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Everyone is seeking THE day when the Rapture will happen.

Are we talking about A SINGLE day, or SEVERAL days?

If by "Rapture" you mean STRICTLY the INSTANT TRANSFORMATION of born-again believers from mortal to immortal, that will usher us into the heavenly realm, then YES, THAT will definitely happen on A SPECIFIC DAY (1 Corinthians 15:50-55).

However, there's a Rapture PROCESS that will take DAYS and that NO ONE talks about:

1. According to 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17 the DEAD in Christ will rise FIRST,BEFORE any transformation takes place in us.

We don't know HOW LONG their "rising" is going to take.

If we go by biblical precedent (Matthew 27:51-53) where something similar occurred at the Crucifixion-Resurrection of Christ, back then it took AT LEAST 4 DAYS.

2. The Bible is clear that 2,000 years ago the RISEN DEAD APPEARED TO MANY in Jerusalem.

If the dead RISE FIRST, it means that WE WILL SEE THEM (at least some of us)BEFORE being translated, just like many saw them in the first century after Jesus rose from the dead.

Therefore, DON'T BE SURPRISED if a loved one who physically died in the faith suddenly becomes visible.

I've talked about this twice before, but I want to prepare everyone.

This is NO JOKE, it's no sci-fi movie script, and it's NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF.

These aren't ghosts or zombies but FELLOW BELIEVERS, BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST, HOLY PEOPLE (SAINTS), joyful, beautiful, glorified, and very much ALIVE, who are raised from the dead by Christ.

And when THAT happens, it's A SURE THING that our transformation (Rapture) IS NEXT.

Seeing them should cause us to REJOICE, NOT fear: And to praise God for His faithfulness.

3. THEN WE are transformed...

4. THEN God's angels gather ALL OF US TOGETHER (no telling how long THAT "gathering" will take, since we're talking about an "innumerable multitude", Revelation 7:9)...

5. Then WE ALL GO UP TOGETHER (the risen dead plus born-again believers who remain alive until the appearing of Christ), to meet the Lord in the air:

Somewhere during this period the 144,000 Israelites are also sealed on their foreheads (Revelation 7:1-8).

They remain on earth A LITTLE LONGER than the Church (Revelation 14:1-5).

How long will the WHOLE Rapture PROCESS TAKE?

According to Revelation 2:10, 10 DAYS! 

That's why Luke 21:28 tells us "when THESE THINGS BEGIN to happen, then LOOK UP, and lift up your heads, because YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR".

The very fact it says "BEGIN to happen" indicates that IT DOESN'T HAPPEN ALL AT ONCE. 

If the signs in the heaven indicated INSTANT redemption, IT WOULDN'T SAY to "look up" or "your redemption DRAWS NEAR", it would say "YOUR REDEMPTION HAS ARRIVED".


The REALLY BAD STUFF (trumpet judgments) DOES NOT begin UNTIL AFTER the Church is safely in heaven (Revelation 8:1-3).

That much is CRYSTAL CLEAR.

However, as I told you last September, BE READY "just in case".

Don't be afraid.

Don't stockpile.

But DO have on hand some water and non-perishable food to last for at least a week.

Flashlights, batteries, matches, portable gas stove, etc. and DON'T FORGET YOUR PETS. Have some extra food & water for THEM.

Prepare as you would if you were going camping for a week or so.

Prepare and BE READY by this coming (Super Bowl) Sunday.

If it turns out you don't need it, no harm done.

Jesus gave this information to the Apostle John SO WE WOULD USE IT.

During those 10 days Jesus will protect us. And He WILL make us immortal.

But the Church COMES OUT OF the great tribulation (Revelation 7:14).

That means the Church gets TO SEE THE VERY BEGINNING OF the tribulation (Luke 21:25-28).

There's NO WAY of getting around THAT.

NONE OF THE JUDGMENTS fall while the Church is still on the earth.

However, IT WON'T BE "business as usual" during those 10 days.

According to Revelation 6:12-16, and other passages:

There will be TREMENDOUS ATMOSPHERIC changes which, in all likelihood, will DISRUPT governments, utilities, and communication systems (TV, internet, radio, cell phones, etc.)

There will be TREMENDOUS geographical and topographical changes as well.

Will there be clean water to drink?

Will food be available?

Will supermarkets open?

(Food markets, convenience stores, drug stores, etc. will probably be LOOTED).

Will there be electricity?

Will there be ANY SUNLIGHT and, consequently, ANY light, during those 10 days?

Will you be able to use your smart phone?

Will you be able TO DRIVE?

Draw money from the bank?

The answer to all of these is: Probably NOT.

This is something that WEIGHS HEAVILY on my spirit because the prophecy establishment, the self-proclaimed "experts", HAVE NOT PREPARED THE SHEEP for what's about to happen.

For over a century they've SOLD US the UNBIBLICAL THEORY that NO SIGNS precede the Rapture and that "one of these days", when God has nothing better to do, He'll JUST ZAP US OUT OF HERE before we can even blink, and then tribulation starts.

That is NOT what God's Word teaches.

The tribulation STARTS, the dead in Christ begin to rise, then SOME DAYS AFTER, we're ZAPPED.

We won't see MUCH tribulation, and NONE OF the judgments (praise Jesus eternally), but WE WILL BE ON EARTH FOR THE FIRST 10 DAYS THEREOF (Revelation 2:10).

These things are now UPON US.

If you haven't received Jesus into your innermost being as God and Savior, the time to do so is RIGHT NOW.

Don't wait ‘til the last minute.

Remember the parable of the virgins in Matthew 25:1-12.




The Second Coming of Christ happens on a moed or major Hebrew Feast.

The Rapture, however, is a different story.

There is NO BIBLICAL REQUIREMENT for the Rapture to happen on a MAJOR Hebrew Feast.

First of all, there's Jesus statement to His own disciples in Matthew 24:44 that He would come when they "think not".

If He appeared on a Feast, wouldn't most believers be EXPECTING IT?

One feature of the Hebrew calendar that has always fascinated me is its beautiful symmetry.

Each year according to God -- not some custom acquired in Babylonian captivity -- begins on Aviv (Nisan) 1 (Exodus 12:2).

Aviv 15 is Passover. There are 3½ years (which is the duration of the tribulation) from either Passover to the fall feasts, or from the fall feasts to Passover.

For someone studying biblical prophecy this poses a MAJOR challenge. We know "the end" of the tribulation takes place on one of the MAJOR Feasts (moedim), but WHICH ONE?

For years, this has driven me absolutely nuts.

There are elements of ultimate redemption DEPICTED in ALL the major Feasts.

Sometimes it would seem like it HAD TO happen in the fall.

Other times, it seemed like it HAD TO happen in the spring.

God did tell Daniel these things would remain "sealed" UNTIL "the time of the end" (Daniel 12:4, 9).

And that, when the "time of the end" came, THEN JESUS HIMSELF WOULD UNSEAL THEM: That's exactly what He does in Revelation chapters 6, 7 and 8:1-2:

Glory to Him forever! He has kept His Word.

The Holy Spirit recently revealed one MAJOR piece of information which helps us determine WHAT HAPPENS ON WHICH FEAST:

Daniel 11:29 tells us that the Antichrist returns and "comes to the south" (meaning Israel) ON A MOED, or MAJOR Hebrew Feast.

Well, so what? What's SO TELLING about THAT?

Won't everyone on earth know it, when it happens?


And WHY SHOULD I CARE, anyway? I'm Christian, and I won't even BE HERE...


You won't be here when Antichrist marches into Israel which means YOU MUST HAVE GONE TO HEAVEN BEFORE he heads south.

The Rapture happens at THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE TRIBULATION with a mega quake, the sun turning black, the moon red, etc. (Matthew 24:29; Revelation 6:12).

The Antichrist CAN'T EVEN APPEAR UNTIL the Body of Christ has been raptured and "taken out of the way" (2 Thessalonians 2:3, 6-8).

The Antichrist gets to reign and occupy Jerusalem for 42 Hebrew months (Revelation 11:2; 13:5).

And Jesus' Second Coming MUST happen on a moed, or major Hebrew Feast (Daniel 8:19; 11:27, 35).

If Antichrist goes to Israel on a MAJOR Feast, then occupies Jerusalem for 42 MONTHS, then Jesus returns, ON ANOTHER MAJOR Feast, that ENDS the tribulation...

