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If you DO NOT BELIEVE that I AM, you WILL DIE IN YOUR SINS" (John 8:24)

The message of Jesus is Good News (THE Gospel) because He came TO SAVE

He DIDN'T come to condemn (John 3:16-17).

 Since we have ALL have sinned, there's NO BETTER NEWS anywhere.

BEFORE Jesus came, died on the cross, and rose physically from the dead, EVERY ONE OF US WAS ACCOUNTABLE FOR our own sins.

Hence, every one of us WAS ALREADY CONDEMNED (John 3:18; 5:24).

Worse, since NONE OF US could fulfill God's Law, erase original sin, or renew the sinful nature with which we were born, EVERYONE was lost.

The Good News is this:

Jesus PAID FOR EVERY ONE - yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE - of your sins.


Since your sins ARE ALREADY PAID FOR, upon receiving the One who made PAYMENT IN FULL for them, YOUR SINS ARE IMMEDIATELY ERASED AND FORGOTTEN (Jeremiah 31:34; Hebrews 8:12; 10:17).

Never to be remembered or used against you, EVER.

Jesus HAS SAVED YOU FROM every one of your sins.

He has removed ALL your sins (past, present and future) as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12).

Because He PAID IN FULL FOR EVERY SIN, God NO LONGER COUNTS ANY SIN AGAINST those who are in Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:19).

YOU can acknowledge His full payment for your sins, and receive Him, THE ONE AND ONLY SIN ERASER, into your heart, as Savior and God.



The choice is simple: Pay for sin YOURSELF, or TRUST His payment on your behalf, AND BE INSTANTLY SAVED AND CLEANSED.

It's as true and as simple as THAT.

NO ONE can make that choice BUT YOU.


10 + 5 + 10 + 5

The breathtaking symmetry of God's calendar deserves our notice:

The Rapture takes place 10 days after the tribulation BEGINS (Revelation 2:10).

And there's a special Rapture for those who become new believers DURING the tribulation, near its end, on Yom Teruah (Revelation 14:15-16; 15:2).

In the 10 days BEFORE the Rapture of present believers, the 144,000 Israelites are sealed (Revelation 7:1-8).

Although the Bible does not specifically say so, I suspect those 10 days are also a "last call" to unbelievers to turn to Christ while Jesus "OPENS and NO ONE SHUTS" and before Jesus "SHUTS and NO ONE OPENS" (Revelation 3:7).

Then present, born-again believers appear in heaven SUDDENLY and COLLECTIVELY, in glorified bodies (Revelation 7:9).

Similarly, just prior to the END of the tribulation - after tribulation believers are raptured - there's a final 10-day period that allows people to repent and choose Jesus over Antichrist. 

Tribulation believers appear in heaven singing the Song of Moses and of the Lamb (Revelation 15:2). 

Tribulation survivors remain on earth and get an extra 10 days in which to repent and choose Jesus.

Those who do and have been kind to Israel during that troublesome period, get to repopulate the earth during the Millennium.

Those who don't, get tossed into the lake of fire (Matthew 25:31-46).

In each case, the 10 day grace period is followed by a 5-day period of intense judgment: the trumpets, right after the general Rapture, and the horrific bowl judgments after the rapture of tribulation believers on Yom Teruah.

Tribulation begins.

Plus 10 days plus 5, Antichrist begins to reign.

Tribulation ends.

Plus 10 days plus 5, Christ reigns; Forever.

It's a 10 + 5 & 10 + 5 proposition.



This is THE SCRIPTURAL TIMELINE for major tribulation events, REGARDLESS OF WHICH YEAR the Rapture TAKES PLACE.

We have provided THE RABBINIC DATE for each event, followed by the Gregorian date.

The Gregorian date ASSUMES that it will happen THIS year (2015). If these things happen SOME OTHER YEAR, Gregorian dates would need to be adjusted accordingly.*

Since rabbinic dates are calculations, and THE TRUE BIBLICAL DATES depend on the appearing of the New Moon in Israel, and since there's a 6 or 7 hour difference between Israel and EST (depending on the time of year, and even more between Israel and Central, Mountain or Pacific Time), DATES ARE APPROXIMATE:


Aviv (Nisan) 10 - 10 days later -RAPTURE TAKES PLACE (Revelation 2:10)

March 30, 2015

Aviv 10-11: 7TH SEAL OPEN (Revelation 8:1-6) March 30-31, 2015

Aviv 10-14 Next 5 days TRUMPET JUDGMENTS (1-6) (Revelation chapter 8 & 9)
March 30-April 4, 2015


• 1/3 of drinking water, rivers, lakes and reservoirs CONTAMINATED.

• 1/3 of sea turned to blood.

• 1/3 of ships and marine life destroyed.

• 1/3 of daylight shortened.

• 1/3 of remaining MANKIND ANNIHILATED.

• Millions of demonic creatures stinging the unsaved like scorpions.

Passover 2015 - Antichrist Returns from the Dead (Daniel 11:29; Revelation 11:7; 13:1; 17:8) Saturday, April 4, 2015

Passover 2015 - Two Witnesses begin prophesying (Revelation 11:3)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Aviv 18-19 Woman of Revelation 12 flees into wilderness (Revelation 12:6, 14)

April 7-8, 2015

Aviv 2015 Construction of Third Temple begins (Revelation 11:1-2) April 2015

Temple offerings (at least grain and libations, possibly doves) BEGIN (Daniel 8:11-14; 12:11-12). The altar for those offerings ALREADY EXISTS. They can be offered even while the Temple is under construction, before it is finished, as they did in Ezra chapter 3.

Iyyar 10-15, 2015 Antichrist (Alexander) takes Jerusalem (Revelation 11:2; 13:5).
April 22- May 3, 2015

Passover Sheni Iyyar 14-15 Antichrist begins 42-month reign (Revelation 13:5)

Gentiles trample Jerusalem for 42 months (Revelation 11:2) and for THE LAST TIME.
May 3, 2015

SHAVUOT 2015 (Pentecost) 144,000 Israelites raptured (Revelation 14:1-4) 
May 23-24, 2015

Sivan-Tammuz 2015 False Prophet (Judas Iscariot) reappears (Revelation 13:11-12) May-June 2015


17 Tammuz 2015 - Judas orders an idol statue of Antichrist made (Revelation 13:14)

July 4, 2015

TISHA B'AV 2015 - Antichrist enters temple and proclaims himself God, demands worship (Daniel 11:37; 2 Thessalonians 2:4). July 25-26, 2015

Av 11-12 2015 Antichrist INTERRUPTS DAILY OFFERINGS and places ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION (IDOL statue) in temple (Daniel 8, 11; Matthew 24:14; Revelation 13:14-15) July 28-29, 2015

Elul 12, 2015 5-month period of stinging demons ends (Revelation 9:12).

August 26-27, 2015

FIRST WOE ENDS (Revelation 9:12)

Tishri 2015 (estimated time EXACT DATE UNKNOWN) System of "the mark" (666) in order to buy or sell - (more or less 3 years PRIOR TO Second Coming) (Revelation 13:16-18). Mid-September to Mid-October, 2015

Yom Teruah 2018 Tribulation survivors who turn to Christ are raptured (Revelation 14:15-16; 15:2). September 9-11, 2018

Tishri 6 2018 - Two Witnesses killed by Antichrist. Saturday, September 15, 2018

Yom Kippur 2018: Two Witnesses resurrect and ASCEND to heaven (Revelation 11:7-13). Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Abomination of Desolation is removed. Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa toppled (Revelation 11:13)

SECOND WOE ENDS (Revelation 11:14)

42nd Jubilee Announced - to begin Aviv 1, 2019 (Leviticus 25:8-10)

Yom Kippur to Sukkot 2018 (5 days): 7 Bowl Judgments (Revelation chapters 16-18): September 19-23, 2018

•Painful blisters.

• NO sunlight. Earth covered in darkness.

• Entire sea turns into coagulated blood. All marine life dies.

• All rivers and water reservoirs turn to blood. No water to drink.

• Sun MUCH HOTTER, scorching people with fire.

• Antichrist's kingdom covered in darkness.

• Euphrates dries up.

• Hailstorm of 100-pound chunks of hail raining down from heaven.

• The BIGGEST QUAKE in history demolishing every major city on earth, except Jerusalem, which is split in three parts.

Antichrist gathers armies at Megiddo

Rome destroyed and wiped off the map (Revelation chapters 17-18; 19:1-4).


SUKKOT 2018: Antichrist and False Prophet defeated, captured and thrown ALIVE into Lake of Fire.  Sunday, September 23-24, 2018


Second Coming of Christ

70TH "WEEK" ENDS (Daniel 9:24-27)

The tribulation lasts 1,284-1,285 days (3½ years), from the opening of the 6th seal (when it STARTS) to the Second Coming of Christ (when it ENDS).

7th TRUMPET - Signals 42nd Jubilee and Christ's MILLENNIAL REIGN (Revelation 10:5-7; 11:15-19)

Rosh Chodesh Adar I (2019) * - 1,290 days end (Daniel 12:11) February 5, 2019

Purim (2019) * - 1,335 days end (Daniel 12:12) March 21, 2019

There will be a MONTH-LONG CELEBRATION from Purim to Passover 2019, as the Millennial Kingdom of God under the rule of Messiah, is inaugurated and the 12 tribes are reunited in Eretz Israel, for the first time in almost 3,000 years.

* If these things happened on another (non-leap) Hebrew year, the 1,290 days would lead to Rosh Chodesh Adar, and the 1,335 days to Passover.

Passover 2019: The Fourth and FINAL (Millennial) Temple is inaugurated (Ezekiel 40:1; 41:1; 43:18-27).  Saturday, April 20, 2019

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CAUTION: I COULD BE WRONG. God is ALWAYS RIGHT and these are His prophecies, NOT MINE. I'm just a fallible human who listens to His Spirit and studies His written Word. I COULD HAVE missed something, misunderstood or miscalculated. DON'T DO ANYTHING RASH OR STUPID like quitting your job, selling your home, giving away your money or possessions, canceling your insurance or not paying the rent: JUST GO ABOUT YOUR NORMAL DAILY LIFE UNTIL the signs begin and JESUS APPEARS. 

If you are new to this ministry, I'm not trying to convince you of anything.  We offer this as a FREE service.  If you find it useful, you're welcome to partake.  If you choose to believe different eschatology, God bless you. I'm FAR MORE INTERESTED in your soul THAN in your doctrine about end-times.  You CAN believe wrong eschatology and be saved.  You CANNOT be saved with an unregenerate heart.


"And God said, Let there be LIGHTS IN the firmament of the HEAVEN TO DIVIDE THE DAY FROM THE NIGHT; and LET THEM BE FOR SIGNS, AND FOR SACRED APPOINTED TIMES (moedim), and for days, and years" (Genesis 1:14)

"There will be SIGNS IN SUN AND MOON AND STARS; and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves... And then SHALL THEY SEE the Son of man COMING IN A CLOUD with power and great glory": And WHEN THESE THINGS BEGIN... then LOOK UP, AND LIFT UP YOUR HEADS; FOR YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR". (Luke 21:25-28)

The coming tribulation and collective Rapture of LIVING BELIEVERS are UNPRECEDENTED EVENTS in human history.

It's only fitting that they should be accompanied BY UNPRECEDENTED EVENTS in the heavens.

What we are about to see HAS NEVER BEFORE HAPPENED in 5,000 years of recorded human history:

1. A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE -- on March 20, 2015 -- right smack in the MIDDLE OF four lunar eclipses (two preceding it, two following it)

2. Flanked by TWO TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSES that happen to fall PRECISELY ON the Feasts of Passover and Sukkot.

3. A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on a Feast of the Lord, namely Rosh Chodesh Aviv (Numbers 10:10; Isaiah 1:14; 1 Samuel 20:18).

That is THE Rosh Chodesh that kicks off the 3½-year tribulation (Colossians 2:16-17).

4. A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on THAT DAY that also happens to be THE TRUE "New Year" (the REAL Rosh Hashanah) on God's calendar (Exodus 12:2, Ezekiel 40:1)

5. An eclipse visible in that area of the world that comprised the Roman Empire in the first century A.D. This is significant because it's THAT area of the world that will become once again center stage, and from where Antichrist and his 10-king coalition will emerge (Daniel 7:25).

6. Last but not least, the TOTAL ECLIPSE will be VISIBLE FROM Patmos -- where John was when he wrote the Revelation -- and described WHAT HE SAW at the opening of the 6th seal (Revelation 6:12).

Nothing like this has EVER BEFORE been seen.

