were born again" FORWARD into the future.

But, in order for something or someone to be TRULY ETERNAL, it must have been ALWAYS.

It must have been REALITY (for lack of better terms in our fragmented human language) in "eternity past", ETERNAL PRESENT and "eternity future".

My dear brothers and sisters, do you realize THE ENORMITY of this Eternal Truth?

Do you see what it means?

It means we PRE-EXISTED in/with God since before the foundation of the world (Job 28:4-7).

It means we were CHOSEN AND PREDESTINED in Him also before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:45-5).

It means we've ALWAYS BEEN saved.

It means Salvation (Eternal Life) CANNOT BE LOST.

If we COULD "lose it" it wouldn't be eternal AT ALL... Would it?

Think about it: if, as legalistic heretics would have us believe, our ACTIONS (law keeping, 10 Commandment keeping, Sabbath keeping) could play a role in our Salvation...

If, as they wrongly teach, we could be saved one moment, and lost the next, based on our good or bad behavior...

It would mean WE NEVER HAD ETERNAL LIFE (SALVATION) to begin with!!!

That's why Revelation 13:8 tells us Jesus was slain BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD. Glory to Him forever!

The moment in space-time when we became born-again is when THE SALVATION WE'VE ALWAYS HAD MANIFESTED in this TEMPORARY earth realm (Acts 13:48).

But as far as God's concerned, WE'VE ALWAYS HAD IT.

From this world's perspective it may SEEM LIKE we've chosen Jesus, but He Himself told us that THE ONLY REASON we "choose Him" is BECAUSE HE FIRST CHOSE US (John 15:16).


Which PROVES - once and for all - that Salvation CANNOT be "earned" and CANNOT be "lost".

The ONLY ALTERNATIVE to ETERNAL security is ETERNAL insecurity.

Eternal insecurity is DAMNATION.

That's why you can't do anything to "earn" eternal life.

You CANNOT work for it.

As the beloved John told us 2,000 years ago, Jesus IS Eternal Life.



You either HAVE HIM (who IS Eternal Life) or YOU DON'T.

We either ALWAYS had Him, from the eons of "eternity past" or WE NEVER DID.

Salvation (Jesus) HAS ALWAYS BEEN OURS.

We have ALWAYS been His.

We are saved now, because WE'VE ALWAYS BEEN!

Glory to the Eternal One who IS our Salvation now and for the eternity of eternities!!! Amen.

FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2015


If someone asked me to characterize the 21st century church in one simple phrase it would be:


Jesus Himself described it as having "LITTLE strength" (Revelation 3:8).

In other words: spiritual pushovers: religious wimps, with NO CONVICTIONS. NO SOLID SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION.

Anemic weaklings, tossed to and fro by THE SLIGHTEST puff of doctrinal air...

Constantly roaming cyberspace in search of the "latest" religious fad, fluff and "entertainment"...

Ever "learning" BUT NEVER coming to DEEP KNOWLEDGE OF the Truth...

They CLAIM TO "believe this" or "believe that"...

However, their "beliefs" are FULL OF "BUTS":

"I believe we're saved by grace, BUT"...

No, you DON'T.

You don't believe ANYTHING.

You may "believe" that IN YOUR HEAD, "but" have NO DEEP CONVICTION IN YOUR HEART.

If you REALLY BELIEVED IT, there would be NO "BUTS".

Conviction has NO "BUTS".

If there are any "buts" you have NO CONVICTION.

No conviction EQUALS confusion.

You're just one confused, religious puppy. That's all.

"Salvation is a FREE GIFT of God's Grace that we don't deserve, BUT... unless you "tithe" (give the pastor 10% of your income), you're a thief and God will put a curse on you".

Really? God will curse His OWN CHILDREN over MONEY ?

The same children He BOUGHT, not with gold or silver, but with His precious Blood? (1 Peter 1:18)


And any so-called "pastor" who teaches that trash should get OUT OF THE MINISTRY RIGHT NOW, because he's CONFUSED, HAS NO CONVICTION, IS NOT CALLED by God, nor is he a true pastor but A HIRELING.

"I know the Bible (both Old and New Testaments) speaks against adultery and fornication, BUT"...