There MUST BE a 42-month period BETWEEN the Feast when Alex comes against Israel and the Feast when Christ returns, defeats him, and ends the tribulation and his evil reign.

I can now state, categorically, based on Scripture, that the Feast when Antichrist comes against Israel is Passover.

42 months from Passover would end on Elul 15 which is 15 days PRIOR to Yom Teruah.

This makes perfect sense.

It will take Alex about 5-15 days to conquer Israel. Then Antichrist rules exactly 42 months, as Scripture requires, until Yom Teruah, when Jesus returns.

The tribulation officially ends 10 days later on Yom Kippur, when Jesus judges the surviving gentiles, based on their treatment of Israelites during that harrowing time, and their fate is sealed (Matthew 25:31-46; Joel 3:12).

If we turn it around the other way (from Yom Teruah to Passover) it's 43½ months, and from Sukkot to Passover, 43 months.

Here's the problem:

If Antichrist can't even APPEAR until we're gone and the Rapture happened on Yom Teruah (as most Messianic Jews and Christians think it will), and since he MUST come against Israel on a MAJOR FEAST, that would give him 15 DAYS TOPS to reappear, reintroduce himself, gain worldwide support, put together an international coalition and army, begin ruling the rest of the world, and come against Israel on Sukkot.

Not to mention that the 6 trumpet judgments mentioned in Revelation chapters 8 and 9 MUST ALSO TAKE PLACE in that 15-day interval.

Not to mention that Daniel 11:40-41 indicates that BEFORE going against Israel he sweeps through Egypt (king of the south) and Turkey-Syria (king of the north), and perhaps OTHER countries as well.

As much as Alex is known for his legendary SWIFTNESS (hence he is depicted as "a leopard" in both Daniel 7:6 and Revelation 13:2), that would be TOO MUCH TOO SOON, even for him.

Besides, even if he MIRACULOUSLY MANAGED to pull it all off in just 15 days, then Jesus wouldn't come until Passover 3½ years later, which means Antichrist would rule 43 months, NOT THE 42 required by Scripture (Revelation 13:5).

Unless you want to argue that he does ALL OF THE ABOVE in ONLY 15 DAYS, then it takes him A WHOLE MONTH OR LONGER (30-45 days) to conquer Israel. It simply doesn't make sense.

So his assault against Israel MUST happen on Passover.

That makes A LOT of sense, because if Jesus FULFILLED the spring Feasts (Passover to Shavuot) in His FIRST Coming, it stands to reason that He will fulfill the fall Feasts (Yom Teruah to Sukkot) in His SECOND Coming.

It makes EVEN MORE SENSE because Passover is THE FEAST on which Jesus' 3½ year PUBLIC ministry ended, with His PUBLIC Crucifixion (John 18:39).

He died "in the middle of" the 70th week, just as Daniel 9:27 predicted.

Since Antichrist is allotted the FINAL 3½ years that COMPLETE the 70th week, it makes perfect sense that he should pick up PRECISELY where Jesus left off.

Since Alex can't even appear until we're gone, if he's already here on Passover, THE CHURCH MUST HAVE BEEN RAPTURED PRIOR TO PASSOVER. 

There are NO MAJOR Feasts (moedim) PRIOR TO Passover. 

Hence the Rapture CAN'T happen on a moed or MAJOR Feast.

Well, couldn't we leave during Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, or Sukkot the previous fall, which would still be PRIOR TO PASSOVER?


We leave AT THE BEGINNING of the 3½ year tribulation (Matthew 24:29; Revelation 6:12, 7:9). If we left 6 months earlier, then we would have a 4-year tribulation.

You can't find THAT ANYWHERE in Scripture.

Jesus SWORE BY HIMSELF (and there are NONE HIGHER) that the tribulation would last 3½ years (Daniel 12:7).

Alex gets to rule 42 months, so we should be translated into the heavenly dimension ANYWHERE FROM 43 months to NO MORE THAN 44-44½ months, PRIOR to the END OF his reign.

That would still make the tribulation, generally speaking, "3½ years" in duration.

That would also give Alex MORE TIME --although a couple of months is still LIGHTNING quick -- to do all of the above, then go against Israel on Passover.

If you KNOW the Jewish Messiah INTIMATELY you have something BEYOND WONDERFUL and EXCITING to which to look forward in the coming days.

If you don't, if you've never given your heart to Jesus, please DO IT NOW.

Don't procrastinate.

Don't postpone it for another SECOND.

These things will begin to happen soon, and when they do it'll be A VERITABLE BARRAGE of unrelenting events, that will bring TOTAL CHAOS, and those who remain on earth won't know WHAT hit ‘em, nor have time to "prepare", or DO ANYTHING to prevent it (Isaiah 13:6-18).

If, perchance, this teaching is wrong and you get saved, you lose nothing. Your Destiny will be secure FOR ALL ETERNITY.

If you're left on this earth during the tribulation, I don't have words to tell you HOW MUCH you'll regret it.

Jesus LOVES YOU and wants to BLESS YOU BEYOND your wildest expectations.

Better be safe than sorry.



Most people are looking for the Rapture to take place during a MAJOR Hebrew Feast.

Since it DIDN'T happen last September, on Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur or Sukkot, THE EARLIEST we could expect it to happen now is on Passover, right?


Christians are searching frantically for SOMEONE who will PROVE to them, beyond any doubt, that the Rapture will happen ON A PARTICULAR Jewish Feast.

These, by the way, ARE THE SAME "Christians" who jump all over anyone who singles out a particular Feast Day as a possibility, and lecture them about Christ's statement that "no one knows THE DAY".

Go figure...

Unfortunately, they look for answers EVERYWHERE EXCEPT in God's Word, which is where answers ARE given.

While it would make a lot of sense if the Rapture happened on one of the Feasts of the Lord (moedim, appointed times) described in Leviticus chapter 23, it DOESN'T HAVE TO.

There is NO SCRIPTURAL REQUIREMENT anywhere for the Rapture to take place on one of the major Feasts.

And if you can produce ONE, I'm all ears.

Well, what about Jesus' words that "no one knows the day or hour"? Isn't that a Hebrew idiom that points to Yom Teruah?


If you want to make the case that Jesus' statement refers to THE PRECISE MOMENT that the New Moon appears, hence no one knows "THE" DAY or "THE" hour, then it could apply NOT ONLY TO Rosh Chodesh Tishri (Yom Teruah) but to ANY Rosh Chodesh, and there are twelve of them in any given Hebrew year, 13 in leap years.

We can now PROVE, with the Bible, WHY -- barring MAJOR, SUPERNATURAL Divine intervention - it CANNOT and WILL NOT happen on a MAJOR Jewish Feast.

I'll be discussing THE REASONS (Lord willing) in the next message.

Two quick stipulations:

1. God is ALMIGHTY and capable of manipulating time at will, making it go forward, backward, stretching it, contracting it, and a number of other things our human minds can't even comprehend.

BASED ON THE INFO WE'RE GIVEN in Scripture, it would be mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for the Rapture to happen on a major Feast.

If God, however, CHOOSES to step in and TOTALLY BLOW OUR MINDS, while still complying with His written Word, then all bets are off.

2. Technically, Sabbaths ARE moedim. However, when Scripture says "the end will happen on a moed", in that context, it would refer to one of the 7 MAJOR FEASTS, and not to one the year's 52 Sabbaths.

If weekly Sabbaths were included, that wouldn't tell us ANYTHING: it would hardly be worth mentioning.

If THE TRIBULATION ENDS in 2017, as Daniel 9:25 seems to indicate, it would be on Yom Kippur which, in that particular year, ALSO HAPPENS TO FALL ON A SABBATH (Saturday, September 30, 2017).

The Rapture (which takes place 3½ years PRIOR) MAY HAPPEN on a Sabbath, or on a minor Jewish Feast, but NOT on one of the SEVEN MAJOR Hebrew Holidays.

Therefore (Unless God SUPERNATURALLY intervenes): NO Rapture on Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur or Sukkot.

So, don't fall asleep and think "well, now it can't happen until Passover".

The Good News for those who know the Messiah is that we are BIBLICALLY AT THE VERY TIME OF THE END and it could take place, as Jesus said, at any time, when we LEAST expect it.