The CLOSEST thing to this event took place in 795-796 A.D.

That was THE ONLY OTHER time in recorded history when a total solar eclipse occurred IN THE MIDDLE OF four total lunar eclipses.

However, that solar eclipse didn't fall on a Feast, the lunar eclipses did not coincide with Passover and Sukkot, and the area where the eclipse was visible was STRICTLY Australia and Antarctica, which are sparsely populated and have NO ESCHATOLOGICAL RELEVANCE.

For the past 5 years I've been telling you that natural lunar eclipses are NOT - repeat, NOT - "blood moons".


But VERY FEW have listened. Even people who SHOULD KNOW BETTER have jumped on the "blood moon" bandwagon.

Since in our sensationalist culture "money talks", even THE SECULAR MEDIA has joined the "blood moon" chorus, promoting books and DVDs SOLD by certain publishing houses about that unbiblical deception.

I've also told you that natural lunar eclipses DO NOT signal the Rapture of THE CHURCH, but rather, important events in Israel, since there's unequivocal scriptural connection between the moon and Israel (Genesis 37:9-11; Numbers 10:10; Psalm 81:3; Jeremiah 31:35-36; Revelation 12:1).

The significance of the total lunar eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles is that Antichrist RETURNS FROM THE ABYSS on Passover (Daniel 11:29). And his 3½-year reign ENDS, when he's THROWN INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE on Sukkot, at Jesus' Second Coming (Revelation 19:20).

That 3½-year period will be the time Jeremiah 30:7 referred to as "Jacob's trouble".

The duration of the tribulation is confirmed in Daniel 12:7:

Your English Bibles read "time, times, and half a time". However, the Hebrew is lemoed (a Feast), moedim (2 Feasts) wahetsi (and HALF): Passover to Passover (1 year), to TWO MORE PASSOVERS (3 years) and HALF (6 months later) Sukkot.

These lunar eclipses are mainly A SIGN TO ISRAEL that a brief, but VERY DIFFICULT PERIOD lies ahead, which will end (thank God!) on Sukkot 2018.

They are the "two witnesses" required by Torah to "establish a matter" (Deuteronomy 19:15) IN THE SKY.

There will be Two HUMAN Witnesses ON THE EARTH as well (Revelation 11:3).

However, it's not THE MOON that the Church should be looking at, BUT THE SUN:

The SUN turning black is THE MAIN SIGN given -- over and over -- in Scripture after Scripture, TO INDICATE THE BEGINNING OF the tribulation, followed by the Rapture:

"For the stars of heaven and its constellations shall not give their light: THE SUN SHALL BE DARKENED IN ITS RISING, AND THE MOON SHALL NOT CAUSE ITS LIGHT TO SHINE" (Isaiah 13:10).

"THE SUN WILL BE TURNED TO DARKNESS AND THE MOON TO BLOOD before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the" LORD Joel 2:31

"Immediately with the tribulation of those days "'THE SUN WILL BE DARKENED, AND THE MOON WILL NOT GIVE ITS LIGHT; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken." (Matthew 24:29)


In every one of these verses THE SUN is mentioned BEFORE the moon. In every one of these verses THE SUN is the main focus, NOT the moon.

This means the tribulation begins WITH THE SOLAR ECLIPSE and other signs on Rosh Chodesh Aviv and the collective Rapture takes place 10 days later, on Aviv (Nisan) 10, WHICH IS THE EXACT DAY on which the Israelites CROSSED OVER the Jordan and ENTERED INTO the Promised Land (Joshua 4:19).

Let THE BOOKSELLERS watch the two so-called "blood moons" that are left.

Cause NEITHER ONE is a REAL blood moon. And NEITHER ONE will bring the Rapture.

 Me? I'm watching for THE SON (sun):

But unto you that reverence my Name will the Sun of righteousness ARISE WITH HEALING IN HIS WINGS; and YOU WILL GO UP like calves out of the stall.” (Malachi 4:2)



"Truly, I say to you, THIS GENERATION WILL NOT PASS AWAY until all these things take place" (Mark 13:30)

Oh, how I love the Word of God!

His Word is ETERNAL and ALIVE.

And I refer to both, Jesus the Word Incarnate, and the written Word.

One thing that thrills me about the written Word is how you can read a passage THOUSANDS of times. You THINK you "get it".

You THINK you've squeezed everything that can be extracted from it, and then, boom!

The Spirit SHOWS US something in that passage that we have read countless times and even memorized, THAT WE HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

We've read it and re-read, and re, re, re read it, and TOTALLY MISSED IT!

And that something just blesses us and makes our spirits SOAR with joy...

It's happened to me SO MANY TIMES, I've lost count.

And I anticipate with great excitement that it will continue to happen...

For those who think "gee, that sounds fanatical... you need to get a life".

By world standards, YOU'RE RIGHT.

By God's standards, you're wrong.

I have THE Life (John 14:6; 1 John 5:12).

What MORE could I possibly want?

What could be MORE EXCITING THAN personally KNOWING the Creator God?

What could be MORE THRILLING than experiencing Him and HEARING DIRECTLY FROM the MOST INTELLIGENT and Wonderful Mind that KNOWS EVERYTHING?

What could be MORE INTERESTING THAN what GOD says?

WHAT in this corrupt world can REMOTELY COMPARE to Jesus?

Praise His glorious Name for all eternity! Amen.

To think that He is running and sustaining the entire universe:

...And yet HAS THE TIME AND PATIENCE to REVEAL "hidden Truth" to His humble servant...
What could make us feel MORE SPECIAL and LOVED than THAT?

Glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit forever and ever! Hallelujah!

The Bible verse quoted above means that THIS generation (40-50 year period) in which we live WILL NOT PASS AWAY (WON'T DIE) until "ALL THESE THINGS take place" meaning, in context, the tribulation, the Rapture, and the Second Coming of Christ.

I've known that for quite some time and have been VERY BLESSED by that knowledge.

But the Word of God is ETERNAL and INEXHAUSTIBLE.

I predict -- in His Holy Name and for His glory -- that FOR ALL ETERNITY we will be discovering new thrilling and more profound Truths that we'd "missed". Amen.

This verse also has ANOTHER meaning:  When Jesus said "THIS generation" He was drawing a sharp contrast between us and THAT generation that Moses led out of Egypt.

 THAT GENERATION of old, that hardened its heart toward God, COULD NOT ENTER the Promised Land DUE TO UNBELIEF (Hebrews 3:19).

They had NO FAITH. They DID NOT TRUST the God that had so marvelously delivered them from Egyptian bondage.

They wandered in the desert 40 years, until EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM - except Joshua and Caleb - HAD PASSED AWAY (Numbers 32:13).

THIS generation which HAS FAITH (COMPLETE TRUST) in Jesus - WILL NOT PASS AWAY: It WON'T DIE! (1 Corinthians 15:50-55)

THIS GENERATION - which only has faith - WILL ENTER HEAVEN ALIVE!!! (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

THAT GENERATION'S DEAD CARCASSES were strewn all over the desert. (Hebrews 3:17)

God swore that THEY WOULD NOT ENTER the Land of Promise (Hebrews 3:11).

THIS generation - by the Grace of God -- WILL ENTER.

Glory to Jesus!


Just like Joshua only brought BELIEVING Jews across the Jordan into Canaan (Numbers 14:31), our Joshua (Yeshua) WILL ONLY BRING BELIEVERS in Him into the heavenly realm (Revelation 7:9-14).

God parted the Jordan FOR THEM (Joshua 3:15-17) and He will PART THE SKY FOR US (Revelation 6:14).



Rosh Chodesh is the beginning of the month in the Hebrew Calendar.

On 30-day months, just like Yom Teruah (wrongly called "Rosh HaShanah"), it's a two-day feast marked by the appearance of the New Moon in the sky.

As a matter of fact, Rosh Chodesh Tishri IS Yom Teruah (incorrectly called "Rosh HaShanah".

In the Book of Numbers 10:10, God says:

"and on your joyous occasions, fixed festivals, and NEW MOON DAYS (Rosh Chodesh), you shall sound the trumpets over your burnt offerings and sacrifices of well-being".

There's a blowing of trumpets, just like on Yom Teruah.

In ancient times, the celebration of Rosh Chodesh would begin when there were TWO WITNESSES who testified they had seen the New Moon.

In modern times, a special prayer is offered by Jews on Rosh Chodesh for the restoration of God's Temple.

Also, a special prayer Ya'aleh VeYavo is recited which asks God to be gracious, grant us life, well-being, loving-kindness and peace, and to "remember His promise of mercy and REDEMPTION".

Women are EXEMPT FROM WORK (I can almost hear all the women out there saying "we should have such holiday in the Gregorian calendar").

As the New Testament states repeatedly, works won't get ANYONE into heaven, including Jesus' Bride, the Church (Romans 3:20; Galatians 2:16).

It's obvious that Satan hates this feast: When the Syrians, under evil Antiochus Epiphanes, oppressed the Jews, they forbade three things: circumcision, observance of the Sabbath, and of Rosh Chodesh.

In one of the most liberating passages in the New Testament, Colossians 2:16-17, the apostle Paul EXPLICITLY SAYS, THIS HOLIDAY HAS PROPHETIC SIGNIFICANCE for Christ's Church:

"Let no man therefore judge you in food, or in drink, or in respect of a holiday, OR OF THE NEW MOON (Rosh Chodesh), or of the Sabbath, which are a shadow of THINGS TO COME"...

Just like the 24-hour weekly Sabbath is a shadow of both the Millennial Kingdom of Christ on earth - when the earth and its inhabitants will be AT REST -- and of Jesus Himself (the ULTIMATE rest - Matthew 11:28), Rosh Chodesh is A SHADOW of SOME SIGNIFICANT ESCHATOLOGICAL EVENT.

Clearly, something very important happens on Rosh Chodesh. That something is connected with the catching away of believers or, as it's commonly known, the Rapture.

You may wonder, however, IN WHICH Rosh Chodesh will some significant event occur since, in a given year, there are 12 of them.

We know Jesus will fulfill the Jewish Fall Feasts in His Second Coming. If we count backwards 3½ years... we can pretty much ascertain WHICH Rosh Chodesh will be significant to the Tribulation -Rapture -Second Coming.

Well, Martel, I thought you'd given up on Rosh Chodesh prophetically...

So did I.

But HOW can I "give up" on it when Paul so clearly says TO THE CHURCH that it's a shadow of "THINGS TO COME"?

I am now reviving the teaching. Soon you'll understand why.  HOLD IT.  DON'T GET AHEAD OF ME.

It will all come together shortly... promise.



You just gotta wonder at the evangelical system sometimes...

I'm so grateful for those who move heaven and earth to get a person born-again.

I'm infinitely grateful for those who led me to that defining, life changing experience.

God bless every person who leads others to Christ.

They want you to experience spiritual rebirth so badly...

And then, the moment you become born-again, they want you to FORGET ALL ABOUT IT.

As though that marvelous, life changing Experience had NEVER HAPPENED!

They don't teach new believers to cultivate and ENJOY - yes, I said ENJOY - the Wonderful Savior that NOW LIVES IN THEM.

They want them to IGNORE HIM.

They don't say a word about where a person's spirit is located, or that we are One Spirit with Jesus.

They don't tell anyone that you can CONTACT Him - and SHOULD contact Him - FREQUENTLY and STAY AWARE OF Him.

Sadly, many evangelicals get an "A" for preaching Christ and bringing others to Salvation. But an "F" on CULTIVATING CONSCIOUSNESS OF CHRIST, of His INNER Presence.


That He is available 24/7.

Yes, every person on the face of this earth needs to repent of sin and receive Jesus into his/her heart as God and Savior.

Every individual on earth needs to TRUST HIM COMPLETELY for Salvation.

And every individual on earth also NEEDS TO REALIZE that - once they do - JESUS COMES TO LIVE IN THEM.

That from that moment forward Jesus is IN THEM - ALL the time.

No matter WHERE they are, how they live, how they feel, or what they do.

JESUS is IN them!!!

They need to SEEK HIM not just once IN ORDER TO get born-again, but JUST AS INTENSELY and FREQUENTLY AFTER they are saved.

It's like having A BILLION DOLLARS in your bank account, and living as though you're poor.

It's living like a spiritual pauper when YOU ARE SPIRITUAL ROYALTY.

It's living in bondage instead of enjoying FREEDOM.

It's like being destitute, when you've been granted every privilege.

The Salvation Experience DOES NOT END when we are born again.

That's merely WHEN IT BEGINS.