Which part of "DON'T commit adultery" don't you understand?

Why aren't you HONEST and admit you're just looking for a biblical loophole to justify WHAT YOU WANT TO DO?

You'll be in the sac with her or him in no time, NO MATTER WHAT the Bible or anyone else says.

Sure, you'll still make heaven, IF you're born-again.

That's not the point, though. The point is: you have NO CONVICTION.

"I believe Jesus is the only Savior, BUT"...

Either He IS, or isn't. There are NO "BUTS".

And, just for the record: JESUS is the One and ONLY Savior that is, was, or ever will be (John 14:6).

NO ONE ELSE -- and NOTHING ELSE -- saves (Acts 4:12).

If you want Salvation, Jesus MUST live in your heart.

No "buts" about it.



According to certain politicians and liberal clergy, Christians are a major obstacle to world peace.

A couple days ago I watched a liberal Jew interviewing a liberal Episcopalian female priest who, besides lavishing praise on one another, were extolling the virtues of interfaith dialogue and saying that it's the only way to achieve world peace.

According to their Pollyannaish world view, since all three faiths, Jewish, Christian and Islamic stem from the Abrahamic tradition of monotheism, they should be able to find common ground and solve their differences.

They spoke about all the "progress" that has been made, and how achievable lasting peace is, as long as there's regular communication between these groups.

Welcome to La-La Land.

They didn't say A WORD, of course, about radical Islam being an obstacle to peace.

They didn't say A WORD about Islamic terrorism.

They didn't say A WORD about Islamic propaganda and brainwashing that begins as early as 5 years of age, destroying children's innocence, poisoning their minds and inciting them to "martyrdom", presenting it as a very heroic and desirable goal, which will earn them "paradise", as long as they take out Jews and Christians in the process.

They didn't say A WORD about the starkly different beliefs that separate the three faiths.

Nor did they mention the numerous attempts at achieving lasting peace through diplomacy, all of which have been doomed to failure.

They, however, felt the need to point the finger at those they termed "Christian Zionists" emphasizing the "danger" that our apocalyptic views present to lasting peace.

Well, last time I checked most Christians are not waging war against Israel, nor refusing to recognize its right to exist, nor calling them pigs and apes.

Nor does our eschatology call for the destruction of Jews or Arabs, but rather for a very auspicious Messianic Era for Israel and the whole world.

Nor are we blowing ourselves up for the sole purpose of murdering and maiming Jews and Muslims.

Nor are we committing other acts of terror.

Nor have we done ANYTHING to avert peace between Jews and Arabs.

The calamities that will happen during the 3½-year tribulation will be TOTALLY orchestrated by God, WITHOUT any "help" from Christians.

They will take place by His Sovereign Will, and there's NOTHING any of us can do about it.

These naive dreamers spoke about the Abrahamic tradition, but also failed to mention WHAT GOD SAID about Abraham and his descendants:

"CAST OUT this bond-woman, and her son: for the son of THIS BOND-WOMAN SHALL NOT BE HEIR WITH MY SON, even with Isaac... for in Isaac shall your seed be called" (Genesis 21:10-12).

"Nor because they are his PHYSICAL descendants are they all Abraham's children. On the contrary, "It is through Isaac that your offspring will be counted" (Romans 9:7).

I don't know any Christian who is opposed to dialogue or diplomacy, or to seeking peace.

What some of us oppose is Israel being pressured into making all sorts of concessions, including releasing scores of terrorists with Jewish blood on their evil hands, IN EXCHANGE FOR NOTHING.

Meanwhile so-called "Palestinians" aren't pressured into ANYTHING, not even about discouraging violence, which is THE LEAST they can do if they're remotely serious about peace.

The fact of the matter is that they can hold all the interfaith conferences, engage in diplomacy ‘til their deluded faces turn Islamic green, and advance all the dialogue they want:

There WON'T BE ANY peace UNTIL Jesus returns and rules the earth (Isaiah 2:1-4, 9:6; Daniel 2:44-45; Zechariah 14:9).

Christians' only "threat" to peace is we BELIEVE WHAT GOD SAYS.



In Matthew 4:4, after Jesus had fasted 40 days and nights in the desert, Satan tempted Jesus and presented Him with this CHALLENGE:

"IF YOU ARE the Son of God, cause these stones to become bread" (Matthew 4:3).