We will give the SPECIFIC BIBLICAL reasons in tomorrow's message.



There are numerous verses in Scripture that depict the Rapture, in both Old and New Testaments:

Genesis 5:24; 2 Kings 2:1-11; Song of Solomon 2:10-13; Isaiah 13:2-3; Isaiah 26:21; Joel 2;16; John 14:3; Luke 21:25-27, Luke 21:34-36; 1 Corinthians 15;50-55; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; 2 Thessalonians 2:3: Revelation 7:9 and Revelation 12:1-5.

However, since the Book of Revelation is the UNSEALING OF the Book of Daniel, people often ask "how come there's no mention of the Rapture in Daniel"?

Actually, THERE IS.

One must simply 
look closely in our English Bibles to find it.

The Rapture (ESCAPE, DEPARTURE of believers from the UNPRECEDENTED 3½ year tribulation) is found in Daniel 12:1-3:

"And AT THAT TIME shall Michael stand up, the great prince which stands for the children of your people: and THERE SHALL BE A TIME OF TRIBULATION, SUCH AS NEVER WAS SINCE THERE WAS A NATION EVEN TO THAT SAME TIME: and 
AT THAT TIME your people SHALL BE DELIVERED, every one that shall be found written in the book.

And MANY OF THEM THAT SLEEP IN THE DUST OF THE EARTH SHALL AWAKE, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

THEY THAT ARE WISE SHALL SHINE AS THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE FIRMAMENT; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever and ever".

The word for "delivered" in Daniel 12:1 is 
yimmalet, from malat in Hebrew which actually means "TO SLIP AWAY" OR "TO ESCAPE".

Are you saying that word 
is mistranslated in most English Bibles?

No. If you escape or slip away 

What I'm saying is that "delivered" is NOT 
THE BEST translation.

The VERY SAME WORD is used in Genesis 19:17 and 19:19-20 when Lot and his daughters ESCAPED from Sodom into nearby Zoar 
and were spared from destruction.


It's also used at least A DOZEN times in 1 Samuel with regards to David 
ESCAPING from the wrath and persecution of Saul.

In Daniel 12, 
verse 1 we have THE ESCAPE (Rapture) of Daniel's people (ALL SPIRITUAL Jews, whether Jew or Gentile in the flesh).

verse 2, we have further description of the ESCAPEES, as the "dead in Christ" RISING FIRST.

verse 3, we have the transformation of LIVING BELIEVERS into glorified, IMMORTAL, SHINING, BODIES OF LIGHT.

It COULDN'T BE clearer.

This CANNOT be referring to NATURAL (unregenerate) Jews since they will neither escape, nor be raised from the dead, nor be transformed AT THAT TIME.

Therefore, it could ONLY REFER TO SPIRITUAL (BORN AGAIN) Jews who believe (trust) IN THE JEWISH MESSIAH.

Would you like to escape the coming tribulation?

Would you like to be spared from the JUDGMENTS that will soon fall on this rebellious planet?

Then YOU - 
yes, YOU - need to receive the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ, into your heart as ONLY God and Savior.

The tribulation described in Daniel chapters 7, 8, 11 and 12 is 
ONLY FOR THOSE who DO NOT receive God's Messiah.

It's ONLY for those who 


2,000-YEAR GAP

WARNING: Today's message contains MATURE SUBJECT MATTER that may not be suitable for anyone under 15 years of age. Please proceed AT YOUR DISCRETION. Thanks.

If Jesus PAID IN FULL for EVERY sin ever committed 2,000 years ago, WHY this seemingly endless 2,000-year time gap?

Why is it that when we INVITE HIM into our hearts, He ONLY regenerates our spirit, making it "born-again", but LEAVES OUR natural minds UNREGENERATE?

After all, He did say on the cross those immortal words: "it is FINISHED"!

Answer: Because salvation is BY TRUST.

Repeat: Because salvation is BY FAITH (TRUST, same thing).


Mankind's ORIGINAL SIN in the Garden of Eden was NOT TRUSTING God.

It was FAITHLESSNESS (Romans 16:14).

That's why Salvation is ENTIRELY by FAITH (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Phony baloney religious SPECULATION says that the original sin was pride.

Ah, ah...

There may have been a bit of pride involved, as well as a bit of covetousness, but when the events in Eden are stripped down to nuts and bolts (no pun intended), the reason Eve craved the pomegranate and ATE IT, when she knew it was forbidden, is because SHE DIDN'T TRUST God and TRUSTED INSTEAD the devil's lie that God "DIDN'T WANT HER to be like Him".

The Truth is God SO WANTED HER to be "like Him" THAT HE MADE Adam and her IN HIS OWN IMAGE!

HOW MUCH MORE "like God' can you be THAN THAT?

He gave them TOTAL dominion over everything, except that tree. And Revelation 3:21 even promises that WE WILL SIT ON God's own THRONE, which is what Satan the creep always wanted (Isaiah 14:13).

Jesus Christ took care of our Salvation COMPLETELY, from end to beginning and from beginning to end.

In the realm of eternity, our ENTIRE BEING is already regenerated and MADE AGAIN IN HIS LIKENESS and PERFECT righteousness.

In the EARTHLY realm of space-time, where we, as humans, still find ourselves, ONLY the spirit is reborn.

Had our minds been regenerated the moment we received Christ, we would not need ANY faith.

Faith, by definition, is "THE SUBSTANCE OF things HOPED FOR: The evidence (full assurance) of things NOT (yet) SEEN" (Hebrews 11:1).

If our natural minds had been reborn WHEN our spirit was reborn, WE WOULDN'T GET TO EXERCISE, and LIVE OUT, OUR FAITH in Jesus.

God, then, would be FORCING Salvation on us and TAKING AWAY the right to free will and self-determination that He gave us in Eden.

So you need TO TRUST that, WHILE YOU MAY ACT LIKE A TOTAL JERK in this temporary (thank God) earth realm, YOU'VE BEEN MADE AS PERFECT AND AS RIGHTEOUS AS CHRIST HIMSELF in the ETERNAL realm (2 Corinthians 5:21; Hebrews 10:14).

It's only a matter of "time" before your temporary earthly self catches up with YOUR TRUE ETERNAL SELF, who is "hidden in Christ" (Colossians 3:3).

The main problem for most Christians is that, for years and years, they've filled their heads and hearts with TONS OF religious manure.

And some of you LOVE that religious manure.

You LOVE IT or you wouldn't be wallowing in it.

Religion says when you sin you "lose" salvation, as if Jesus were SO SMALL and PITIFUL AND USELESS that He COULDN'T get the job done ONCE AND FOR ALL.

My Bible says there's NOW (after Calvary) NO CONDEMNATION to those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1).

Whom do you believe, God or religion?


My Bible says that Christ came NOT TO condemn but TO SAVE (John 3:17).

It says that God was in Christ RECONCILING the world unto Himself, NOT COUNTING MENS' SINS AGAINST THEM...



But religion CONTRADICTS God and portrays Him as a stern, draconian, LOVELESS Being COUNTING EVERY SIN you commit, then MAGNIFYING it, so He can damn you and TAKE AWAY THE GIFT of Salvation which He gave you.

Who are you going to believe?

Instead of preaching GOOD news, religion preaches BAD NEWS.

Funny thing, in ALL MY YEARS of ministry I've never had ONE person tell me he or she feels "condemned" or "lost" for LYING, HATING, holding a grudge, coveting, envying, wishing ill on others, disrespecting others, mistreating others, using God's Name in vain, idolatry, stealing, or for NOT trusting Jesus.



All Christian "condemnation" stems from sex, alcohol and drugs, in that order: OR SOME COMBINATION OF these.

Question: WHO TOLD YOU that those THREE sins are THE ONLY ONES worthy of "condemnation", to the exclusion of all others?


You DIDN'T GET THAT from Jesus, the Bible, or the Holy Spirit.

I know because I can quote you chapter and verse, over and over, where ALL of the "other" sins THAT YOU THINK ARE "O.K." are said to be just as damnable.

Again, let's go back to Eden, where all this mess started:

Did Adam and Eve commit adultery?









No. They were NAKED and didn't even REALIZE IT, for Pete's sake!

Get drunk?


Do drugs?