Because of the constant threat of terrorism, and the religion of Islam being daily in the news, there are a number of so-called prophetic ministries and websites, who are now claiming an Islamic Antichrist, and Islam taking over the world.

They are teaching Islamic eschatology, and saying that the non-existent, mythical figure called the Mahdi -- THAT NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN, and of whom there is NO HISTORICAL RECORD ANYWHERE -- will be the Antichrist.

Some embellish it even more by claiming that the Mahdi is the angel Abaddon mentioned in Revelation 9:11.

There's NOTHING that links Abaddon to the Mahdi. That's pure BALONEY:


• The Mahdi IS NOT MENTIONED in the Bible.

• Islam is NOT MENTIONED IN the Bible.

• The false religion of Islam DID NOT EXIST when the Bible (Old or New Testaments) was written.


And those who teach ISLAMIC eschatology, when they DON'T KNOW CHRISTIAN ESCHATOLOGY, are not Christians.

Islam ruling the world? An Islamic Antichrist?


And I challenge ANYONE ON EARTH to produce ONE - JUST ONE - Bible verse that says such IDIOCY: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

The Antichrist CANNOT be Muslim:

1. Muslims DO NOT worship IMAGES.

The False Prophet will make worship of Antichrist's IMAGE MANDATORY under penalty of death (Revelation 13:15).

2. Revelation 13:6 tells us Antichrist "opened his mouth in blasphemies against God, TO BLASPHEME HIS NAME"...

If he were the Mahdi, he'd be blaspheming HIS OWN ISLAMIC "GOD" Allah.

Or else, he'd be ADMITTING that Allah IS NOT God. That would make him NON-Muslim.

3. Daniel 11:37 says "neither shall he regard the gods of his fathers, nor the desire of women, NOR REGARD ANY god".

Muslims have a "god" named Allah. If this dude doesn't regard ANY god, that would have to include Allah.

That means that he will not worship Allah.

For that reason ALONE, he CANNOT be Muslim.

4. According to Revelation 17:8, and 10-11, the Antichrist MUST HAVE ALREADY LIVED PRIOR TO the first century A.D. There were no Muslims at the time. The Islamic religion DID NOT EVEN EXIST.


Additionally, ACCORDING TO GOD:

1. Antichrist MUST BE A KING (Daniel 7:24; 8:25; Revelation 17:10-12).

2. He MUST BE Greek (Daniel 8:8-9; 11:28; Revelation 13:2).

3. He MUST BE a MILITARY GENIUS with a well-known record of being "INVINCIBLE" (Revelation 13:4).

It's that STERLING REPUTATION IN WAR, OF NEVER HAVING LOST A BATTLE, that'll convince rebellious mankind that this man CAN DEFEAT Jesus.

4. He MUST believe himself to be God (Daniel 11:36-38; 2 Thessalonians 2:4).

5. Must be one of the 7 kings that reigned PRIOR TO THE FIRST CENTURY A.D. (Revelation 17:10-12).

6. He's not someone presently on earth, nor will he be born, but WILL ARISE FROM THE ABYSS (Revelation 11:7; 17:8; Isaiah 14:18-19).

7. Everyone will be SURPRISED TO SEE HIM ALIVE. Therefore, he MUST BE EASILY RECOGNIZABLE when he reappears (Revelation 17:8).

8. He MUST BE "like a leopard" (Revelation 13:2).

Unless your candidate meets these REQUIREMENTS SET FORTH BY GOD IN HIS WORD - he IS NOT the Antichrist.

NO MUSLIM -- past or present -- meets ANY of these requirements.


So, what does the future hold for the religion of Islam? Glad you asked...

Muslims will see Jesus coming in a cloud with power and great glory (every eye will see Him), they'll see most Christians disappear, and horrible judgments poured out on the earth thereafter (Revelation 1:7; 6:12-16).

They'll witness one-third of mankind annihilated, thousands of demons coming out of the pit stinging and tormenting people, including themselves and their Islamic "brothers". They'll see a new temple built in Jerusalem, despite their stubborn opposition (Revelation 11:1-3).

They'll see TWO WITNESSES demonstrating supernatural powers, the non-Islamic GREEK Antichrist risen from the dead, claiming to be God, and he and his Jewish false prophet, ruling the world... (Revelation 13:2,5, 14-15).

By then THEY'LL KNOW the Q'uran is a bunch of manure, Allah a false god, and Mohammed a false prophet who didn't know squat about the true God, Salvation, heaven or the end times.


They'll KNOW, and will be shocked to realize, that the religion they held so dear, and in which they believed so blindly, is WORTHLESS.

They'll realize there is NO MAHDI.


They will realize that those they previously hailed as "martyrs", HAVE DIED IN VAIN.

Instead of 72 virgins and Paradise, they found themselves IN THE FLAMES OF NEVER-ENDING TORMENT (Revelation 20:12-15).

Then, to boot, the Antichrist and his prophet, will demand that EVERYONE (including Muslims) TAKE HIS MARK, AND WORSHIP HIM, AS A SIGN OF COMPLETE SUBMISSION TO HIM, UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH (Revelation 13:16-18).

Then the True God, the God of the Bible, will send three angels thru the heaven, preaching His ETERNAL Gospel, and warning everyone NOT TO receive the Antichrist's mark, and to believe in the One True God (Revelation 14:6-13).

At that point, ALL RELIGION will have been discredited.

Humans will have only two choices: Christ or Antichrist (Revelation 13:4, 15; 15:2; 20:4).

That's really the ONLY CHOICE, anyone's ever had.



"For I AM the Lord : I CHANGE NOT" (Malachi 3:6)

You're going to tire of reading it: I LOVE the Word of God with ALL my heart.

Both, the Word Incarnate - THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, 
the one and only Savior, the Most Wonderful Jesus - and the WRITTEN Word, which is an EXPRESSION of Himself.

I love it for too many reasons to mention, but perhaps 
the three biggest ones are that it's GOOD News, that IT'S ALWAYS TRUE, AND THAT IT NEVER CHANGES.

Every single human being on earth will lie and make empty promises. 

God NEVER lies and NEVER makes ANY promise that He doesn't keep.

Every human on earth will change his or her story at one point or another, but GOD'S WORD NEVER CHANGES.

His Word is SOLID AS A ROCK.

His Word makes Gibraltar seem like a marshmallow.

His Word will say THE SAME THING, rain or shine.

It will STAY THE SAME when you're happy or sad, employed or unemployed, sick or healthy.

It remains UNCHANGEABLE REGARDLESS of what's going on in the world around us.

It said the same thing 3,500 years ago that it says today.

And it says today THE SAME THING that it will say tomorrow, next week, next month, AND FOR ALL ETERNITY.

Theologians use the word "immutable" to describe it, and they are right.


He-it is FOREVER settled in heaven (Psalm 119:89).

I wonder which part of "FOREVER SETTLED" some individuals don't understand.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry when someone reads some piece of trash he got scammed into buying for $29.95 and tells me to "read it" JUST IN CASE GOD HAS CHANGED HIS MIND.

Especially when that someone claims to have followed this ministry (I'm guessing) for at least the past 4-5 years - and has read time and again, the BIBLICAL EVIDENCE I've presented.

When I have taught time and again - and it's even PERMANENTLY POSTED ON OUR HOME PAGE - that there's NOT ONE WORD in the entire Bible about an Islamic Antichrist or about Islam taking over the world.

Not to mention that I have a book and two videos that take you step-by-step through THE BIBLE, and PROVE Antichrist's IDENTITY AND NATIONALITY- BEYOND DISPUTE.

Not to mention that the Idiot in question claimed to have "HUNDREDS" of Bible verses to "support" his theory, and when I asked him to PRODUCE JUST ONE - JUST ONE out of supposed "hundreds" - he COULDN'T

He even solicited "help" from a "friend", and the "friend" COULDN'T COME UP WITH ONE BIBLE VERSE EITHER!!!

 Not to mention that GOD SAID that Antichrist MUST HAVE LIVED AND DIED PRIOR TO the first century A.D. - when Islam DID NOT EVEN EXIST.

When Islam was INVENTED 600 YEARS LATER (Revelation 17:8, 10-11).

600 YEARS!!!


Not to mention that I took PREEMPTIVE ACTION A MONTH AGO (January 12, 2015) - because I knew this godless piece of crap was about to hit the shelves - and SPECIFICALLY gave the slam-dunk BIBLICAL reasons WHY the Antichrist CANNOT come from Turkey.


But of course, the "brother" who wrote the godless piece of crap MUST BE RIGHT, and GOD must be wrong.

After all, he used to be Muslim and now claims to be "Christian":


I can just imagine how that conversation (more like a monologue) would go:

"Hi, Holy Spirit. You showed me in 1990 in the written Word who the Antichrist is, you supported it unequivocally with the Word that you inspired, and with secular history. You called me into the ministry three years later, and have since given me EVEN MORE unequivocal proof from your Word.

But I just thought I'd check, JUST IN CASE YOUR WORD HAS CHANGED".

"Because you see, Lord, Freddy the Idiot, got scammed into buying a book for $29.95 -- not worth the paper on which it's printed -- from a "brother".

"And we all know that, since the brother used to be Muslim and now says he's Christian, that MAKES HIM INFALLIBLE.

So, you, Holy Spirit, must be wrong. You must have made a mistake somewhere".

"You know, Lord, you gave me that PRICELESS revelation 25 years ago... that's A LONG TIME: I just thought you MIGHT HAVE CHANGED YOUR MIND".

Not only is that an insult to me, personally, and to my ministry.


God's Word DOES NOT CHANGE, and DOES NOT CONFORM TO what is going on in the world.

It's THE OTHER WAY AROUND: the world WILL CONFORM TO the Word of God (Revelation 12:5). 

God, I guarantee, is NOT sitting on His Throne, scratching His head and thinking: "gee, WHAT am I going to do?  That "shoe" guy just wrote a book that says the Antichrist comes from Turkey.  I think I'll change the Bible TO CONFORM TO HIS THEORY"


As STUPID as THAT sounds -- and IS -- there are losers who believe JUST THAT.

Unfortunately, it isn't ONLY ONE person.

Freddy may be the most obnoxious and stupid of the bunch, but there are a lot of "Freddys" out there.

If you're a "Freddy", or one of these book sellers -- WHO CARE NOTHING about the Truth, and only seek to profit FROM DUMB SHEEP -- I'd be VERY CAREFUL about saying anything that idiotic.

Because not only DID JESUS PERSONALLY WARN about the DIRE CONSEQUENCES of ADDING to His Word of Prophecy (Revelation 22:18).

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is THE ONE AND ONLY UNFORGIVABLE sin -- in this world OR THE NEXT (Matthew 12:32).

Romans 3:4: "Let GOD BE TRUE, and EVERY MAN A LIAR".

If anyone wants to question the Holy Spirit's veracity, if anyone wants TO GRIEVE the Holy Spirit, you're on your own, Bubba.

DON'T EVER come to me with crap like that, ‘cause if you do, YOU'RE HISTORY.



O.K. everyone - TIME OUT:

I've done nothing but answer dumb email after dumb email today.

So, I want you to PAY ATTENTION:

A) THERE is NO REASON TO FEAR OR PANICIf you are a born-again believer in Jesus Christ you'll be PROTECTED, and raptured ALIVE into heaven.

Those who'll panic when the tribulation begins are the UNSAVED.

While they can still come to Christ EVEN IN THE FINAL MOMENTS of this Age, and be raptured, unfortunately, many of them WILL RUN EVEN FARTHER FROM HIM and HIDE in caves, rocks, and Lord knows where (Revelation 6:12-17).

That was written FOR THEM, NOT for you.


You should come to Jesus because He's beyond Wonderful, because you're a sinner who wants Salvation and He's the ONE AND ONLY Savior, and because He is WORTHY of our TOTAL LOVE and devotion.

Although He will receive you anyway, coming to Jesus, because you either "don't want to go to hell" or because you "want to escape the tribulation" are VERY POOR reasons.


Some of you spend the day watching STUPID YouTube videos, full of sensationalist crap like "if you're not spiritual enough you'll get left behind", or "if you're not producing fruit, you'll get left behind"...

Then you COME TO ME to "UNSCARE" you.

Why? In heaven's name, WHY?

I didn't put that scary bullsh*t in your heads.


Let me tell you WHO will get "left behind":

THE VERY IMBECILES who publish those videos, and who think they can "earn" the "right" to be raptured.


Some of you are still struggling with the 70 weeks prophecy.

And you want me to explain it over and over, 50 times, until you get it.


It's PAINSTAKINGLY explained on our website. If you're too lazy to read that, I'm not about to spend two hours ON ONE SILLY email.