Satan had plenty of reason to be cocky.

After all, he had tried THE SAME TACTIC 4,000 years earlier in the Garden of Eden with great success.

He had managed to plant doubt in feminine Adam's head and DECEIVED her into believing SHE WASN'T GOD and that the Almighty was WITHHOLDING GODHOOD FROM HER (Genesis 3:5).

It had worked wonders for him back in Eden, to the point that he gained legal authority over the earth, and regained access to heaven, from which he'd been evicted (Luke 4:6; Ephesians 6:12).

Surely, Jesus would fall for it, too.

After all, if dumb Eve had been so easy to fool in a lush, plentiful and well-watered GARDEN, with her husband standing by her side, Jesus would be an EVEN EASIER target after being deprived of physical food and drink FOR OVER A MONTH in the hot, barren,SOLITARY desert.

Unlike stupid Eve, Jesus was FULLY CONVINCED OF His own Deity.

He KNOWS He is God.

He KNEW He'd been ONE with the Father from eternity to eternity (John 17:5). 

Consequently, He had NOTHING to "prove". 

He DIDN'T CARE what the devil said or thought.  He KNOWS WHO HE IS!!!

Unlike foolish Eve, Jesus KNEW the Scriptures and QUOTED THEM VERBATIM, since He IS the Word of God INCARNATE.

Jesus was EVEN MORE CONFIDENT than the devil:

"IT IS WRITTEN, man shall not live by bread alone"...

Glory to Him for ALL THE EONS OF ETERNITY, world without end!

Satan tried TWO MORE TIMES to put doubt in our Savior's mind.

But unlike rebellious Eve, Jesus THOUGHT IT NOT ROBBERY to be EQUAL WITH GOD (Philippians 2:6).

He didn't have to "steal" Godhood. He didn't have to STRIVE for it. He didn't have to GET IT ON HIS OWN. It was His ALL ALONG.


He KNOWS the Father. He KNOWS His Nature is Divine Love (agape) and He KNOWS


He DIDN'T HAVE TO "prove" anything to Satan.

He DOESN'T HAVE TO "prove" ANYTHING to me, you, or anyone else.

What Satan THINKS, or what YOU or I may THINK of Him, DOESN'T CHANGE WHO HE IS ONE IOTA.

What ELSE would come out of the Living Word of God's lips than THE WORD HIMSELF:

"It is written, it is written, it is written"...

That's ALL Satan ever got from Him.

Except after the THIRD temptation:

By then, Jesus had had enough.

The GOD that He IS arose and said:

"GO AWAY, Satan"! (Matthew 4:10).

And Satan HAD TO LEAVE with his sorry tail between his hairy legs (Matthew 4:11).

We are living in both PERILOUS times and at the VERY end of this Age.

If you're A SON (or daughter) of the Most High, you BETTER KNOW who you REALLY ARE IN CHRIST.

You better STAND, as Jesus did, ON THAT SOLID, UNWAVERING CONVICTION (Ephesians 6:13).

As Paul told us in Hebrews 12:26-28 everything's about to be SHAKEN, in order to REMOVE what can be shaken, leaving ONLY that which CANNOT BE SHAKEN.

God's Word CANNOT BE SHAKEN. He-it is FOREVER SETTLED (Psalm 119:89).

People who CANNOT be shaken are just like Jesus:

Deeply rooted in the Word, fully persuaded, ROCK-SOLID AND UNMOVABLE.



There are over 2,300 sensationalist videos on YouTube, myriad articles all over the internet, Kristian books, and Kristian TV programs galore that say the cashless society "prophesied in the Bible" is almost here.

Only ONE TINY problem with such teaching: There isn't ONE verse -- IN THE ENTIRE BIBLE - that talks about a "cashless society".


That means that ALL the aforementioned websites, books, videos and articles, have ONE THING IN COMMON:


A "cashless society" is NOT - repeat -- IS NOT prophesied in the Bible... AT ALL!!!

If you're new to this website, I'll give you a couple of seconds to catch your breath...

There isn't ONE verse of Scripture - from Genesis to Revelation - that mentions a "cashless society".