ALL they DID was BITE into a fruit that God told them NOT TO eat.

From a FLAWED, human perspective, one might as well ask: "WHY did God make SUCH A BIG DEAL about THAT"?

The "BIG DEAL" was NO TRUST, NO FAITH in the Wonderful Creator (Jesus), which then brought on their disobedience.

THIS, if nothing else, PROVES that religion DOESN'T promote FAITH but rather, FEAR, and a WARPED sense of what "sin" is:

You keep telling me HOW BIG and HOW MANY your sins are, and I keep telling you

He's INFINITELY BIGGER THAN all your sins, your past, present, future, space, time, job, home, circumstances, parents, children, ex-husband, ex-wife, religion, demons, angels, and Satan COMBINED.

It all boils down to THIS ISSUE that many of you need to FACE and answer, ONCE AND FOR ALL:

Are my sins BIGGER than Jesus, or is Jesus FAR BIGGER THAN my sins?



It happens day, after day, after day:

"I've sinned, I've sinned, I've lost my salvation! Woe is me"...

"Pray for me" or "give me some INSTANT, PERMANENT, magical solution" NOT TO sin any more.

If only I could...

HOW can I give you that magic potion you seek TO PREVENT SINNING, when I sin?

If I had it, THE FIRST person I'd use on IS ME!!!

Christians, Christians, Christians...

God knows your heart.

He knows YOU MEAN WELL...

You HAVEN'T lost your salvation.

The very fact you feel badly about sinning PROVES that you know Jesus and ARE saved.

If you WEREN'T saved, you WOULDN'T CARE, and sinning wouldn't bother you A BIT.


As Bill Clinton would say "I FEEL YOUR PAIN".

I UNDERSTAND where you're coming from...

But THE ONLY ONE that has that "instant" solution IS JESUS.


Not a minute before.

So, anything short of YOU experiencing an INDIVIDUAL rapture BEFORE the rest of us, won't solve the problem!

There is NO "magic wand" to make our bad behavior go away.

Sorry. I WISH I could help.

That's why the life of a born-again person is a day-to-day, moment-to-moment relationship of COMPLETE TRUST IN a loving God and Savior.

We TRUST Him EVEN WHEN we sin.

We TRUST Him because WE KNOW He PAID FOR that/those sin(s), praise His Holy Name!

We TRUST Him because He ALREADY REMOVED THOSE SINS from us, as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12), by His most precious Blood.

That's why the Message of Jesus is GOOD news:

He's got you covered.

He's got your back.

He LOVES YOU: NO MATTER WHAT you do, HAVE DONE, or will do.

We are children of God NOW.

It DOES NOT YET APPEAR what we shall be, but we know that, when Jesus appears, WE SHALL BE LIKE HIM... (1 John 3:2).

This corruptible will put on INCORRUPTION, this mortal will put on IMMORTALITY and sin-death will FOREVER BE SWALLOWED UP IN VICTORY! (1 Corinthians 15:50-55).

THAT'S WHEN we will all STOP sinning, FOREVER.

Until THAT moment that He appears and TAKES US Home, we're ALL going to screw up from time to time.

That's when we NEED TO TRUST Jesus EVEN MORE!!!

Jesus DIDN'T come to save "good" people.

There were NONE! (Psalm 53:1; Mark 10:18)

He didn't come to save "righteous" people who never sin.

He came to save LOUSY, NO-GOOD, FILTHY SINNERS like you and me (Matthew 18:11; 1 Timothy 1:15).

He came to pick us up FROM THE GUTTER and ELEVATE US back unto Himself.


Until you get that UNCHANGING TRUTH into your thick heads - and more importantly, until you allow it to settle IN YOUR BORN-AGAIN SPIRIT - you're going to keep whining and feeling sorry for yourself, and feeling defeated, depressed, and "lost".

The Truth is that if you gave your heart to Jesus He HAS SAVED you.

That's THE TRUTH, whether you "feel saved" or not.

And NOTHING THAT YOU DO, or fail to do, not the angels, not demons, not Satan, not your husband, wife, ex-husband, ex-wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, boss, neighbor, son, daughter, past, present, or future, can take you away from Jesus (John 10:28).

Salvation is ETERNAL (Hebrews 9:12). Therefore, it CANNOT be lost. EVER!!!

If you've sinned (and WHO HASN'T) tell Jesus you're sorry (and MEAN IT), STOP WHINING, and TRUST that Jesus paid for THAT SIN and EVERY SIN EVER COMMITTED (2 Corinthians 5:19,21).

TRUST that He's NOT EVEN COUNTING your sins anymore, and that He has FOREVER reconciled you to God the Father.



This accusation has been leveled at us more than once by critics of this ministry.

Such accusation ALWAYS makes me smile. Frankly, it "makes my day".

These fools don't realize they're paying me A HUGE COMPLIMENT.

But they don't INTEND IT AS compliment, but as CRITICISM.

I proudly, yet humbly, plead GUILTY as charged.

They claim ALL I do is "quote the Bible" and that "ANYONE can do that".

They're right. ANYONE can. 

I wish more people DID.

Unfortunately, FEW quote it ACCURATELY.

And that's what this ministry does: quote and teach the Bible ACCURATELY.

Not just the portions we like, but the ones we DON'T like.

Not just the portions our denomination's hierarchy "approves of", since we don't belong or answer to ANY denomination.

Not just the portions that "fit" our favored doctrine, while sweeping under the rug the portions that DON'T.

We have no "favored" doctrine. We want Truth AT ALL COSTS, even when we dislike it.

We take into account THE WHOLE COUNSEL of God, i.e., EVERYTHING God says on a given subject, not just the parts that fit our agenda.

We quote Scripture IN CONTEXT.

And we quote WHAT IT REALLY SAYS, not what MAN SAYS IT SAYS.

And THAT -- Jesus be eternally praised -- MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.

How many times have you heard some prophecy guru say "according to Daniel 9:27 the Antichrist will sign a 7-year peace treaty"?

They're "quoting Scripture". But they're NOT quoting it accurately. Daniel 9:27 SAYS NO SUCH THING.

How many times have you heard them quote portions of Revelation chapters 17 and 18 and say it's describing the U.S.A. as "Mystery Babylon"?

They're "quoting Scripture" but taking it TOTALLY OUT OF CONTEXT. Those chapters UNEQUIVOCALLY identify Mystery Babylon as Rome.

How many times have you heard SOME HERETIC quote Matthew 5:18 that "not one jot or tittle of the law will pass away ‘til ALL be FULFILLED" as "proof" that we are to still live under the law?

They ARE "quoting Scripture".

But they NEVER quote the PREVIOUS VERSE (Matthew 5:17) where Jesus pointedly says He didn't come to abolish the law BUT TO FULFILL IT.

If the law WILL NOT PASS AWAY UNTIL it's fulfilled, and if Jesus CAME TO fulfill it, and DID FULFILL IT, then it's been FULFILLED and HAS PASSED AWAY as far as believers are concerned.

Quoting Scripture, in and of itself, doesn't make any teaching true.

Satan himself had the gall to quote Scripture... to Jesus NO LESS!!! (Matthew 4:4-7).

Evidently, he was WRONG.

Only when it's quoted CONTEXTUALLY, ACCURATELY, and IN CONCERT WITH the REST of the Bible, does it benefit anyone.

Our critics are right: quoting Scripture is nearly ALL we do.

Who better to quote THAN GOD?

And WHO would they have me quote anyway, J.K. Rowling?

While I'm a fallible human WHO MAKES MISTAKES LIKE ANYONE ELSE, it's BECAUSE I QUOTE GOD that you will never find some absurd, unbiblical teaching on this website like conspiracy theories, some rogue meteor or asteroid triggering the apocalypse, or the non-existent Mahdi being the Antichrist.

When EVEN OUR CRITICS ADMIT that what we teach IS BIBLICAL, it doesn't get much better than that.

Those who level such "accusation" against us ARE TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THEY'RE VALIDATING THIS MINISTRY!!!

When even our harshest detractors AUTHENTICATE our teaching, we MUST be doing something right.   Glory to Jesus!

Those who ACCUSE me of "JUST quoting the Bible" 
are merely trying to COVER UP their own IGNORANCE OF the Scriptures.