I'm only ONE person answering hundreds of emails each day, IN VARIOUS LANGUAGES.

God didn't call me to teach arithmetic.

If you still DON'T understand that Jesus DIED after 3½ years of public ministry, FULFILLING THE FIRST HALF OF Daniel's 70th week, and leaving ONLY THE OTHER HALF -- the other 3½ year period -- to be fulfilled, which is the FUTURE tribulation, THERE'S NO BETTER WAY I can explain it.

If you don't understand that 3½ plus 3½ equals 7, there's NOTHING I can do for you.

And - I can tell you from personal experience -- that saying it over and over 40 or 50 times, won't help either.

I've said it many times before, and I'm saying it again: if you don't get it, then YOU DON'T GET IT.

I can't spoon-feed some "Christian" who's been going to church all their life and SHOULD KNOW THESE THINGS, to the neglect of those who have REAL needs.

And, by the way, I don't minister from a "pastor's handbook" either. I listen to the Spirit, and minister to each person one on one, as the Spirit leads.

Try getting THAT from your "pastor".


Many of you are church going people, and have pastors. Yet you want me to "pray" for everything that goes on in your life - from a pimple to a bad haircut.

While I'll pray for SERIOUS needs...

Aren't you the same people who get on my case for teaching that it's UNBIBLICAL to pay 10% of your income to a "Christian" minister or "Christian" country club FALSELY CALLED "church"?

WHY do you come to me FOR EVERYTHING?

I get NOTHING from you.

Go to your pastor, for Pete's sake!

Let HIM EARN his 10% !!!


I've advised you repeatedly to have on hand some extra water, non-perishable food, batteries, blankets and toilet paper.  Whether you do or not, obviously, is up to you.

Four things I know FOR SURE:

1) The Church "COMES OUT OF the great tribulation" (Revelation 7:14). There's NO WAY you can "COME OUT OF" something, unless YOU HAVE BEEN IN IT -- even if only for a short period.

2) Revelation 2:10-11 is true. It says TO THE CHURCHES: "YOU WILL HAVE TRIBULATION TEN DAYS".

3) NONE OF THE JUDGMENTS will fall UNTIL the Church is safely in heaven.

4) While NONE OF THE JUDGMENTS will fall while we're still here, it won't be "business as usual" during those 10 days. It will be chaotic.

Communications, travel, banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, and other conveniences will be disrupted.

For how long, I don't know.


Since the Rapture's never happened before, there are certain details FOR WHICH I DON'T HAVE ANSWERS.

We may be HOME for the 10 days, or TAKEN TO a certain location (Mount Hermon) until everyone who is saved or turns to Christ in the final moments is gathered BEFORE being caught up TOGETHER as a great multitude (1 Thessalonians 4:15-17).

We may be safely waiting for the rest of the saints to be gathered on some remote mountaintop, and may NOT NEED those supplies.

All I'm saying is it's better to be prepared "just in case".

Not asking you to pile stuff for a month or 6 months. Just 10 days.

So you spend a few extra bucks, WHAT'S THE HARM?

If it turns out that we DON'T need it, those who remain on earth most certainly will.



In the Bible, different numbers represent different things:

1: Represents God.

2: Division (from God).

3: The Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)

4: Represents the earth (Zechariah 6:5; Acts 10:11; Revelation 7:1; 20:8).

5: Represents grace (Genesis 17:5; Leviticus 26:8; 1 Corinthians 14:19).

6: Is the "number of man" (Genesis 1:26-31; Revelation 13:18).

8: (7 + 1) is the number of new beginnings.

But 7 Is the number of PERFECTION, COMPLETION, and REST.

No other number figures as prominently in the Bible, or in Bible prophecy, as the number 7.

For starters, the MAJOR Timeline given for BOTH the First and Second Comings our Lord is ALL based on 7's:

70 sevens ("weeks") (Daniel 9:24).

7 sevens (Daniel 9:25)

62 sevens (Daniel 9:26)

½ seven (Daniel 9:27)

Then, of course, there's the Book of Revelation, which gives us a largely chronological order of end time events, including:

7 letters (Revelation 1:4; 2:1; 3:22)

7 churches (Revelation 1:4, 11)

7 spirits (Revelation 1:4; 3:1; 4:5),

7 candlesticks (Revelation 1:13, 20)

7 stars (Revelation 1:16, 20)

7 church angels (Revelation 1:20)

7 seals (Revelation 5:1,5)

7 horns (Revelation 5:6)

7 eyes (Revelation 5:6)

7 angels with trumpets (Revelation 8:2, 6)

7 trumpets (Revelation 8:2, 6)

7 thunders (Revelation 10:3)

7 heads (Revelation 12:3; 13:1; 17:3)

7 crowns (Revelation 12:3)

7 angels with plagues (Revelation 15:1)

7 last plagues (Revelation 15:1)

7 vials (Revelation 15:7)

7 hills (Revelation 17:9), and

7 kings (Revelation 17:10)

If the number 7 is SO PREDOMINANT in prophecy, if the Second Coming itself happens AT THE END OF 70 "sevens", shouldn't it also be PRECEDED BY a SEVEN?

While the tribulation itself lasts "only" 3½ years (Daniel 12:7), the more you analyze it, the more CONVINCED one becomes that there MUST BE a 7-year period that precedes the Kingdom of God on earth.

That 7-year period consists of birth pangs which lead to the tribulation.

God even stuck a 7-year period AFTER the Millennium (Ezekiel 39:9).

The Millennium, therefore, is both preceded and followed by 7-year periods.



There are three great timelines in the Bible:

1. The first century Book of Revelation, in which Jesus, through Michael, gives John THE OUTLINE and orderly timing of eschatological events, but not the year(s) in which they happen.

2. The timeline given directly by Jesus in Luke 21:24-32 which says that He will APPEAR IN THE CLOUDS BEFORE the generation that sees Jerusalem return to the Jews passes away. And,

3. The 70 Weeks Prophecy in Daniel 9:24-27 in which Jesus (to Him be all glory now and forevermore!) gives Daniel in the 6th century B.C. - and through Gabriel - THE PRECISE YEAR - and DAY - in which He will APPEAR ON THE EARTH... NOT ONCE, but TWICE.

I'll give you a moment to think about that...

He also gives Daniel THE PRECISE YEAR - and DAY - in which Jesus would die for our sins, rise from the dead, and ascend to heaven.

All of this in JUST 4 Bible verses!!!

Daniel 9:24 says that 70 "sevens" -- or 70 shemittas -- are determined upon the Jewish people and upon holy Jerusalem:


2) To SEAL UP THE VISION AND PROPHECY, and TO ANOINT (Messiah) the Most Holy.

Daniel 9:27 tells us that Messiah Prince would die IN THE MIDDLE OF a shemitta "week", causing A REST or CESSATION of sacrifices and grain offerings.

Since 7-year shemitta cycles begin and end on Sukkot (Deuteronomy 31:10), the "middle of" a shemitta cycle is ALWAYS Passover.

This was fulfilled - TO THE DAY - on Passover 34 A.D. when Jesus died, then resurrected, precisely at half shemitta, after 3½ years of public ministry (John 18:39).

What amazing precision! Glory to Most High God!

But the verse that BLOWS ME AWAY each time I meditate on it is Daniel 9:25:

"FROM the order to return and build Jerusalem TO Messiah Prince shall be:

7 sevens or 7 shemittas AND
62 sevens or 62 shemittas

This tells us THE EXACT YEAR, and the EXACT DAY, on which Messiah Prince would both appear, and then REAPPEAR to Jews.

Shemitta cycles run from Sukkot to Sukkot or Tabernacles to Tabernacles (Deuteronomy 31:10).

Therefore, Jesus had to appear to Israel ON SUKKOT.

The order to rebuild Jerusalem was given in spring 449 B.C. and Jesus appeared... you guessed it, ON SUKKOT 30 A.D., EXACTLY 69 shemittas (483 years) later (John 1:14; Luke 3:23).

(For Shemitta Chart click on link, top left).

He taught, preached and performed many, many miracles for 3½ years of public ministry in Israel.

Then He died on Passover and resurrected, IN THE MIDDLE OF the 70th shemitta, exactly as verse 27 foretold, leaving ONLY HALF a shemitta or 3½ years YET TO BE FULFILLED in our "future" (John 18:39).

Those 3½ years are the period called "the tribulation" (Daniel 7:25; 12:7; Revelation 13:5).

But that's NOT all.

The 70 Weeks Prophecy DID NOT JUST give us the VERY YEAR -- and DAY -- of His First Coming.

It didn't JUST give us THE YEAR and DAY of His death - ASTOUNDING as THOSE TWO pieces of information are.

He also gave us THE PRECISE YEAR -- and DAY -- OF HIS SECOND COMING!!!

Look at the equation given above.

Why would Jesus say "7 sevens AND 62 sevens"?

Wouldn't it have been easier and more practical to simply say "69 sevens"?

Why DIVIDE the 69 sevens into TWO parts?

Because there are TWO Comings of Messiah Prince:

He needed to come FIRST to do away with sin and bring in everlasting righteousness, as verse 24 says.

Then, come A SECOND TIME,TO RULE AND REIGN on earth, as the Anointed One, Messiah Prince, FOREVER (Luke 1:33; Daniel 2:44; 6:26).

For years the prophecy establishment told us that "the reason" for dividing the 69 weeks into two portions is because 7 sevens (49 years) is the time it took to rebuild Jerusalem.

Religious pride, you see, DOES NOT ALLOW people to simply say "I don't know".

Therefore, when THEY DON'T KNOW, they LIE.

They INVENT some stupid story to make it APPEAR AS THOUGH they know.

WHY would it take 49 YEARS to build a TINY city with a population of only 5,000? (Nehemiah 11:1)

Especially since, at that time, dwellings were rather simple and there was NO ELECTRICITY or conventional plumbing?

Furthermore, Nehemiah 13:6 TOTALLY DESTROYS their false teaching, as it explicitly says that Jerusalem HAD BEEN REBUILT AND REPOPULATED 12 YEARS after the order was given.

There's a huge difference (37 years) between 12 years and 49 years.

That just proves HOW INSINCERE, pretentious, full of themselves, and just "full of it", the prophecy establishment really is.

They will fabricate FALSE information, as long as it makes them LOOK good.

And they'll KEEP IT COMING as long as DUMB Christians keep spending $$$ on their unbiblical crap.

The ONLY possible explanation for the "split" is that Daniel 9:25 PREDICTS NOT ONLY THE FIRST BUT THE SECOND COMING OF Messiah Prince, on Sukkot.

Exactly 7 SHEMITTAS AFTER THE SECOND ORDER to rebuild biblical Jerusalem, given in 1967.

Since the 70 weeks CANNOT END WITHOUT the Messiah's Second Coming (at THE END OF the remaining 3½ year tribulation, Revelation 19:11), that HAS TO BE the reason for the "split".

There's NO OTHER POSSIBLE explanation.

Only a TOTAL genius -- ONLY GOD -- could have given us THAT MOST AMAZING TIMELINE...


Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory to Messiah Prince -- forever.



"A little while, and you shall not see me: and again, a little while, and you WILL SEE ME: and... YOUR SORROW SHALL BE TURNED INTO JOY" (John 16:17-20)

"And the Spirit and the bride SAY, COME. And let him that hears SAY, COME. And let him THAT IS THIRSTY COME. And WHOEVER WILL, let him take the water of life freely...Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, COME, Lord Jesus" (Revelation 22:17-20)

There are two main Christian camps where eschatology is concerned:

1. Those who CAN'T WAIT for Jesus to appear and take us Home. And,

2. Those who think we're a bunch of loons and that Jesus will return "SOMEDAY"-- and THE FARTHER into the "future" they can push that "SOMEDAY", the better.

They live as though this world will go on "as usual" for another 50, 100, or even 1,000 years.

These Christians are IN DENIAL.

They make LONG-RANGE PLANS in order to RUN AWAY from reality and PRETEND it's not happening.


That JESUS WILL HAVE TO INTERVENE VERY SOON, or the world will destroy itself and He will have NO CHURCH to rapture.

I've had "Christians" tell me that they hope Jesus DOESN'T show up yet because they just "bought a house", or they want to see their children grow up, go to college, get married, etc. 

How can a house -- I don't care if it is a palace -- compare to JESUS? 

I won't even go into PAYING A MORTGAGE... 

HOW can a parent prefer to see his/her children grow up in this CORRUPT, sin-infested, dangerous environment  than enjoy those children in Jesus' Presence and heavenly glory?