No such thing is mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

No such thing is mentioned ANYWHERE in connection to the reign of Antichrist.

Well, what about Revelation 13:16-17?

Here's how it reads, VERBATIM:

"And he causes ALL, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, TO RECEIVE A MARK IN THEIR RIGHT HAND, OR IN THEIR FOREHEADS:

And that NO MAN MIGHT BUY OR SELL, except he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name".

Please find me ANYTHING in those two verses that says CASH WILL NO LONGER BE USED.

They DON'T say that.

ALL it says is that NO ONE will be able to buy or sell UNLESS he/she/they have the mark of Antichrist, the name of Antichrist, or the number of his name in their right hands or foreheads, PERIOD.

NOWHERE does it say that cash will become obsolete or outlawed as a form of payment.

NOWHERE does it say that Antichrist's mark WILL BE USED AS METHOD OF PAYMENT.

NOWHERE are we told that his mark WILL REPLACE customary methods of payment.

NOWHERE in that verse are we told that cash, credit cards, debit cards, gift certificates, checks, letters of credit, gold, silver, coins, notes, IOU's, barter, jewelry, personal property, services, coupons, or ANY OTHER TRADITIONAL METHOD OF PAYMENT will become outlawed or obsolete.

All it says is that - REGARDLESS OF HOW ONE INTENDS TO PAY for one's purchases - they won't be able to buy or sell anything UNLESS they have the Antichrist's mark. PERIOD.

What about microchip implants, which are read by a scanner, being used to track lost pets, etc.?

Well, WHAT about them?

I don't know about you, but I stop by the supermarket every week and have the bar codes on groceries read by a scanner, which tells the supermarket what I purchased and how much to charge me.

I even have a card, also read by a scanner, that entitles to me to special discounts on selected items.

What I DON'T DO is PAY for those purchases via scanner.

The supermarket ACCEPTS CASH, personal checks, company checks, credit and debit cards and gift cards as payment.

So, even if we indulged the fantasy of many in the prophecy establishment that the mark of the beast will be A UNIFORM SYSTEM instituted worldwide, where EVERYONE BREATHING will receive a microchip implant, that STILL DOES NOT SAY OR IMPLY that cash will no longer be used.

...Or that transactions will be PAID via microchip implant, as they FALSELY TEACH.

But I've read 9 different books that say...

I don't care if you read A THOUSAND...

I don't care WHO the author(s) of such books is/are...

And I don't care if they SOLD 50 million copies...




The "mortals" you believe DO CHARGE at least $14.95 a pop FOR THEIRS. 

You're smart enough: figure it out.





Nicolaitan is not the name of a new nicotine patch.

Being a Nicolaitan won't help anyone quit smoking.

Nicolaitans were an evil sect that existed in the first century A.D., for which Jesus expressed extreme aversion.

In the Book of Revelation, the church at Ephesus is praised by Jesus for hating the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which Jesus also hates (Revelation 2:6).

And the church at Pergamum is rebuked by Jesus for allowing their doctrine (Revelation 2:15).

The name Nicolaitan is derived from two Greek words nike, meaning "victory", and laos meaning "people".

Therefore, Nicolaitan means "victory OVER the people".

As their name indicates, even as early as the first century A.D., Nicolaitans WERE TRYING TO SET UP A RELIGIOUS HIERARCHY OVER THE PEOPLE, in order to exert control over their lives, and personally benefit in the process.

Irenaeus, one of the early church fathers, wrote that Nicolaitans led lives of "unrestrained indulgence".

They catered to the flesh, boasted of spiritual superiority, and lived lives of undiluted excess... all in the name of Christianity.

No wonder Jesus is on record as DETESTING the doctrine of the Nicolaitans!

This all sounds strangely familiar.

According to church history, by the 2nd century A.D., the Nicolaitan sect had disappeared...

This is one instance where church history may be a bit misleading.

They may no longer use the title Nicolaitan, but they are alive and well in the 21st century.

Despite Irenaeus' vigorous denunciation, the Church was predominantly Nicolaitan by the 4th century A.D.

Since then, it's gone downhill...

Today we have preachers claiming fancy titles for themselves, and the exclusive right to "birth" or "release" someone into ministry.