They're the very ones who publish some stupid website or blog posing as "Bible experts" when their teaching IS NOT EVEN FOUND IN the Bible.

I've said it before, but it bears repeating:

If it's NOT IN the Bible, it's NOT BIBLICAL, duh.

If it's NOT IN the Bible, it's NOT "Bible" ANYTHING.



A certain man recently "INVITED us" to join his "christian" religion IN ORDER TO BE SAVED.

This took place after watching one of our videos where we clearly tell everyone that Salvation is Jesus LIVING IN a person's heart: nothing more, and NOTHING LESS.

But that wasn't enough for this individual.

He ignorantly claimed that faith in Jesus IS NOT ENOUGH, that salvation is found ONLY in his old, decrepit, corrupt religion.

I told him that he COULD NOT offer me salvation because HE DOESN'T HAVE SALVATION and is LOST.

Then added that his religion has NEVER saved anyone and NEVER WILL.

His religion never died for the sins of mankind nor rose from the dead.

And his religion IS NOT God, no matter HOW MUCH this IDOLATER wants it to be.

As ridiculous as some of you may perceive this person to be (and you're absolutely right about that), this sort of BLIND IDOLATROUS religious fervor goes on in Christendom MORE OFTEN THAN MOST PEOPLE SUSPECT.

Of course, when I challenged him to PRODUCE ONE Bible verse that said "__________ religion saves", he COULDN'T, because such nonsense is NOT found in the Bible.

He then rambled something about "no one being saved by carrying a Bible under their arm".

That much is true. We have never said that carrying a Bible or owning a Bible saves anyone.

You could have 5,000 Bibles all over your house, office and car and NOT be saved.

So, back to the main question:

WHICH religion saves?

The answer: NONE.

There's NO RELIGION ANYWHERE that can save ANYONE.

And those who TRUST their religion to save them ARE GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL (Acts 4:12).

I don't care WHAT that religion is called:

Being Lutheran DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Episcopalian DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Baptist DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Methodist DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Pentecostal DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Jehovah's Witness DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Evangelical DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Christian Science DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Seventh Day Adventist DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Church of God DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Church of Christ DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Presbyterian DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Roman Catholic DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Muslim DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Buddhist DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Hindu DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Jewish DOESN'T SAVE.
Being Baha'i DOESN'T SAVE.
Being New Age DOESN'T SAVE.
Scientology? NOPE.
Kabbalah? Ah, ah!

Belonging TO ANY OTHER RELIGION THAT EXISTS NOW, existed before, or will exist in the future, DOESN'T SAVE ANYONE either.

I hope that's CLEAR ENOUGH for everyone.

That's why THIS ministry HAS NEVER PUSHED religion, and by God's Grace NEVER WILL.

Our motto, since day one, has been "because religion CAN'T save you".

If you want Salvation, there's ONLY ONE WAY:

You MUST experience Jesus INSIDE YOURSELF, in your heart, in the INNERMOST PART OF YOUR BEING.

That's what the Bible refers to as the "born-again experience" (John 3:3-5; 1 Peter 1:23).

There is NO OTHER WAY to be saved (John 14:6).

Salvation is NOT a religion.

Salvation is NOT a thing.

Salvation is A PERSON.

Salvation is JESUS IN you (Colossians 1:27; 1 John 5:12).

Acts 4:12 (Peter speaking):

"There is Salvation in NO ONE ELSE. Because THERE IS NO OTHER NAME (besides Jesus) under heaven, given among men, THROUGH WHICH WE CAN BE SAVED".



"If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God HAS RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD, YOU SHALL BE SAVED" (Romans 10:9).

"And IF Christ HAS NOT RISEN, then our preaching is vain, and your faith is also vain" (1 Corinthians 15:14).

WHY is the resurrection of Jesus SO IMPORTANT?

Isn't it enough, as in certain religions, that He was a great man and a great teacher, who gained many followers?

Isn't it MORE THAN ENOUGH THAT - unlike any other religious figure -- He performed many miracles, raised the dead, walked on water, healed the sick, multiplied food, cast out demons and brought INCOMPARABLE Wisdom and a unique Message?

The answer is "NO".

Wonderful and important as all those attributes of the Savior were and are, without His Resurrection, they wouldn't be enough to save anyone.

The Resurrection of Jesus is SO IMPORTANT because since Adam all humans, except Enoch and Elijah, have DIED.

Death is the wages of sin (Romans 6:23).

Death came into the world through sin (Romans 5:12).

The Resurrection of Jesus is ALL-IMPORTANT because it took A SINLESS human to die, pay for ALL the sins EVER committed by humans, and then defeat death ON BEHALF OF ALL HUMANS.

Death HAD NO RIGHT to hold Jesus, death COULDN'T HOLD Jesus, BECAUSE (GLORY TO HIM FOR EVER AND EVER!) HE NEVER SINNED (2 Corinthians 5:21).

Because He ROSE PHYSICALLY FROM THE DEAD, and lives FOREVER, Jesus can guarantee ETERNAL Life to those who receive Him into their innermost beings (John 5:24; 10:27-29).

NO ONE ELSE, no other "religious leader", no philosopher, and no imagined "god", CAN MAKE THAT PROMISE because THEY'RE ALL DEAD.

The Resurrection of Jesus SETS the Christian faith apart from ALL OTHER belief systems.

The Resurrection of Jesus PROVES that Jesus IS the One true God, eternal and immortal.

How can a DEAD "god" guarantee ANYONE salvation and eternal life, when he himself DOESN'T HAVE IT?

ONLY Jesus can give us that ABSOLUTE ASSURANCE.

His immortal words still resonate 2,000 years after He walked this earth and fill our hearts with joy and wonder:

"Therefore does my Father love me, because I LAY DOWN MY LIFE, THAT I MIGHT TAKE IT AGAIN:


"I am He that lives, and was dead; and, look, I am alive forevermore, Amen; and have the keys of Hades and of death"... (Revelation 1:18).

"I AM THE RESURRECTION, AND THE LIFE: HE THAT BELIEVES IN ME, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whoever lives and believes in me shall never die" (John 11:25-26).

Please DO NOT CONFUSE an intimate spiritual relationship with Jesus with RELIGION.

ALL religion, including all forms of "Christian" religion, WAS INVENTED by mortal, sinful men - I don't care WHAT it's called.

RELIGION has clouded and distorted the Savior's Message.


He is THE SAME yesterday, today and FOREVER because He LIVES forever (Hebrew 13:8).

He offers FREE eternal Life today, as much as He did in the first century.

He IS the LIVING, eternal, ALL-mighty God.

Don't be a fool and let this opportunity go by WITHOUT KNOWING the Savior.

You OWE IT TO YOURSELF to EXPERIENCE and ENJOY the Living God, the Power that created the universe, and the Water of Life gushing WITHIN YOU.



What's THE WORST mistake that Christians make when trying to bring someone to Christ?

Playing the "I'm holier than you" card.

When Gary asks you to have a beer with him, most Christians I know would reply with a self-righteous look on their faces "I'm Christian. I don't drink beer".

Why not? Jesus won't fall off His Throne because you have a couple beers.

I said "a couple", NOT 12.

Beer is THE OLDEST known beverage in the world, mentioned in the Code of Hammurabi which PREDATES even the Hebrew Bible.

And yet the Bible doesn't utter A WORD against beer. It does speak against GETTING DRUNK.

Jimmy Swaggart not withstanding, the "beer is evil" myth was INVENTED by religion. God has never said it's wrong to drink beer.

If you happen to loathe beer, as I do, then have a glass of wine, or light cocktail (Screwdriver, Tom Collins, Bloody Mary, Pinacolada, Daiquiri).

Jesus won't have a nervous breakdown if you have a couple of those either.

The exception, of course, would be if you're a former alcoholic, or if alcoholism runs in your family (I have to say this because you never know who's reading these messages, and you'd be amazed at the TOTAL LACK OF COMMON SENSE in some people).

If such happens to be the case, then you need to tell Gary firmly "sorry, bud, I'm a recovering alcoholic and can't even GO NEAR the stuff. But I'll have some ____" (water, tea, coffee, iced tea, Coke).

What's important is that Gary doesn't perceive that you're acting as though "you're better" than he.

You GOTTA be GENUINE at all times. You GOTTA be YOURSELF.

What if he wants to WATCH PORN?