How ANYONE can see what's going on in the world today, and think that -- 20 or 30 years from now -- this world will still be taking its "normal" course and everything will be "as usual" -- is INCOMPREHENSIBLE.

There's NEVER been a time like this in ALL of history.

Even politicians AND SCIENTISTS are being forced to TAKE NOTICE.

They didn't just move their Doomsday Clock TWO MINUTES CLOSER TO "MIDNIGHT" for nothing!

Normal "rules of war" NO LONGER APPLY, NO MATTER HOW CLEVER OR BRILLIANT, because we're no longer engaged in CONVENTIONAL war, but something NEVER BEFORE SEEN -- which has NO RULES, and has spread its ugly and barbaric tentacles into every Western nation: ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

Although that is still, in large part, how they operate, THEIR GOAL IS NO LONGER TO JUST blow up a bunch of people.


Their aspiration is to CONQUER AND SUBJUGATE the rest of us into their demonic religion.

They dream of a hellish world filled with impoverished, hate-filled, demonized illiterates; where women are treated like fourth rate PERSONAL PROPERTY - in other words - AS DISPOSABLE GARBAGE.

Where THEIR WICKED LEADERS GET TO DECIDE who gets an education and who doesn't, who can drive and who can't, how you dress, what you eat, and WHO YOU WORSHIP.

Where they get to torture, maim, rape, behead, or brutally and barbarously murder ANYONE WHO DOESN'T "SUBMIT".

When we see SUPER POWERS like the U.S., Britain and France SHAKEN UP and virtually IMPOTENT to combat THIS EVIL FORCE, HOW CAN ANYONE THINK it will still be an "ordinary life, in an ordinary world" in 20 years?

The ONLY REASON some "Christians" get upset at those who try to warn them is because THEY DON'T WANT TO FACE REALITY. 

They CAN'T HANDLE the Truth.

They're SCARED TO DEATH of having to face Jesus.

It's amazing how THE SAME Divine Presence, the same beautiful Face that some of us LONG TO SEE and anticipate with unspeakable joy - can fill others with DREAD and RESENTMENT.

I'm not here to judge any INDIVIDUAL.

Only God knows each person's heart.

But if you're in group #2, I strongly advise you have a private, HONEST, and PROFOUND LOOK at your own heart.

No one else needs to know, but TAKE STOCK of who or what REALLY IS -- OR ISN'T -- there (Romans 8:9; 1 John 5:12).

Because, generally speaking, we're only SCARED OF the UNKNOWN.

There's NO REASON WHATSOEVER TO BE SCARED of someone we KNOW (Matthew 7:22-23; 25:1-12). 

Of someone we TRUST (have faith in).

Of Someone Whom WE LOVE, and with Whom we have regular contact and intimacy.




I am so tired of hearing from supposed believers in Jesus, claiming that Jews have a monopoly on Scriptural Truth.

Some Johnny-come-lately, who has recently discovered the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith and immediately went overboard, getting on my case that I should shun everything else.

This humble servant attended a Messianic Jewish congregation many years ago, BEFORE Messianic Judaism became popular.

This humble servant was BAPTIZED IN WATER as a baby by a Roman Catholic priest, and as an adult by a Messianic Jewish rabbi.

I talk with Jews all the time, I've worked with Jews, I've friends who are Jewish, and I've had the great pleasure of bringing some of God's Chosen to knowledge of their Messiah.

To be brutally honest, I'd rather hear even A TRADITIONAL (non-Messianic) rabbi teach than a Christian pastor.

That doesn't mean that the traditional rabbi is always right, or that I believe EVERYTHING he teaches.

I know Israel's history, both ancient and modern, extremely well.  

I understand Hebrew culture and thought better than most people and A LOT BETTER than all the morons who keep telling me that I should ONLY consider the Hebrew view, TO THE EXCLUSION OF the Greek and everyone else's.

Our God and Savior IS Jewish.

The God of Israel IS our God.

Of course I have ENORMOUS appreciation for nearly all things Jewish.

But let's NOT throw the baby out with the bathwater, shall we?



Without doubt, the Jewish people have influenced the world more than ANY OTHER.

They have made OUTSTANDING contributions in literature, science, technology, education, the arts, you name it.

But if their history PROVES anything it's that when they MESS UP, they REALLY outdo themselves.

Forget the New Covenant, I can show you from the Tanach HOW THEY SCREWED THINGS UP WITH God time and again:

They did it LONG BEFORE there was a single Christian on the face of the earth.

Their BIGGEST screw up has been, of course, the rejection of Jesus - by the majority - to this very day.

Please spare me the sanctimonious B.S. that "the Bible should ONLY be studied from a Hebrew perspective" and that if we read the New Testament's Greek text "we're getting farther and farther from the Truth".

I'm not particularly fond of Greeks. But I'd be a complete idiot - like some of those who write - AND A LIAR, if I didn't acknowledge that Greeks, too, have made significant contributions to civilization.

And, like it or not, Greek was the predominant language spoken in the Roman Empire -- including Israel (in addition to Aramaic) -- and throughout what became the Gentile Christian world.

The New Testament was written by Jews. No question about that.

You can SPECULATE all you want that they wrote it in Hebrew, but there's NO SOLID EVIDENCE ANYWHERE about that.

The earliest manuscripts available were written in Aramaic and Greek.

That's a fact.

I will use all means available to arrive at the Truth - whether they're written in Hebrew or not - and I don't care who likes it and who doesn't.

The inspired Word of God IS the inspired Word of God: His Word is INFALLIBLE REGARDLESS in which language it is written.

I love Israel with all my heart.

I love the Jewish people with all my heart.

But if there's ANYTHING that history teaches us it's they're NOT infallible.



I remember years ago, as a new Christian, how religion MADE IT A POINT to teach me that Jesus was physically unattractive.

Never mind all the IMPORTANT THINGS they COULD HAVE BEEN teaching and chose, instead, to sweep under the rug - they MADE SURE I knew that Jesus was not good-looking.

They would quote Isaiah 53:2:

"he has no stately form nor splendor; and WHEN WE SHALL SEE HIM, THERE IS NO BEAUTY THAT WE SHOULD DESIRE HIM".

"See that? Jesus had NO BEAUTY. He was homely".

Of course, if we take that verse IN CONTEXT, it's talking about when Jesus was led to Golgotha after being mercilessly beaten by several soldiers, savagely lashed, spit, punched, mocked, bloodied, and crowned with thorns.

The next three verses tell the rest of the story:

"He is despised and rejected... A MAN OF SORROWS, and acquainted with grief: and WE HID AS IT WERE OUR FACES FROM HIM; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.


But he WAS WOUNDED FOR OUR TRANSGRESSIONS, HE WAS BRUISED FOR OUR INIQUITIES: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and WITH HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED" (Isaiah 53:3-5).

If you see Jesus' Image on the Shroud of Turin, EVEN DEAD He looks regal. He looks majestic. He looks like A KING.

However, in order to redeem us, He had to TAKE OFF HIS GLORY, and become IN APPEARANCE, and in every other way, like FALLEN man, except He was and is SINLESS.

He came as Last Adam TO DIE for our sins (1 Corinthians 15:45).

The SUPER-HUMAN Jesus is a different story.

His TRUE human form is SUPREMELY BEAUTIFUL, far more than what we see on linen, as we read in Psalm 45:

To the Chief Musician, to the tune of "Lilies", from the Sons of Korah, A SONG OF LOVES. Honor to the King.

"My heart is overflowing with a good matter: I SPEAK...CONCERNING THE KING:

...You are MORE BEAUTIFUL than Adam's descendants: grace is poured into your lips: therefore God has blessed you forever."

A little further, in verse 6, it says:

"Your throne, O God, is forever and ever".

If we read the Song of Solomon, Jesus' true Beauty is described as:

"My beloved IS RADIANT and ruddy, He STANDS OUT among ten thousand.

HIS HEAD is as the most fine gold, his locks are wavy, and black as a raven.

HIS EYES are like doves by the rivers of waters, washed with milk, and fitly set.

HIS CHEEKS are like a bed of spices, like sweet flowers: his lips like lilies, dripping sweet smelling myrrh.

HIS ARMS are as rounded gold set with beryl: his body is as carved ivory overlaid with sapphires.

HIS LEGS are pillars of marble, set upon bases of fine gold: his countenance is as Lebanon, excellent as the cedars.


This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem" (Song of Solomon 5:10-16).


So Jesus, as He REALLY is, is not just beautiful, but DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

And I say that in a TOTALLY non-sexual, SPIRITUAL way.

He is our Bridegroom.

He is OUR Beloved.

And He is the MOST BEAUTIFUL human that exists.

He is also the Most High God.

On this day when Love is celebrated all over the world, let Jesus be YOUR Valentine.

Natural human love - no matter how "great" - is TEMPORARY and CONDITIONAL.

Jesus IS Love. His Love is ETERNAL and UNCONDITIONAL (1 John 4:16; John 6:37).



"Greater love has no man than this: that he LAY DOWN HIS LIFE for his friends". 



"I AM He that LIVES, and was dead; and, LOOK, I AM ALIVE FOREVERMORE, Amen; and have the keys of hades and of death" (Revelation 1:18). 

Anyone seen Allah? How about Buddha? Or Krishna? Lao Tzu? Ahura Mazda?

Were there ever any reliable eyewitnesses of THEIR DEEDS?

Did any of them PERFORM MIRACLES?

Did any of them RISE FROM THE DEAD?

Are any of them IMMORTAL?

If the (HONEST) answer is "no", then you're not only worshiping an INVISIBLE god...

You're not only worshiping a MORTAL god...

You're not only worshiping AN INFERIOR god...

You're worshiping a FALSE god...

Why? Because the ONE TRUE God did ALL OF THE ABOVE.

If your "god" CAN'T DO IT, then HE'S INFERIOR.

Which means, that he - by very definition - CANNOT be "God".

The One true God's Name is Jesus.

He is THE ONLY ONE among the alleged "deities" who CAME IN HUMAN FORM, talked, ate, slept, COULD BE SEEN and TOUCHED.

He's the only SINLESS ONE.



He's THE ONLY ONE who did SO MANY MIRACLES that one of His apostles said (figuratively speaking) that "the world could not contain the books" that it would take to recount all of them.


No other "god" has RISEN. No other "god" ever CLAIMED to rise..

ALL the other "gods" are DEAD.

Jesus is THE ONLY ONE WHO IS IMMORTAL and LIVES FOREVER (Revelation 1:18).

And Jesus is THE ONLY ONE who CAN BE SEEN.

Not just 2,000 years ago, when He walked this earth in human form, but TODAY.

JESUS IS THE ONLY ONE who left us A PICTURE in linen of His wonderful Face and perfect body, which you can see right below this message.

He did this 1,800 YEARS BEFORE conventional photography was invented.

That Image also shows HOW MUCH HE LOVES YOU and the terrible punishment HE SUFFERED to pay FOR YOUR SINS, so He could reconcile you to Himself (1 Corinthians 5:19).


NO OTHER "god" has REMOVED sin forever.



That means that THERE IS NO GOD except Jesus.

You can trust THE DEAD, who couldn't even SAVE THEMSELVES.

Or, you can TRUST the LIVING God.

You can believe in the INVISIBLE AND UNDOCUMENTED.

Or you can believe IN THE ONLY VISIBLE God, who can be seen in both natural and supernatural HUMAN form, and whose life and miracles are documented in both the Bible and by 4 secular historians.

You can believe IN LOSERS, who DON'T EXIST.

Or you can believe in Him WHOSE VERY NAME is "I AM".

You can believe A FABRICATED FANTASY that will never materialize, OR YOU CAN BELIEVE IN THE ONE WHO'LL ACTUALLY RULE THIS EARTH and whose Kingdom never ends.

You can swallow A LIE and BE LOST.

Or you can believe THE TRUTH, and BE SAVED.

It's YOUR eternal existence that's at stake.

YOU make the call. 



For ALL the SELLING of carnal speculation called "Bible prophecy" that goes on, and that now clutters cyberspace, I've yet to hear ANYONE teach about the GEOGRAPHIC REALIGNMENT that will take place during the tribulation.

It's been right there in the Book of Revelation for the past 2,000 years, yet all the self-proclaimed "experts" have missed it.

It's also been mentioned for the past 2,800 years in Isaiah chapter 24:19-20:

"The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is torn asunder, the earth is shaken exceedingly.

The earth SHALL REEL TO AND FRO LIKE A DRUNKARD, and shall be removed like a hut; and its transgression shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again".