We have preachers who boast of being "faith giants", and MEASURE FAITH BY THE AMOUNT OF MATERIAL WEALTH they possess.

Like the Nicolaitans of old, they live lives of unrestrained indulgence filled with mansions, airplanes, luxury cars, designer clothes, exotic vacations, cosmetic surgery, and other excesses.

They usurp God's place, and fleece His flock, by claiming that giving money TO THEMis actually giving money TO GOD.

God still DETESTS their doctrine. He hated it 2,000 years ago, and He hates it today.

Just prior to Holy Week a modern Nicolaitan scandal broke out:

A religious leader worth an estimated $30 million was soliciting $3,000 donations so he could purchase a $65-million state-of-the-art Gulfstream jet, in order to travel in style.

History books say the Nicolaitans vanished in the second century. I say they're still among us today.



"Jesus said to him: I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE; he that believes in me, THOUGH HE WERE DEAD, YET SHALL HE LIVE" (John 11:25).

Millions of tourists travel to Israel each year to see... NOTHING.

They don't go there to see some celebrity, or some impressive monument, or even some natural phenomenon.

They go to see... NOTHING.

Empty space.

An open tomb, WITH NO ONE inside.

Having been among those millions of tourists I can assure you that we are not crazy.

And if we are it is only because we're MADLY in love with Jesus.

ALL so-called religious leaders are dead:

If you go to Sri Lanka, you can visit the tomb where Buddha's remains rest.

If you go to Mecca, you can visit the tomb with the DEAD REMAINS of Muhammad, the inventor and founder of Islam.

Thank God that Jesus Christ is NOT a religious leader.

Repeat: Thank God that Jesus Christ is NOT a religious leader.

If He were, He would be dead like all the others because that is precisely what religion breeds: death.

Jesus IS God.

Jesus IS The Life and Resurrection.

And although he was willing to do what NO ONE ELSE wanted to do -- OR COULD do -- die for our sins and pay the price of our redemption Himself...

Neither SIN, nor SATAN, nor DEATH COULD hold Him.

For Christ is INVINCIBLE.

Jesus Christ -- and Jesus ONLY -- is THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE.

There is Salvation in NO ONE ELSE.

There is NO OTHER NAME - apart from Jesus - IN WHICH CAN BE SAVED (Acts 4:12).

If you've never given your heart to Jesus, I invite you to do it NOW.

Any other "way" you follow will lead to death.


That is WHY Christ's tomb lies ETERNALLY empty.


Revelation 1:17-18:

"I AM He that lives, and was dead; and LOOK, I am ALIVE FOREVERMORE, amen. AND I HAVE THE KEYS OF DEATH AND HELL".

Want to have a tomb full of dead bones like Buddha and Muhammad?

Or do you want your tomb to be EMPTY, like Christ's?

Would you have them say "poor person, he (or she) died"?

Or do you want them to say about you THE SAME AS ABOUT JESUS: "he is NOT HERE for HE IS RISEN"? (Matthew 28:6).



"The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and WHEN I SEE THE BLOOD, I WILL PASS OVER YOU. NO DESTRUCTIVE PLAGUE WILL TOUCH YOU when I strike the land of Egypt" (Exodus 12:13)

"And he said to me: These are they WHO CAME OUT OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION, and have WASHED THEIR ROBES, AND MADE THEM WHITE IN THE BLOOD OF the Lamb" (Revelation 7:14).

3,500 years ago, as Israelites got ready to leave Egypt a free nation, putting behind 400 years of slavery and oppression, they were instructed by God to put lamb's blood on the top and sides of the door frames of their homes.

Some of the blood would be smeared on the door frame sides (top to bottom) and some would be applied to the top of the frame (side to side), in the shape of a cross.

As God was about to destroy the firstborn of the Egyptians, He would see the blood of the lamb and PASS OVER that home, which would be protected from His judgment.

That was THE FIRST Passover.

Some 1,500 years later another Passover came around.

By then 10 of the 12 tribes had been exiled and "lost" among the gentiles. Only the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and some Levites remained.

They had also suffered captivity but, because of God's faithfulness, had returned to the Land of Promise.