Most Christians would lecture Gary with an air of superiority: "I'm Christian and Jesus said it's wrong to even LOOK at a woman with lust"...

Then go home (when Gary's NOT looking) and WATCH PORN, or dig out those "hidden" magazines you stashed away: The BIG hypocrites that SOME of you are...

What you should tell Gary is: "Hey man, I like women as much as anyone, but I STAY AWAY FROM that stuff because it's addictive and you get to a point where you can't even enjoy sex with a normal female"...

All of which IS TRUE. But Gary won't perceive you as some phony who thinks he's "holier" but as A REGULAR GUY, who has some wisdom, intelligence, and self-control.

If you're going to bring UNSAVED SINNERS to Christ, you have to EXPECT these things to come up and BE READY to have intelligent answers that won't turn them off.

The second BIGGEST mistake is to approach people with the "change your religion OR ELSE" MANTRA.

If you're NEW to person-to-person witnessing, YOU SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM religious people and stick to the NON-RELIGIOUS.

The non-religious are FAR EASIER to win - if you follow the steps given in the previous message - because they haven't been subjected to the religious brainwashing that goes on in cults.

Don't be a hero: Leave the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Mormons, the Church of God, Adventists and Church of Christ to experienced pros.

Leave them to those who are thoroughly familiar with these religions' doctrines, who have EXTENSIVE knowledge of the Bible, have dealt with them in the past, who regularly listen to the Spirit of God, and who are prepared to counter their heresies.

Sad to say, but the average Christian lacks the ROCK-SOLID, BIBLICAL FOUNDATION TO TACKLE these fanatics.

They, on the other hand, are thoroughly and PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED to rebuff most evangelical arguments.

Chances are they'll have you wrapped around their little finger IN NO TIME.


Roman Catholics are a different story.

Many Roman Catholics ARE SAVED. If they ARE SAVED (born-again, know Jesus intimately), LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!

If they're not, follow the SIX STEPS.

Don't start off by calling them "idolaters" or by telling them they can't have statues of Mary.

They can receive Jesus, KNOW JESUS, be saved, AND REMAIN Roman Catholic, if they so choose.

NO RELIGION ON EARTH has the power to save or damn anyone.

Jesus is INFINITELY BIGGER THAN all religion, including ALL INVENTED forms of Christianism.

STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR GOAL, which is to bring THAT PERSON to faith in Jesus:


Again, I want to make it clear that NO ONE'S salvation depends on doing this.

Salvation is receiving Jesus into your heart as only God and Savior and COMPLETELY TRUSTING what He did on the cross, His glorious Resurrection and Ascension TO SAVE YOU FOR ALL ETERNITY, period.

Well, if my Salvation DOESN'T depend on this, what's in it for me?

If you need to ask, you better CHECK YOUR OWN heart and MAKE SURE Jesus lives there.

If you knew where ALL the food in the world was, and you saw 100 people STARVING to death, would you TELL THEM ABOUT IT, or keep it a secret?

As important as food is to keep these bodies of ours alive, Jesus is FAR MORE IMPORTANT;

He is THE Life.

And there's NO GREATER THRILL this side of eternity than seeing a soul headed for hell, and re-routing him or her to Jesus who IS heaven.



It's one thing to share Jesus from a pulpit, a TV studio, or a computer screen. It's another to share Him ON A PERSON-TO-PERSON BASIS.

It's THE PERSON-TO-PERSON method that I want to focus on today.

Most evangelicals have been trained by some local church to knock on doors, invite people to OUR church, and leave some salvation tract with them.

Although this method may yield SOME result - and it certainly IS BETTER THAN NOTHING - it's NOT the best way, and it's not the method Jesus or His apostles used.

That it's NOT the best method IS PROVEN by the fact that it has spawned a whole generation of confused, anorexic Christians, who live 90% of the time in worldly pursuits, who wouldn't share Christ with an 8-year old, and worse, wouldn't even KNOW HOW.

For starters, your goal is NOT to get people to attend or "join" your local church.

Repeat: your goal is NOT to increase attendance or membership for your local church.

Nor is it to increase Sunday school attendance.

Nor is it to bring someone into YOUR denomination, should you have one.

That may serve THE PASTOR'S personal interests, BUT IT'S NOT IN JESUS' BEST INTEREST.

Your goal is TO BRING THAT ONE SOUL to faith in Christ, PERIOD.

WHERE he or she chooses to attend church - IF he or she chooses to attend on a regular basis AFTER receiving Christ - IS ENTIRELY UP TO HIM OR HER!

That's between Jesus and them. Let it go.

One-on-one evangelism requires that you INVEST TIME in, and BECOME FRIENDS WITH, that person:


Focus on ONE person at a time.

Step one is to CULTIVATE that relationship, BECOME their friend, GRADUALLY get them to open up and GAIN THEIR TRUST. 

You must have GENUINE interest in that person and demonstrate that you like them, UNCONDITIONALLY, NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

DON'T PRY. DON'T PUSH. Don't make them uncomfortable: Let THEM open up ON THEIR OWN.

Talk as you would to any other friend: about your jobs, families, interests, likes, dislikes etc.

It's A LOT easier to bring A FRIEND to Christ than a stranger: Someone who likes us and trusts us and with whom we share OTHER INTERESTS:

Someone, in short, who's become our buddy.


You don't have to START BY talking about Jesus. Talk about something else that interests you both.

If he likes football, or cars, or airplanes, then talk football, cars and airplanes. If she is into fashion, or movies, or cooking, or gardening, TALK ABOUT THAT.

Hang out. Meet for coffee. Have lunch. Go to the movies. Have them over for dinner, or to watch that "all-important" game on TV.

And BE THERE for them whenever possible: if he needs help changing a tire, or picking out a new computer, or if she needs to get her nails done, or someone to babysit.

3. Once steps one and two are met, THE REST IS A CINCH.

At some point that person will CONFIDE IN YOU and share something deeply personal, something that troubles him/her, or some challenge he/she is facing...



Jesus' Message is SIMPLE.

It's GOOD news:

His ETERNAL, ABUNDANT Life in exchange for your heart.

His PERFECT righteousness in exchange for your COMPLETE TRUST.

He will forgive EVERY sin EVER committed (Matthew 12:31-32), ERASE it, come to LIVE IN YOUR HEART, and you'll NEVER be lonely again.

You can ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE the Living God and He is THE MOST EXCITING, Wonderful Person you've ever met.

He's is ALWAYS WITH YOU, you can talk to Him ANYTIME you want, day or night, and He's 100% on your side.



After THEY OPEN UP and you tell them how totally Wonderful Jesus is, don't leave them hanging. CLOSE THE DEAL:

"You know, Bob, as much as you know that I like football... man, there's NOTHING in this world that compares with EXPERIENCING Jesus in your innermost being.

There's NO HIGHER "high" than that.

Jesus is THE ANSWER to any problem you're facing, and He will give you THE WISDOM to deal with ______.

He's made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my life, and I know He'll do the same for you:  ALL you gotta do is INVITE Him into your heart.

Would you like to receive Him into your heart and EXPERIENCE Christ right now (I promise you'll thank me later)?

When Bob or Stacey says "yes", LEAD THEM in a SIMPLE prayer to do just that.


After they come to Christ, you need to be an EVEN CLOSER friend than before.

They'll have questions along the way that you need to answer.

They'll need some guidance.

Start them off by reading the NEW Testament. Begin with the Gospel of John.

Better yet: have a 15-minute Bible study TOGETHER twice a week.

If he or she wants to congregate it's A LOT BETTER, MORE PRODUCTIVE, and much less intimidating to a new believer, to join a HOME-BASED Bible study/prayer group where it's more personal, you can ask questions, interact with OTHER believers and make new friends, than attending a local church, especially some MEGA 18,000-member church that meets in A HUGE FORTRESS-like building. 

There's also NO PRESSURE about "joining" anything.

At some point AFTER they've received Christ they should be baptized in water, in obedience to Christ's directive. You or the leader of that home study group can immerse them either in a private or public pool, or in a river.

I discourage baptisms in lakes, because of the danger of predators (alligators, etc.) and bacteria.

There you have it: SIX EASY steps.

There's NO EXCUSE for NOT sharing Jesus.