Revelation 6:14 plainly states that, when Jesus opens the 6th seal, "EVERY MOUNTAIN AND ISLAND WERE MOVED OUT OF THEIR PLACES".

This is talking about MASSIVE geographic and topographic relocation, and takes place AT THE START OF the tribulation.

It will be a "brand new" world, where conventional maps become obsolete and which will affect, among other things, climate, travel, commerce, warfare, military strategy, and nations' vulnerabilities.

Likewise, during the reign of Antichrist, with the tribulation nearing its end and prior to the Second Coming of Christ, there will be YET ANOTHER geographical and topographical realignment when the 7th bowl judgment is poured out:

..."and there was A GREAT EARTHQUAKE, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.

And the great city was divided into three parts and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.


The largest earthquake in history will turn gentile cities into rubble and divide Jerusalem into THREE PARTS (Ir David, in the south where the temples once stood and where the third temple will stand, Mount Zion a/k/a the Jewish Quarter on the west, and the Old City on the north).

World maps will be rendered USELESS.

Australia may end up in South America; Indonesia may collide with China, and the U.K. with Canada.

The mile-high Rockies will be flattened and so will the Alps, the Andes and the Himalayas.

If you've never invited Jesus into your heart, if you've never received Him as your God and Savior, I urge you to do so now.

Not tomorrow, not next week, but RIGHT NOW.

Don't be afraid. Jesus LOVES YOU and He receives you WITH OPEN ARMS.

Come to Him, JUST as you are.

He will SAVE YOU and clean you up.

These cataclysmic events won't affect you.

And, best of all, He will give joy, meaning and purpose to your life.



We know from Daniel 8:13-14 that the Abomination of Desolation (a statue of Antichrist erected in the third temple) will stand for 1,150 days.

I know of no Scripture, however, that specifies for how long people will be subjected to that system where they have to take the Antichrist's mark (666) or its Greek symbols, or his name, in their right hands or foreheads, in order to buy or sell (Revelation 13:16-18).

However, we can deduce from certain information given, that the system will be in force FOR ABOUT THREE YEARS.

The first clue is found in Revelation 9:4-5 where we're told that the demonic creatures emerging from the abyss will be allowed to torment for 5 months those who DO NOT HAVE THE SEAL OF GOD ON THEIR FOREHEADS (i.e., EVERYONE except the Two Witnesses and 144,000 Israelites).

If the system of the mark were in place, it would be easier - and make more sense - to say that they will torment all those who HAVE RECEIVED "the mark of Antichrist".

We can infer, therefore, that for the first 5 months of the tribulation, no such system is yet in place.

The second clue is found in Revelation 13:14-17, where Judas commands people to make an image of Alexander and worship that image, under penalty of death.

We have to ASSUME, based on both the Bible and Jewish history, that that IDOL image is the Abomination of Desolation spoken by both Jesus and Daniel (Matthew 24:15; Mark 13:14; Daniel 8:13; 11:31; 12:11; 1 Maccabees 1:54).

We know from Daniel 8:13-14 that it will stand for 1,150 days which is about 3 years and 2 months.

That means it's erected ABOUT 4 MONTHS INTO the 3½ year tribulation.

We know from Revelation 13:16-18 that the system of the mark is implemented some time AFTER that.

The system CANNOT take place instantly and, doubtlessly, will take some time to fully implement in whatever portions of this world still exist.

Both these passages indicate that it will be in place for ABOUT the FINAL 3 years of the 3½-year tribulation.

The consequences for taking the mark are horrendous, terminal and irreversible:

Eternity in the lake of fire in continuous torment (Revelation 14:9-11).

That is why God, in His Great Mercy, first sends a SPECIAL ANGEL THROUGH THE SKY to preach the ETERNAL Gospel of Grace to EVERYONE on earth (Revelation 14:6-7).

He is followed by a SECOND ANGEL that announces the fall and DESTRUCTION OF Rome (Mystery Babylon).

This is to warn people TO NO LONGER seek refuge there, either spiritually or physically (Revelation 14:8).

Evidently, because Rome "rides" the beast during most of the tribulation (Revelation 17:3-5), some of God's people will seek and find TEMPORARY refuge there. They will need to "COME OUT OF her" prior to its destruction (Revelation 18:4).

He is followed by A THIRD ANGEL who warns EVERYONE - in very clear and graphic language -- of the rigorous and IRREVOCABLE consequences of taking the mark (Revelation 14:9-11).

A bit later we are told that, as a result of these angelic announcements, many will come to faith in Christ even during that calamitous period, and even under constant threat from Antichrist and his false prophet (Revelation 14:15).

Some will be beheaded for their new faith in Christ and for refusing the mark.

They will be resurrected at the START of the Millennium, and be given thrones, to rule the earth along with Jesus (Revelation 20:4)

But some of those new believers will somehow, by God's sheer Grace, survive and emerge victorious.

They are HARVESTED from the earth (Revelation 14:15-16) and there's A SPECIAL RAPTURE FOR THEM BEFORE the 7 final and most severe bowl judgments are poured out on the earth (Revelation 15:2).

I hope and pray that you will never find yourself in that predicament: FORCED TO DECIDE between TEMPORARY LIFE ON EARTH for A FEW years, or eternity in Gehenna.

If, God forbid, you're ever faced with that decision, it's FAR BETTER to lose your physical life (which is temporary anyway) -- difficult as it may be in the natural - and ENJOY ETERNITY WITH JESUS.

The "alternative" is TEMPORARY physical survival for a couple years (ONLY ‘til Armageddon) and eternity in torment.



80% of Bible prophecy has already been fulfilled in precise detail.

Only about 20% of Bible prophecy REMAINS TO BE fulfilled.

Of the remaining 20% most will be fulfilled FOR THE FIRST TIME, but SOME has had PARTIAL fulfillment in the past.

Much of the confusion and misinformation stems from the fact that many people are CLUELESS about what's been fulfilled and what hasn't.

They take prophecies that were fulfilled 2,700 years ago and try to make them "fit" the end times.

That won't work.

Conversely, they also take prophecies earmarked for the end times and claim they were TOTALLY fulfilled in the past.

This begs the questions:

1. HOW DO WE KNOW which prophecies have been TOTALLY FULFILLED, and which haven't? And,

2. HOW DO WE KNOW which prophecies that already had SOME fulfillment IN THE PAST, will also have FUTURE fulfillment?

The answer to question #1 is: mostly from the Bible, archaeology and recorded human history.

Most, if not all, OF WHAT'S ALREADY BEEN FULFILLED - ONCE AND FOR ALL - can be corroborated from ancient history.

For instance, some teach that "the war of Psalm 83" is an end-time event.

That's pure baloney.

That war took place in the early part of the 8th century, when these nations ganged up with the Assyrians, resulting in the conquest of the 10 northern tribes of Israel, and their captivity in 721 B.C.

Furthermore that Psalm mentions two groups of people WHO NO LONGER EXIST: Amalek and the Philistines.

Therefore, it CANNOT HAPPEN in our future.

Others claim that Isaiah 14:25 that mentions "the Assyrian" -- written late in the 8th century B.C. -- refers to the Antichrist.

That is TOTAL B.S.

There is NOTHING in that passage that REMOTELY mentions the Antichrist.

That prophecy had TOTAL fulfillment AFTER the Assyrians invaded the 10 northern tribes, defeated them and took them captive.

They tried to do the same with the southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin in 701 B.C. (20 years later) AND FAILED.

The angel of the Lord (Michael) destroyed their troops "on the mountains of Israel", exactly as foretold, and as recorded in Isaiah chapters 36 and 37, 2 Kings 18:13-16; 19:35-37; Isaiah 7:17-18).

There's NO INDICATION WHATSOEVER -- ANYWHERE in Scripture - of Assyrian resurgence in the time of the end.

There is NOT EVEN A NATION NAMED Assyria today.

They won't reappear as a national entity until the Millennium, LONG AFTER Antichrist has been thrown into the lake of fire (Revelation 19:20, Isaiah 19:23-25).

It's, therefore, IMPOSSIBLE for that prophecy to be related to the Antichrist.

Still others try to have Israel declare war on Iran and conquer Iran based, supposedly, on Jeremiah 49:34-39.

That is ludicrous.

For starters, what was known as Elam is exclusively the south westernmost part of modern Iran, which is LESS THAN THE 10TH PART of that nation.

That prophecy had TOTAL fulfillment in 605 B.C. when Babylonian King Nabopolassar invaded Elam and took them captive, exactly as the passage foretold.

Israel is NOWHERE MENTIONED as being the aggressor.

And there's NO INDICATION WHATSOEVER that this will happen in the time of the end.

That brings us to question #2.

We know that SOME prophecies that ALREADY HAD PARTIAL fulfillment will have COMPLETE fulfillment in the future BECAUSE THE BIBLE SPECIFICALLY SAYS THAT THEY WILL.

For instance, Joel 2:28-32 was quoted by Peter on the Day of Pentecost, 34 A.D.

It had PARTIAL fulfillment on that Day.

However, there remains A FUTURE fulfillment as well because the prophecy mentions THE DAY OF THE LORD which has not yet begun.

Other examples:

Daniel mentions the "abomination of desolation" (Daniel 8:13; 11:31; 12:11) and we know that his prophecy had PARTIAL fulfillment when Antiochus Epiphanes erected a statue of Zeus on the Second Temple's altar of sacrifice (1 Maccabees 1:54).

Yet it is crystal clear THAT THERE'S A FUTURE AND COMPLETE FULFILLMENT still to come as Jesus Himself stated in Matthew 24:15, some 200 years AFTER Antiochus did his desecration.

Daniel also prophesied that the Greek Empire would topple the Persian Empire (Daniel 8:3-7).

This, without question, had PARTIAL fulfillment when Alexander the Great conquered Persia.

But Daniel chapter 8 is also UNEQUIVOCALLY CLEAR that this prophecy was INTENDED FOR the "time of the end".

In fact, he says it not once, but THREE TIMES (Daniel 8:17, 19, 26).

Unless you want to argue that the "time of the end" happened 2,300 years ago, THAT PROPHECY had ONLY PARTIAL fulfillment in the past, but will have COMPLETE AND FINAL fulfillment IN THE FUTURE.

Therefore, WE CAN ASSUME that ALL biblical prophecy ALREADY HAD TOTAL and FINAL fulfillment UNLESS:

A. A particular prophecy HAS NEVER HAPPENED (like Isaiah chapter 17), or

B. It has happened but we have CLEAR SCRIPTURAL INDICATION THAT IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN in our future.

The SALE of supposed "biblical prophecy" is HUGE BUSINESS.

It has made many prophecy traffickers VERY WEALTHY, WHO KNOW NOTHING about true Bible prophecy.

Those who take some FULLY REALIZED prophecy, and insist on "reviving it" for the future -- ARE TAKING SCRIPTURE TOTALLY OUT OF CONTEXT and JUST LOOKING FOR something to SELL YOU in their next WORTHLESS book. 



Did you know that we now have the technology to track the activities, lack thereof, and precise location OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL AND OBJECT on earth?

The IoT (Internet of Things) is already in the works and has the capability to detect the location and actions of any object, animal, plant or person.

Every major company from Microsoft to Cisco Systems is working, and has been working for decades, on developing and implementing IoT.

I am NOT, by far, a "conspiracy theorist".

However, "smart phone" technology has evolved to where, eventually, EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING would have a "smart" device attached or implanted, with the ability TO SEND AND RECEIVE INFO TO AND FROM a CONTROL CENTER via internet.

You'd have a control center at home, that you could access from the office, smart phone, or even from your car, where you could program the sprinkler, the lights, the oven, the microwave, alarm, washer, dryer, TV, you name it.

Parents would know where and with whom their kids are, at all times.

The medical profession could keep track, via the internet and bio-chip transponders, of heart monitoring devices, or when children and farm animals need to be vaccinated.

GOVERNMENT(S) would also have CONTROL CENTER(S) that would tell them where you were that day, at what time you got home, where your pet is, what color pen you're using, what music you hear, what channels you watch, how much time you spend "on line", and WHAT YOU'RE DOING IN YOUR OWN BED.


Privacy, it seems, is destined to become "a thing of the past".

Before you panic, I said we have the technology. The system is NOT YET in place.

Although, if you bought a new washer or dryer in the past 6 months, chances are it came with a smart chip that tells the manufacturer and retailer when and where you bought it, how much you paid, when the warranty expires, when it needs service, and how often you do your laundry.

Needless to say that IoT would generate ENORMOUS amounts of individual data from diverse locations at a very high-velocity:

Such data would then need to be processed , indexed and MONITORED appropriately (or, some might argue, INAPPROPRIATELY).