And this time, instead of an innocent lamb from the flock, it was A HUMAN Lamb, who'd be offered to take away the sin OF THE WHOLE WORLD (John 1:29).

He promised that those who ate His flesh and drank His Blood - not physically, but IN SPIRIT, by receiving Him into their innermost beings, would receive Eternal Life (John 6:53-63).


There remains A THIRD Passover for the People of God.

The THIRD Passover is when THAT ETERNAL LIFE is MANIFESTED in those who have made our garments white in His Blood.

May God see the Blood of His Lamb in the hearts of His People.

May your garments be made white in His most precious, sinless Blood.

May His Ultimate Redemption MANIFEST in your house.



For several centuries, the cross was used as instrument of capital punishment by the Greeks who invented it, and later by the Romans who perfected it.

The Romans also mastered its use as psychological deterrent for insurrection: mess with us, and THAT'S EXACTLY where YOU'LL end up.

These two formidable Empires crucified thousands of hapless victims on the road to world domination, most of them forgotten.

With one notable exception:

They crucified an INNOCENT, SINLESS, PERFECT man just outside Jerusalem.

THAT Crucifixion marked the beginning of the end for their Empire.

It also launched that Man's Kingdom on earth.

THAT Crucifixion transformed the world in ways the most inspired visionary could have never foreseen.

2,000 years later, THAT Cross is STILL changing the world.

And one of these days will change it EVEN MORE RADICALLY and PERMANENTLY.

Death on the cross had triumphed against every one of its victims.

But in Jesus death and the cross had finally met their match.

The cross, that ignominious symbol of death, became THE GREATEST SYMBOL of Life.

The greatest token of defeat, became the greatest standard of VICTORY.

And every Greek and Roman Emperor, from Caesar to Caligula, from Tiberius to Domitian, from Phillip to Alexander WILL BOW THEIR KNEES before the then crucified and NOW RISEN Jesus, and their arrogant tongues acknowledge that He is Lord TO THE GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER.

For those who receive Christ, His cross IS OUR VICTORY.

For those who reject Christ, His cross is THEIR DOOM.



I've never been fond of religious relics, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is MOST so called "relics" are fake.  And, if they're not, they're a bit bizarre.

There's one notable exception, because this RELIC IS UNIQUE and SUPERNATURAL:  I'm talking about the Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud of Turin, is an amazing piece of linen cloth, that measures 14'3" X 3'7" and contains HUMAN BLOODSTAINS FROM A MALE with blood type AB, which is very rare, along with the Image OF THE FRONT AND BACK of a CRUCIFIED man's face and body.

It's stained with the Blood of THE ONLY holy, SINLESS human who ever lives:God's very own DNA.

The Man on the Shroud, despite being terribly bruised and bloodied, looks very dignified, I'd say majestic.

He's tall [estimates range from 5'11" to 6'2"], slim [about 175 pounds], muscular, with a perfectly shaped body and a quite remarkable and beautiful Face.

He looks.... LIKE A KING.

With all the modern technology at our disposal, NO ONE has been able to explain HOW the Image was formed.

It's strictly a SURFACE phenomenon. It contains no paint or pigments of any kind.

It is anatomically accurate.

It has 3D information encoded into it.

It contains amazing details that no forger would have ever thought of.

For instance, it shows the nails driven thru the wrists, as opposed to the palm of the hands, which is where the wounds appear on all religious art.

My own favorite detail is on the back Image.  It shows Jesus' hair being very long, as befitting someone who'd taken the Nazarite vow and been dedicated wholly to God [Numbers 6:1-21].

The hair flows down His back, and it's BRAIDED.

What forger would have thought of that?

The Image on the Shroud shows a naked man who was executed in PRECISELY THE SAME MANNER as Jesus was:

1. The back of the cloth shows this man suffered a savage flogging, with over 120 whip marks all over his back, buttocks and legs [John 19:1; Isaiah 50:6].

2. A clump of thorns was stuck into his head, and blood dripped down from His scalp unto His forehead and face [John 19:2].

3. His face got punched and struck repeatedly. It's all bruised and swollen, the cartilage in his nose is separated, the left eye virtually closed from the swelling [John 19:3; Matthew 27:30].