Keeping Him all to ourselves is SUPREME SELFISHNESS. 

Don't appear before the King of kings empty-handed.  Jesus doesn't want gold or silver.  What He values more than ANYTHING, is A SAVED SOUL (Mark 8:36).

Now, go get ‘em, tiger!



The televangelist model is based primarily on one shameful fact: American Christians' reluctance to share Jesus with others.

They know that most of you AREN'T doing what you're SUPPOSED TO be doing with regards to the Savior, so they CLAIM to be doing it FOR YOU.

They claim to be evangelizing "the world" ON YOUR BEHALF.

They KNOW that most Christians are too lazy and timid to talk to others about Jesus and too dumb to realize that, as a result, they have a deep-rooted sense of guilt, and of NOT doing what they should.


Makes you wonder HOW the Early Church managed to get out the Message and spread the Christian faith as quickly as it did, WHEN THERE WERE NO TELEVANGELISTS.

They did it by WORD OF MOUTH, and primarily on a one-to-one basis.

Sure, Peter got up and preached Christ on the Day of Pentecost and gained 3,000 souls. And Paul stood on Mars Hill in Athens and gained some converts.

But those are ISOLATED CASES. The Gospel went forth and spread from friend to friend, house to house.


The televangelist model is AN ABERRATION.

I am not saying it's wrong to use TV, print media, the internet, and other forms of mass media to reach out to the lost.

What I am saying is that's NOT THE MAIN WAY of sharing the Good News that Jesus taught or intended.

What I'm also saying is that TELEVANGELISTS, for the most part, DO NOT reach the lost but PREACH TO THE CHOIR.

Their model is to DECEIVE YOU with false promises of "prosperity" and/or GUILT TRIP YOU INTO SENDING THEM AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE so they can live better than Jordan's King Hussein and so they can keep their telecasts GOING, and DECEIVE/GUILT TRIP EVEN MORE DUMB CHRISTIANS INTO SENDING THEM CASH.

And so the televangelism wheel goes ‘round and ‘round.

Even IF they were winning lost souls, sending them money still DOES NOT EXEMPT US from PERSONALLY sharing Jesus and His INCOMPARABLE Message of FREE GUARANTEED SALVATION TO EVERYONE - regardless of their "past" - who will give Him their whole heart and TOTALLY TRUST Him.

American Christians have lived on Easy Street for too long.

There's nothing wrong with Easy Street, per se, but it has made us bloated, timid and lazy.


We should NOT be ASHAMED of sharing Jesus with others. We should be ASHAMED OF NOT sharing Him!

Fact is if EVERY individual reading this did his or her part, we'd have the U.S., and at least large parts of this world, evangelized IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS.

We'd leave only a handful of hard-core Jesus-haters for the Antichrist to rule over.

Jesus' model is A LOT MORE EFFICIENT THAN the televangelist model, not to mention A WHOLE LOT CHEAPER.

Fact is IF EVERY ONE OF US did his part, WE WOULDN'T NEED televangelists.



When Jesus rose from the dead, and before He ascended to heaven, He promised He would return to earth (Acts 1:11).

If our Lord promised it, you can count on it. It's a sure thing.

His promised return is commonly referred to as His Second Coming.

Approximately 3½ years PRIOR to His Second Coming, there will be a period of tribulation unlike anything anyone has ever seen or imagined.

Several Scriptures tell us that, as that tribulation period BEGINS, all born-again believers in Christ will BE TRANSLATED into the heavenly realm as Jesus appears in the clouds to RECEIVE US unto Himself (Revelation 7:9-16).

The question is, do you want Him to return?

Don't look so shocked.

IF IT WERE ALL UP TO YOU, would you want Him to return?

Would you have Him return TODAY?

Or, would you postpone His coming indefinitely?

Is your heart's deepest longing to see Jesus, and be with Him forever?

Or, are you too busy with your own life and worldly concerns...? So much so, that you'd rather He came IN THE VERY DISTANT future?

Does His appearing inspire fear? Or love, joy and excitement?

Many Christians DO NOT look forward to either His appearing, or His Second Coming, with joyous anticipation.

Rather, just thinking about it makes them afraid and uncomfortable.

If that's how you feel, there are two possible reasons:

1. That you're NOT SURE of your salvation. Or,
2. That you've really given your heart to the Lord 
but religion has filled you with fear.

If you're not sure of Salvation, you can be.

Re-dedicate your life to the Lord. Give Him your heart afresh. Invite Him in, and stay in Him. Stay CONSCIOUS OF Him.

If you KNOW you're saved, but are still afraid, then you need your mind flushed of all the religious garbage you've read or heard, and TRUST THE SAVIOR.

Religion produces fear, guilt and condemnation. The fruit of the Spirit is faith (TRUST) (Galatians 5:22).

TRUST what Jesus DID FOR YOU at Calvary.

TRUST that His death in your place, His Blood, His resurrection and ascension are more than enough to forever save you and make you His child:


We are, after all, saved by faith. Faith means TRUST.

God doesn't want you living in fear. He wants you to TRUST HIM.

Trust Him with ALL your heart. There's NO CONDEMNATION (zero) to those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1).

He wants you to look forward to BOTH His Appearing (Rapture) and His Second Coming with confidence and joy.



I love Jesus, I love Jesus, I love Jesus...

He could SEE right through the DIM VEIL OF religious pretense, cut to the chase, and hit people right between the eyes with incontrovertible Truth.

Truly, as John so clearly said, "He KNEW what was in man" (John 2:25).

We have a beautiful example of this in the Gospel of Mark 10:17-22 where a rich young man goes up to Jesus, falls on his knees before Him and asks "GOOD TEACHER, what MUST I DO to inherit eternal life"?

NOT only did Jesus answer his question brilliantly, He PREEMPTED this young man's self-righteousness as well as the idolatry in his heart.

Jesus KNEW IN ADVANCE that the young man would CLAIM to have KEPT ALL the 10 Commandments (Mark 10:20).

Jesus, of course, KNEW BETTER.

He had already stated that NO ONE had kept the Law (John 7:19).

In fact, by telling the young man that "he lacked ONE thing" which was to SELL EVERYTHING, GIVE IT TO THE POOR AND FOLLOW HIM, He was clearly showing that the young man was VIOLATING THE VERY FIRST COMMANDMENT by having "other gods" before Him.

In HIS PARTICULAR CASE, it was the "god of wealth".

That this is TRUE was proven by the fact the rich young ruler went away SAD.

He NEVER EXPECTED Jesus to answer that way.

He expected Jesus to COMMEND him for his religious zeal, pat him on the back for ALLEGEDLY "keeping" all the commandments, and assure him that he had EARNED eternal life.

He wanted to EARN his salvation through HIS OWN DEEDS.

Hence, his question "WHAT MUST I DO"...?

Jesus told him FORGET IT!

He answered:
"WHY do you call me good?" 

Oh, that people of ALL RELIGIONS - including "Christian" religions - would understand THAT GREAT TRUTH!



That's WHY it's USELESS to try to gain salvation through ANY religion.

That's WHY it's USELESS to try to gain salvation - as this young man wanted - through WHAT WE DO.

That's WHY it's USELESS to try to gain salvation through keeping the law (Torah).

That's WHY it's USELESS to try to gain salvation though "commandment keeping".

That's WHY it's USELESS to try to gain salvation through "good works" or through "obedience".

That's WHY it's USELESS to try to gain salvation through 24-hour Sabbath keeping.

That's WHY it's USELESS to try to gain salvation through ANYTHING OR ANYONE -- OTHER THAN -- God Himself.

That's WHY Jesus is THE ONLY WAY of Salvation!!!

Not ONE of the "ways", but THE ONLY WAY.

Because JESUS IS GOD!!!

Because there is NO GOODNESS but His!!!


Jesus was telling the young man UP FRONT:

"Baloney! You CLAIM to have kept all the Commandments, but I KNOW YOU HAVEN'T.

I know your heart, and you're breaking THE VERY FIRST commandment right now. Your god is wealth and you prefer wealth OVER me.

Eternal Life is A GIFT that I freely bestow on those who TRUST ME.

There's NOTHING YOU CAN DO to merit eternal life. NOTHING!!!

Despite claiming to follow the law and keeping the "10 Commandments", YOU ARE NOT RIGHTEOUS:




That's why ONLY JESUS (God Himself) IS "GOOD ENOUGH" TO SAVE US.