This, of course, can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it would make strategic intelligence potentially accessible to nearly everyone, including terrorists.

On the other hand, 
if terrorists, or would-be terrorists, would have one of these gadgets implanted, their precise whereabouts would be known at all times, their activities monitored, and THEY COULD BE FULLY contained.

Same would hold true 

As I researched this, Daniel 8:25 came to mind: (speaking of the Antichrist) 
"THROUGH SECURITY he will destroy many".

Because we are SO CLOSE to the tribulation, because its duration is only 3½ years, and because large chunks of this earth will be destroyed or severely damaged, it's VERY UNLIKELY that the system will ever be FULLY implemented.

But it probably will be -- at least WITH REGARDS TO INDIVIDUALS -- in that part of the world that, according to the Bible, will take center stage during that time, namely, the area around the Mediterranean basin.

The rest of the world will be largely devastated, as foretold in Revelation chapters 8 and 9. But the Mediterranean and surroundings will be mostly unscathed.

When we read in Revelation 11:9-11 that "PEOPLE, TRIBES, TONGUES AND NATIONS" WILL SEE the Two Witnesses' dead bodies, lying on Damascus Square in Jerusalem, and won't allow them to be buried...

And that those same people will be TERRIFIED 3½ days later when THEY ALSO SEE THEM RESURRECTED and ASCENDING PHYSICALLY TO HEAVEN - it may SOUND "weird" and "fantastic", and would have been UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE 100 or even 30, or 20 years ago - but IT'S TOTALLY POSSIBLE in this day and age.


If YOUR CAR comes with a smart chip that tells you AUDIBLY when to fill up the tank, turn off the lights, change the oil, or how to reach your destination, SO CAN A STATUE.

The false prophet may be given the power to do this SUPERNATURALLY. But the point is -- for those who DO NOT BELIEVE IN the supernatural -- THAT WE NOW HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY to do it.

Same goes for the "mark of the beast" that will enable individuals who have it to buy or sell, while "disabling" those who refuse it.

It's amazing that the Book of Revelation foretold these things 2,000 years ago, when NO ONE EVEN KNEW, imagined --OR REMOTELY UNDERSTOOD-- ANYTHING about cars, computers, or "smart" technology (Revelation 13:15-18).

Just part of the apocalyptic time in which we live. 



Are we the generation that will experience the Rapture and Second Coming of Jesus?

We've been expecting Him for some time...

One unique characteristic of the Book of Revelation is that every generation has thought it applied to them.

Around the first millennium A.D. there was widespread expectation that Jesus would return.

Paul and John thought He would return in the first century.

How, then, can we be sure that WE ARE the generation that will witness most of its predictions? How can we be sure we are living at "the time of the end" which our Lord so eloquently described?

There are MANY reasons. They include:

1. There's a long, sustained tradition in both Judaism and Christianity that Jesus would return in the 6th Millennium after Creation. We're it.

This tradition is not without biblical basis, since the Lord re-created the earth in SIX days and 2 Peter 3:8 tells us with the Lord "a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day".

He also RESTED on the 7th day, which would correspond to the 7th Millennium, which will be that 1,000-year period of REST, restoration and world peace when Jesus will establish His Millennial Kingdom on earth.

2. It would be downright IMPOSSIBLE for some of the prophecies in Revelation, the Gospels, Zechariah and Daniel to be fulfilled UNLESS Israel had been reborn as a national entity, and UNLESS Jews controlled biblical Jerusalem. Such things didn't exist for nearly 2,000 years, and didn't materialize ‘til 1948 and 1967, respectively.

3. Luke 21:24-36 unquestionably tells us that the generation when Jerusalem is no longer trampled by gentiles "will NOT pass away" without Jesus coming in the clouds "with power and great glory".

Jerusalem was trampled, NON-STOP, by gentiles for 2,030 years. It hasn't been trampled since June 7, 1967.

Without a question, we ARE that generation.

4. Daniel 9:25 says there must be 7-weeks (7 sevens) FROM the word to return and build Old Testament Jerusalem to Messiah Prince. That period began in 1967-68.

5. One of the conditions for our "gathering together unto Him", as per 2 Thessalonians 2:3 is the unveiling (revelation) of the Antichrist. That has happened. We can now PROVE his identity, undisputedly, with the Bible.

6. Daniel prophesied that at the time of the end "many would go to and fro and knowledge would be increased" (Daniel 12:4). What better description of cyberspace could there be? (Keep in mind that was written 2,500 years ago).

Computer technology makes it possible for us to go "to and fro" throughout the world, and gather enormous knowledge, at the click of a mouse.

7. The Book of Daniel also states that its prophecies WOULD REMAIN SEALED (not understood) UNTIL "the time of the end" (Daniel 12:4,7).

The fact we understand most of them today is PROOF POSITIVE that Daniel's Book is no longer sealed and, therefore, that prophesied "time of the end" is here.

We cannot limit the Word of God. There are certain aspects of it which apply to EVERY generation.

However, Daniel, Revelation and other apocalyptic writings were addressed IN PARTICULAR to ONE generation, and that's us.

There's never been a generation that saw millions of people suddenly and simultaneously vanish, a resurrected Antichrist emerge from the bottomless pit, or people receiving a mark in their hands or foreheads in order to buy or sell, the Euphrates drying up, the death of ONE THIRD of mankind, the sea and all the water turn to blood, major cities in the world turning into rubble, or the Anti-Christ massing armies at Armageddon trying to PREVENT the return of the Christ.

That privilege or misfortune (depending on where we stand spiritually) has been reserved for THIS generation:

Those who know Jesus will experience an indescribably bright and glorious destiny.

Those who don't will experience the worst period IN ALL OF human history.

Which will it be for you?



Apparently, some people think that our lives are as shallow as theirs.

That we sit here DOING NOTHING, just waiting to cater to their whims:

"What Christian music do you recommend?"

Boy, did they ask THE WRONG PERSON about that!


Contemporary "Christian" music is nothing but ARTIFICIAL RELIGIOUS FILLER, a boredom-soothing SUBSTITUTE FOR INTIMACY WITH Christ.

It ROBS believers of TIME they should be SPENDING WITH Jesus.

It's trivial, SUPERFICIAL and HINDERS a DEEP, RICH, EXCITING personal relationship with the One and only God and Savior.

The ONLY "Christian" music that I recommend is THE ONE FOUND IN THE BIBLE: the one that DRAWS US INWARD, that invites intimacy with the Almighty, that is 100% Holy Spirit inspired, the one that JESUS and His disciples heard and sang: namely, the PSALMS (Psalm 47:6; 68:32; Mark 14:26; Colossians 3:16; Ephesians 5:19; James 5:13).

The servant is not greater than his master (Matthew 10:24; John 13:16):


"Could you refer me to OTHER websites that teach sound Christian doctrine?"


I know A FEW websites that (at least, thank God) preach the Gospel of Grace, but WHY would I send you there IF YOU'RE ALREADY SAVED?

If I were to refer anyone it would be AN UNSAVED person.

Newsflash: the saved DO NOT NEED to hear the Gospel FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME.

It's the UNSAVED that need to hear it FOR THE FIRST TIME (Mark 2:17).

You don't need to go ANYWHERE ELSE.

There are 9 pages (10, if you count the Jewish Page) FILLED with SOUND, SOLID, BIBLICAL doctrine RIGHT HERE.

This site is designed to make you a strong Christian, who knows WHAT you believe and WHY you believe it, and capable of withstanding any challenge or criticism.

If you SOUGHT JESUS WITH ALL YOUR HEART, developed a day-to-day, moment-to-moment relationship with Him, studied and meditated the Bible -- particularly the New Testament -- and the material on this website, you wouldn't need anything else.

It's not about HOW MUCH "Christian" material you can access.

It's not about HOW MANY "Christian" websites you visit, or HOW MANY "Christian" videos you "discover".

Where spiritual instruction is concerned, QUALITY is far better than QUANTITY.

If you are born-again what you need is to become ESTABLISHED in the faith: firmly rooted and grounded on EVERYTHING that Christ and His Apostles taught.

You don't need INFANT food, you need SOLID spiritual nourishment SO YOU CAN GROW.

So that you are strong enough to withstand ANY storm.

So that, instead of ALWAYS LOOKING TO "GET", YOU can begin TO GIVE.

Let me say that again:

AFTER we're born again, we need to GROW SPIRITUALLY to the point that WE CAN FREELY GIVE OTHERS what we have freely received: The Gospel and the tenets of the Christian faith (Matthew 10:8).

While not everyone is called into full-time ministry, and while your salvation (thank God!) does not depend on it, God EXPECTS ALL OF US - after a while - to reproduce spiritually AND BRING OTHERS into His Kingdom, the same way that someone brought you in.

If you were ENJOYING JESUS, searching His Word, helping others, sharing Christ, and winning souls, YOU WOULDN'T BE BORED and WOULDN'T BE SEEKING hollow "Christian" entertainment.

You wouldn't be roaming the web in search of the latest "Christian" fad, some tingly "new" doctrine, or heretical YouTube video.

You COULD HARDLY WAIT to get up each morning and SERVE others by sharing Christ and meeting THEIR NEEDS.

Dear Lord, we don't need YET ANOTHER insipid "church program" or "youth ministry" giving our children and teens A POOR MAN'S IMITATION of WHAT THE WORLD does!


We need to ESTABLISH THEM in the faith so they are fully persuaded, passionately and DEEPLY ROOTED, instead of superficially conforming.

We need TO HELP people with their REAL, ACTUAL needs, NOT INVENT some "need" that they don't have.

The Early Church DIDN'T HAVE "youth ministries".

The Early Church DIDN'T HAVE "building programs", "singles programs", "visiting programs", or ANY OTHER "programs".

They had THE FAITH, they had THE Spirit and they had THE MESSAGE.

THAT IS HOW they multiplied as rapidly as they did.

THAT IS HOW they brought souls into the Kingdom.

THAT IS HOW believers in the first three centuries were SO STRONG that they were willing TO DIE FOR JESUS.

They had NONE of the conveniences, comforts and gadgetry we have today.





Your body is NOT your temple.

Repeat: Your body is NOT your temple.

That body DOES NOT BELONG TO you.

You only THINK it belongs to you.

Actually, YOUR BODY BELONGS TO Jesus (1 Corinthians 6:13-17).

If you're born-again, that Body is His Temple (1 Corinthians 6:19).



Didn't He say He'd be with us ALWAYS? (Matthew 28:20)

Didn't He promise NEVER to leave us? (Hebrews 13:5)

He is ALWAYS true to His Word.

There's a FULLY FORMED Jesus inside your body.

The reason He's (at the moment) invisible is because He's not a physical body but A TANGIBLE Body made of Spirit Substance.

Physical bodies can be destroyed and are subject to decay.

Spirit Substance is indestructible, incorruptible, and immortal.

Spirit Substance is THE REAL you.

You were bought with a price... Not with perishable things like gold or silver, but with the IMPERISHABLE, Divine, SINLESS, and MOST PRECIOUS Blood of Messiah Jesus (1 Peter 1:18-19).

Your body is A TEMPLE OF Divine Love (God).

It is THE RESIDENCE of the most powerful force, and most omnipotent Being ANYWHERE.

Instead of asking yourself WHAT YOU WANT, how about asking Jesus WHAT HE WANTS?

How about ALLOWING HIM to do AS HE WANTS with His (your) body?

How about letting Him perform HIS WILL?

"You" need to step aside, and allow THE INNER JESUS to POSSESS the body that's been His ALL ALONG.

Habakkuk 2:20:

"THE LORD IS IN HIS HOLY TEMPLE: let all the earth be silent before Him." 



For all the FALSE prophecy being SOLD, and all the UNBIBLICAL religious trafficking that characterizes this deceived, entertainment-seeking generation, I've yet to hear ANYONE address the three ominous "woes" given in Revelation 8:13:

"And I saw and heard an eagle flying through mid-heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, TO THE INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH because of the trumpet blasts about to be sounded BY THE OTHER THREE ANGELS!"

This is stated right after the first 4 trumpets have been blown.

The three woes, therefore, are what takes place under the 5th, 6th and 7th trumpets.

The three woes are very important as they comprise the lion's share of the 3½-year tribulation.

The first woe lasts 5 months, THE SECOND WOE is the longest, lasting approximately 1,115 days (little over 3 years), and the third is the shortest YET MOST SEVERE, lasting about 5 days.

I can certainly understand why Jesus said in Matthew 24:22 that unless daylight had been shortened (just PRIOR TO these woes, Revelation 8:12) NO FLESH WOULD SURVIVE.