4. Some of the hair in His beard is missing, clearly showing it and was ripped off [Isaiah 50:6].

5. He was crucified, as evidenced by nail wounds on both feet and wrists, blood flowing profusely down his arms and side [Psalms 22:16; John 19:18; Luke 23:33].

6. He shows a deep spear wound on the left side of his chest, and blood and water flowing out of that wound [John 19:33,34].

All of this matches, IN EXACT DETAIL, the punishment to which Jesus subjected Himself FOR YOU SAKE and MINE, according to the four Gospels.

Can you even imagine HOW MUCH LOVE it takes to have all the power in the universe, to blast those vicious Roman soldiers and blaspheming religious cowards away like gnats, and yet, submit to such horrible torture in order to save us?

I can't even begin to comprehend it.

In John 10:17,18 Jesus makes this awesome statement:

"Therefore does my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again. No man takes it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I HAVE POWER TO LAY IT DOWN, and I HAVE POWER TO TAKE IT AGAIN".

1,800 years before conventional photography was even INVENTED, Jesus left us a vivid photograph of His Image as an enduring reminder of THE PRICE HE PAID for our Redemption.




It's hard to believe that in a city as tiny as first century Jerusalem, there are not one, not two, but THREE locations purported to be the "real" Calvary.

The best known of the three is situated inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher whose ownership, in and of itself, is in dispute among several denominations: Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Anglican, and even some secular entities.

No offense to any of the aforementioned organizations but, as far as I'm concerned, THEY CAN HAVE IT.

There's the location known as Gordon's Calvary, just northwest of the Damascus Gate.
And a third candidate's been recently added on the Mount of Olives.

I get a bit miffed when I hear Christians state, in religiously correct fashion, that "we don't know for sure" what the correct location is.

We do if we BELIEVE the Scriptures.

Obviously, regardless of the correct location, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is WHAT TOOK PLACE at Golgotha: Jesus died for our sins, and He rose from the dead three days and nights later.

However, Golgotha being THE MOST IMPORTANT PLACE ON EARTH, the place where man's eternal destiny was decided, the place WHERE GOD'S OWN BLOOD WAS SHED, it's hard to believe that our Lord would NOT  indicate clearly and UNEQUIVOCALLY  where He died.

Here's what we know from the Bible about the place of the crucifixion:

1. It was located "NEAR THE CITY" [John 19:20]

2. It was ADJACENT TO A GARDEN [John 19:41].

3. The adjacent GARDEN BELONGED TO A RICH MAN, Joseph of Arimathea [Matthew 27:57-60]

4. It was a "NEW TOMB where no corpse had yet been placed" [Luke 23:53].

5. The tomb was cut [chiseled] OUT OF SOLID ROCK [Matthew 27:60].

6. The body of the deceased was placed ON THE RIGHT SIDE of the tomb [Mark 16:5, 6]

7. A very large stone was ROLLED in front of the entrance. In order to ROLL, it would have had to be ROUND [Matthew 27:60].

8. The sacrifice for sin HAD TO take place on Mount Moriah, as required under Jewish law [Deuteronomy 16:2].

9. The placed was called Golgotha, meaning "THE PLACE OF A SKULL" [John 19:17].

The Mount of Olives location hardly deserves mention.

There's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the Gospels that states Jesus was crucified and buried on the Mount of Olives. NOT A WORD. 

It does NOT FULFILL any of the biblical requirements listed above.

Except for items #1 and #5 listed above, the Holy Sepulcher DOES NOT meet the biblical criteria either.

It's hard to associate this place with Calvary for several reasons.

For one thing, the inside is so ornate that THE DECORATIONS COMPETE WITH any actual historic value the site may have.

There's NOTHING visible that one would associate with the Golgotha described in the Gospels.

Religious hierarchy and some archaeologists CLAIM it is built on a hill, and that under the hill there were A NUMBER OF rock-cut graves, dating to the first century, indicating it was a COMMON burial place.

If you've read the Gospels, several red flags should have gone up:

There's NOTHING in the Bible that says Jesus would be buried in a COMMON burial place. More than one Scripture clearly says He was buried in A RICH MAN'S GRAVE [Isaiah 53:9; Matthew 27:57-60; Mark 15:43].

Therefore, this location CONTRADICTS Scripture.

There's NOTHING IN THE GOSPELS that says the tomb was UNDERNEATH the place of crucifixion. It clearly says it was ADJACENT (next to) it (John 19:41).

There's NOTHING THERE that resembles A SKULL.

There's NO GARDEN, or any evidence of a garden nearby.

The Holy Sepulcher is NOT on Mount Moriah.

Therefore, had Jesus DIED THERE, as Sacrifice for sin, His death WOULD NOT HAVE FULFILLED OR SATISFIED God's Law (Matthew 5:17-18).

Frankly, ALL that the Holy Sepulcher has going for it is RELIGIOUS TRADITION (Mark 7:13).

As for those who would say that Israeli archaeologists tend to support the Holy Sepulcher location... Give me a break!

Tourism is HUGE in Israel. It's approximately 8% of the nation's GDP and represents over $15 BILLION yearly in revenue for that tiny nation. Do you really expect GOVERNMENT LICENSED archaeologists to publicly admit to the world's 1.2 BILLION Catholics "hey, guys, the place you consider holiest AND VISIT IN DROVES each year IS FAKE?


1. It's located "near the city", just outside the wall [John 19:20]

2. It's ADJACENT TO a garden [John 19:41].

3. The adjacent garden belonged to a rich man, as evidenced by the wine press near the tomb, and a HUGE underground cistern used to accumulate water during rainy seasons to use in case of drought [Matthew 27:57-60].

4. The TOMB was NEW, and no corpse had been placed there [Luke 23:53].

We know this because part of the tomb is clearly unfinished, and because the place where Jesus was laid had to be modified in a hurry and ENLARGED to accommodate Jesus' height.

5. This tomb is cut [chiseled] out of solid rock, and the chisel marks are still clearly visible [Matthew 27:60].

6. The body of the deceased was placed ON THE RIGHT SIDE of the tomb, just as Mark describes [Mark 16:5, 6].

7. It had a groove in front of the entrance where a large stone would have been ROLLED in order to seal it, just as Scripture indicates [Matthew 27:60].

8. This is the ONLY one of the three locations situated on Mount Moriah, the location REQUIRED by Torah, where SACRIFICE FOR SIN could be offered [Deuteronomy 16:2].

And we KNOW that Jesus came TO FULFILL "every jot and tittle of" the Torah (Matthew 5:17-18).

9. Jesus, being the Lamb of God, would have been taken from the nearby Antonia Fortress outside the city through the Sheep Gate. The Sheep Gate leads to Gordon's Calvary. It DOES NOT lead to the Mount of Olives, or to the so-called Holy Sepulcher.

10. 2,000 years later, despite erosion, there's still the unmistakable FORM OF A SKULL, on the hillside at Gordon's Calvary. It's easy to see why people referred to it as Golgotha, meaning "THE PLACE OF a skull" [John 19:17].

It's extremely disingenuous to say that, IN A TINY CITY OF ONE SQUARE KILOMETER (less than a square mile) in size, there could be a place that matched this biblical description TO PERFECTION, IN EVERY DETAIL, and yet that it is NOT the real Golgotha.

In order to believe the other two locations, we would have to COMPLETELY DISREGARD EVERYTHING God said about this unique place, and BLINDLY believe WHAT THEY SAY.

However, lest any doubt remain, we have AN EYEWITNESS.

The apostle John was the ONLY DISCIPLE THAT stood before Jesus at THE REAL Golgotha and SAW THE PLACE OF CRUCIFIXION WITH HIS OWN EYES.

He  told us UNDISPUTEDLY what the correct location is:

Revelation 10:8: "Their bodies will lie ON THE SQUARE of the great city..WHERE ALSO THEIR LORD WAS CRUCIFIED".

John unmistakably says Jesus was crucified AT A CITY SQUARE or PLAZA (plateias in Greek).

There's NO SQUARE at the Mount of Olives location, and there's never been.

There's NO SQUARE at the Holy Sepulcher location, and there's never been.

Besides matching ALL the other requirements TO PERFECTION, Gordon's Calvary, or Golgotha "the place of the skull", is right IN FRONT OF Damascus Square, which dates back to the time of Christ.

Period. End of story. Case closed.

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