The woes consist of UNPRECEDENTED JUDGMENTS that will fall on unrepentant humankind.

The first woe brings millions of demonic creatures out of the Abyss, STINGING LIKE SCORPIONS (Revelation 9:12).

Their mission is to torment unsaved people here on earth FOR 5 MONTHS (Revelation 9:5, 10).

Will they really look as John describes them?


Is this LITERALLY going to happen?

I've NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that it will.

Demons do exist. As fantastic as it may sound, A LOT of what happens during the tribulation will be SUPERNATURAL and thus WAY OUT OF the ordinary.

That's why we say it truly is UNPRECEDENTED.

The second woe takes us from the end of those 5 months (when the creatures, presumably, go back into the abyss), all the way through the reign of Antichrist, the abomination of desolation, the mark of the beast, the special Rapture of new believers who come to faith in Christ during the tribulation, and the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of the Two Witnesses (Revelation 11:7-14).

The third and final woe covers the final 5 days of the tribulation, during which the FINAL 7 and MOST SEVERE (bowl) judgments take place. They include:

1. Antichrist worshipers being covered with painful blisters and sores (Revelation 16:2).

2. The entire sea turning into coagulated blood, causing the death of ALL marine life (Revelation 16:2-3).

3. All water everywhere turning to blood, with no water to drink (Revelation 16:4-6).

4. The worst sunburn in human history scorching unrepentant humans (Revelation 16:8-9).

5. The kingdom of Antichrist (presumably the whole world) STEEPED IN DARKNESS with no sunlight (Revelation 16:10).

6. People will gnaw their tongues in agony and curse God.

7. The greatest quake ever that will turn every world capital and major city into rubble, split Jerusalem in three, flatten mountains and rearrange geography once again (Revelation 16:18-20).

8. The obliteration of Rome (the Great Whore, a/k/a Mystery Babylon (Revelation 16:19, 17:18, chapters 17 and 18; 19:1-4).

9. A huge hailstorm pelting people with massive chunks of hail each weighing about 100 pounds (Revelation 16:21).

10. Armageddon (Revelation 16:16).

11. The annihilation of Antichrist's armies (Revelation 19:19-21).

12. The Second Coming of Jesus the Messiah (Revelation 19:11-16).

13. Antichrist and his false prophet tossed alive into the lake of fire, along with everyone who took his mark (Revelation 19:20).

The 7th trumpet will signal THE END of the woes, THE END of the tribulation, and the establishment of Christ's Kingdom on earth (Revelation 10:7; 11:15).

If you're born-again, these woes will take place AFTER the Church has been removed from earth and is safely in heaven (Revelation 7:9).

If you're not, you'll either BECOME born again, or YOU'LL WISH YOU HAD.



We can now state UNEQUIVOCALLY that the Rapture CANNOT happen on so-called Rosh Hashanah (Tishri 1, whose correct name is Yom Teruah).

How do we know?

Because, as per the "70 weeks prophecy" in Daniel 9:24-27 Messiah MUST return at the end of a shemitta cycle.

And we now know UNEQUIVOCALLY --from Scripture (Deuteronomy 31:10) -- that shemitta cycles run from Sukkot to Sukkot.

Hence, His Second Coming MUST take place on Sukkot.

We've known for quite some time, from different Scriptures, that His Second Coming HAS TO happen on a MAJOR Feast or moed (Daniel 8:19; 11:27; 11:35).

We know NOW - beyond ANY doubt - that that Feast is Tabernacles or Sukkot.

There's NO WAY of getting 3½ years - which is the SCRIPTURAL duration of the tribulation - from Yom Teruah (incorrectly called Rosh Hashanah) to Sukkot (Daniel 7:25; 12:7; Revelation 13:5).

NOT happening!

Another detail that I've learned in the past year is that the SIX TRUMPET JUDGMENTS mentioned in Revelation chapters 8-9 take place during A 5-DAY PERIOD.

Years ago, when I still believed in a 7-year tribulation, I used to think that these judgments would take, AT A MINIMUM, 5-8 months.

I've always known and taught that they take place at THE BEGINNING OF the tribulation.

That hasn't changed. However, I see clearly now that they happen in a matter of DAYS, NOT months.

Therefore, they will happen SO QUICKLY that people on earth WON'T KNOW WHAT HIT THEM...

Talk about "shock and awe"...

They won't know what hit ‘em UNTIL they have to face the GRIM reality of a DEVASTATED and LARGELY DEPOPULATED planet earth.

It will be NOTHING LIKE the world we know and see today.

Riddled with disease, scarcity of water and food, CONTAMINATED water, and one third of normal daylight darkened...

Where ONE THIRD of the earth's surface (and everyone on it) is INSTANTLY INCINERATED, and ONE THIRD of the remaining population is killed.

We're talking close to 2 billion people.

It's humanly unimaginable.

While one of those judgments, under trumpet #5 lasts 5 MONTHS, it BEGINS within those 5 days (Revelation 9:5, 10).

The 7th trumpet, of course, signals THE END OF the tribulation, the return of Christ, and the establishment of God's Kingdom on earth.

What led me to this conclusion are THREE BIBLICAL facts:

1) Antichrist must return FROM THE ABYSS on a moed (Daniel 11:29), then rule for 42 Hebrew months (Revelation 13:5).

2. He CAN'T RETURN UNTIL the abyss (bottomless pit) is opened (Revelation 17:8). And,

3. Satan is cast out of heaven under Trumpet #5 (Revelation (9:1).

THEN HE OPENS THE ABYSS (Revelation 9:2-11), THEN demons come out of the pit, and THEN he brings Antichrist out of the pit to reign on earth (Revelation 11:7; 13:1,5) for 42 months.

I still have those 4 prophetic messages that will tie EVERYTHING together.

All this will be spelled out in detail, Lord willing, when we publish the Final Timeline of end-time events.



"And truly Jesus DID MANY OTHER SIGNS in the presence of His disciples, which ARE NOT WRITTEN in this book"... (John 20:30)

Here's the verse that is regularly used to "justify" TRADITIONS OF MEN and unbiblical heresies:

"See that? Not everything Jesus TAUGHT is in the Bible.

Some things He said were passed down through ORAL TRADITION".

Excuse me, do you see the word "tradition" ANYWHERE in that verse?


How about the words "Jesus TAUGHT"?

Can't find them either?

How about "Jesus SAID"?

Mmm huh...


You DON'T KNOW ANYTHING about the Bible, Jesus, or true Christian doctrine.

That verse DOES NOT SAY that Jesus TAUGHT or SAID many other things.

It says, clear as daylight, that He DID (performed) MANY OTHER SIGNS.

Signs are NOT doctrine.

Repeat: SIGNS are NOT doctrine.

The word for "signs" is semeia which means A MIRACULOUS sign or a "miracle".

Consequently, John 20:30 could be EVEN MORE CORRECTLY translated as:

"And truly Jesus did MANY OTHER MIRACLES in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book"...

NOWHERE in that verse does it say that Jesus TAUGHT DOCTRINE that was not written in the Gospel of John.

Again: NOWHERE does this verse indicate that Jesus taught OTHER DOCTRINE that was NOT INCLUDED IN Scripture.

So much for that lame argument.

What John was saying - which he REPEATS in the next chapter - is that if ALL the MIRACLES Jesus performed were written, "the world", figuratively speaking, "could not contain all the books" (John 21:25).

In both passages he speaks of WHAT JESUS DID (performed). NOT about what He TAUGHT.

Period. End of story.

If religious tradition DOES NOT CONTRADICT Scripture IN ANY WAY, we MAY at least CONSIDER IT as something NOT SURE, but plausible.

If religious tradition CONTRADICTS the written Word - in ANY way, shape or form - IT IS TO BE RESOLUTELY and ADAMANTLY REJECTED.

Jesus CANNOT say something in His written Word, and then PASS DOWN A TRADITION that CONTRADICTS what His HOLY Spirit INSPIRED.


If He CONTRADICTED Himself, that would mean that, at some point - perish the very idea - HE LIED.

Traditions that CONTRADICT Jesus and His written Word are, therefore, LIES INVENTED by SINFUL, SELF-SERVING MORTALS:

"Thus YOU NULLIFY the Word of God BY YOUR TRADITION that you have handed down. And you do many things like that." (Mark 7:13).

"You hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, saying,

These people draw near unto me with their mouth, and HONOR ME WITH THEIR LIPS; but THEIR HEART IS FAR FROM ME.


If your religion - regardless of name - teaches "traditions" that CONTRADICT GOD, IT IS LYING:




For the past four or 5 years I've been telling you that, despite all the crappy books written, DVD's sold, deceptive marketing and sensationalism:

A. The four 2014-2015 lunar eclipses are JUST THAT: NATURAL lunar eclipses and NOT "blood moons".

B. That they may have ominous significance for Israel, but THEY DO NOT signal the Rapture. And,

C. That they are NOT what is described in either Revelation 6:12 or Joel 2:31.

Two of the eclipses are now behind us.

And I'll go on record today THAT THE TWO REMAINING LUNAR ECLIPSES (to take place later this year) DO NOT signal the Rapture, and have nothing to do with the Rapture, though they definitely indicate a grim period for Israel.

However, THERE WILL BE A TRUE "BLOOD MOON", nonetheless.

And it's NOT one of the two remaining lunar eclipses.

So, I wouldn't pin my hopes on the 4, or even the two, remaining lunar eclipses.

Nor would I be watching out for them if you're born-again.

Watch for the "FIFTH" moon.

The REAL "blood moon" (JUST ONE, never before seen at least in the past 1,900 years) WILL signal that the Rapture is ABOUT to happen...

...10 days later.



For the past decade, I've been telling anyone who'll listen that "Christian" book selling is HUGE business.

And that you will NEVER get the Truth - about prophecy or anything else - from book sellers, WHO ARE ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONEY.

WHY would they tell you THE TRUTH?



I also remember a couple of know-it-alls who said we should take down the Image of Jesus, from the Shroud of Turin, and replace it with "what He really looks like" based on the description of a little boy that, supposedly, went to heaven and came back.

Needless to say that "little boy" and his parents SOLD MILLIONS of books, which I always took with a HUGE grain of salt, since they're probably worthless.

In case you missed it, one of those "going to heaven" books, just got recalled by the publisher.

Not because they're so honest, mind you: But because they had NO CHOICE.

The boy on whose alleged "experience" the book was based, decided to come clean and tell the truth:

He HAD NOT died, gone to heaven and come back, after all.

Alex Malarkey, was only six years old when the book "Boy Who Came Back From Heaven" was published.

The book claimed that he had died and briefly visited heaven, and went into quite a bit of detail about his alleged heavenly experience, during which he claimed to have met both Jesus and Satan.

Young Alex who is now 16 years old, and still paralyzed from his accident, HAS ADMITTED HE MADE THE WHOLE THING UP.

The book, written by Alex and his father Kevin, describes what Alex said he experienced after a 2004 car accident left him quadriplegic and in a coma for six months.

But now in an open letter published on the website Pulpit & Pen, Alex admits the heaven portion of the story was fabricated.

He wrote, "I did not die. I did not go to heaven. I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me attention."

Alex says he made the claims prior to reading the Bible, and that HE "DOESN'T WANT TO CONTINUE PROFITING FROM LIES LIKE SO MANY OTHERS".

Did you get that?

The "Christian" boy who made such fabulous claims about heaven that dumb Christians swallowed hook, line, and sinker...HAD NOT EVEN READ THE BIBLE!!!

Evidently, neither had his father. Or, if he did, it must have gone in one eye and out the other.

His father, Kevin, has yet to comment on his son's announcement, but his mother, Beth, blogged a few months ago that she was troubled by the book.

According to the Washington Post the publisher, Tyndale House, announced they will immediately stop selling the book.

While this particular book will be taken off shelves, other similar books continue to sell. Books like "Proof of Heaven", "90 Minutes In Heaven" and "Heaven Is For Real" are bestselling Christian books.

I will say in Alex's defense that he was just a little kid (only 6) at the time.  He was doubtlessly manipulated by one or more greedy parents.

I give him A LOT OF CREDIT for having the courage and moral conviction to tell the truth 10 years later.

But I've nothing good to say about his unscrupulous father.

He KNEW what he was doing, and he KNEW it was all a big, fat lie.

I'm not sure which is more revolting:

Fabricating a story about Jesus and heaven WHICH YOU KNOW IS NOT TRUE, or using your own child's life-altering misfortune for personal profit.

At the very least Alex Malarkey's story about "going to heaven" was just that... a bunch of malarkey.

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