We're raptured NOT BECAUSE WE'RE "SO GOOD" that we "deserve it"...





There's this LIE being circulated by so-called "Palestinians" that Jesus was one of their own.

In a speech given this past Christmas - and in an outrageous and insulting attempt to rewrite Judeo-Christian history - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas stated that Jesus was a Palestinian.

His VERY OFFENSIVE Christmas greeting referred to Jesus as "a Palestinian messenger who would become a guiding light for millions around the world".

This liar went on to blame Israel for the current exodus of Christians from the Holy Land.

He conveniently forgot, of course, that their sometimes ally Hamas, a "Palestinian" terrorist group that now occupies and rules Gaza, has viciously killed and persecuted Christians in Bethlehem and other areas, decimated their homes and businesses, otherwise made their lives a living hell, and threatened most of them into exile.

The same criminal tactic is being used by Muslims against Christians in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Indonesia, and the list goes on.

But this sad truth hasn't stopped some Arabs settled in OCCUPIED ISRAEL, like that ugly witch named Hanan Ashrawi, from calling the Savior "Palestinian".

HOW could Jesus be a "Palestinian martyr"?

Did Jesus WEAR A HIDDEN BELT FULL OF EXPLOSIVES, and detonate Himself into smithereens so He could injure, maim and kill his Jewish brethren, as do so-called "Palestinian martyrs"?

Or did He (instead) die PRAYING FOR HIS ENEMIES, EVEN HIS EXECUTIONERS, on a Roman cross? (Luke 23:34).

Besides, most "Palestinians" are Muslim and claim (according to their Quran) that Jesus DIDN'T DIE AT ALL.

HOW, then, can He be "a Palestinian martyr"?

Everyone KNOWS Jesus was, and IS, a Jew:

His ancestors were Jewish, His stepfather was Jewish, His mother was Jewish, His brothers and sisters were Jewish, He was circumcised on the 8th day as required under Jewish Law, He was presented in the very Jewish Temple (you know, the one "Palestinians" claim NEVER EXISTED), He frequented Jewish synagogues, quoted and taught from the very Jewish Torah.

When Jesus was born, the land was called Judea, NOT Palestine.

Before that, it was called Israel or Judah for 1,400 years.

Those are FACTS.

Abbas can talk about "Palestinian martyrs" all he wants, but the world knows them by their true name: TERRORISTS.

And Jesus was NO freakin' terrorist.

Jesus was, and forever is, the Prince of Peace who preached forgiveness and love, even for one's enemies!!!

Israel is the birthplace of Jesus and of both Judaism and Christianity. Jews and Christians share a common, BIBLICALLY based bond.

That a false prophet appeared 600 years later, plagiarized, then capriciously edited portions of the Tanach and Brit Hadasha and INVENTED a new, diabolical religion, DOES NOT GIVE his followers THE RIGHT TO REWRITE HISTORY.



Ever been to the Gray Zone? It's somewhat similar to the Twilight Zone, and just as creepy.

And if you are a believer in Christ, and sharing Jesus with others like you're supposed to, you will encounter it MANY, MANY times.

The Gray Zone is what I call "moral relativism": there are NO ABSOLUTES and, therefore, no "rights" and no "wrongs": It's all relative to your point of view.

Therefore, ANYTHING goes.

What makes the Gray Zone so dangerous is that since, theoretically, there is "no wrong", it's nearly impossible for those who live there to realize their need for the Savior.

BILLIONS of people live in the Gray Zone.

They live there because THEY ARE AFRAID.

They are SCARED TO DEATH of seeing things in "black" and "white".

They are TERRIFIED to face THE TRUTH who IS absolute.

One of the unbelievers who read our site recently told me that Christians "should open their minds" and that ONLY IN OUR MINDS we would find "peace" and the "truths" (plural) of life because, he argued, there ISN'T only ONE Truth.

He went on to say that because of the doctrine that there's ONLY ONE TRUTH there has been a lot of bloodshed in the past 2,000 years and that "the Christian religion" was marching toward extinction, like all the religions that preceded it.

The ONLY REASON I'm sharing this is because 95% of Christians would not even know how to handle such argument, or WHAT TO ANSWER.

How do I know? Because I hear constantly from many of you asking "someone told me this or that, and I didn't know what to answer. HOW WOULD YOU ANSWER"?

I don't say this to make anyone feel badly, but that just shows how ill-equipped most Christians are to "contend for the faith" (Jude 1:3).

WHAT A SAD INDICTMENT ON THE ABYSMAL JOB that organized religion, with its trickle down system of local "buildings", pastors, and Sunday or sabbatical schools has done with the diluted religious IV they insert into your mind's veins once a week.

I won't even go into the SHEER INEFFICACY of Kristian TV.

No wonder most Christians are on spiritual life support.

I told the gentleman that I SHARE HIS VIEW that organized religion has brought much bloodshed, and that ALL religion - Christian or otherwise - IS HEADED FOR extinction (2 Thessalonians 2:4).

I've often made those very same points myself.

However, I pointed out, he was confusing ORGANIZED "Christian" RELIGION with FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, and they are TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS.

It was ORGANIZED "Christian" RELIGION that came up with abominable acts of hate, murder and violence like antisemitism, the bloody Crusades, or the infamous Inquisition.

ORGANIZED RELIGION is following the DICTATES of self-appointed religious hierarchy, and abiding by its dictatorial and chauvinistic man-made rules, no questions asked.

Faith in Christ is having A PERSONAL, INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP with THE ONE AND ONLY GOD, our Creator and Savior, and being led by His Holy Spirit (Romans 8:9).

One has little or nothing to do with the other, and they SHOULD NOT BE confused.

I also pointed out that BORN-AGAIN Christians who have PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS with the living Jesus, DO NOT engage in such atrocities AND NEVER HAVE.

As for Truth, THE VERY CONCEPT demands that there be ONLY ONE.

If there were - hypothetically speaking - "truths" (plural), then TRUTH WOULDN'T EVEN EXIST.

That would mean that EVERYTHING is A LIE!

If so, life isn't worth living, and there's NO REASON whatsoever to even "exist".

Furthermore, if "truth" is relative rather than ABSOLUTE, we could make "truth" be ANYTHING our wicked minds WANT it to be.

He is also wrong about ALL THE BLOODSHED being due to the concept OF ONLY ONE Truth, since under polytheistic religions (which believe in multiple deities or "truths") there was JUST AS MUCH BLOODSHED, and EVEN GREATER ATROCITIES, such as mutilation, human sacrifice, and even children and babies being offered as burnt offerings to placate the various "gods".

His arguments, as you can see, came crashing down and were completely nullified - to our Living Savior, the Truth Personified, be all the glory for all eternity.

My final point was that he was CONTRADICTING HIMSELF, since ALL RELIGION was INVENTED BY THE VERY CORRUPT, DARK, LIMITED MIND that he wants us to trust and seek "peace" and "truths" in.

I then challenged him to face the Truth and to EXPERIENCE the Living God by receiving Him into His heart.

After all, if he is SO CONVINCED that Jesus ISN'T true and "doesn't exist", WHAT'S HE AFRAID OF?

I haven't heard from him since, but pray that THE Truth TOUCHED his heart.

There is no Gray Zone with Jesus:

Christians should be THE BEST and MOST ASSURED PROMOTERS of the faith, because The Truth - THE ABSOLUTE, ETERNAL, NEVER-CHANGING TRUTH - is ON OUR SIDE (Romans 8:31).



Every religion, no matter what it's called, every philosophy, every sect, and every cult contains SOME truth.

That's right: you're hearing it from a born-again, Spirit-filled, Bible-thumping Jesus fanatic:

Islam contains some truth, so does Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Shinto, Taoism, Kabbalah and New Age.

All the Greek philosophers from Socrates to Plato to Aristotle taught SOME truth.

Mormonism contains some truth and so does Christian Science, Scientology, Armstrongnism, Campbellism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Spiritism and Adventism.

I'll go a step further: SATAN (when it serves his evil purpose) utters SOME truth.

Didn't he QUOTE THE BIBLE to Jesus in Matthew 4:6?

And isn't God's Word true?

Yes and yes.

There's one tiny problem with PARTIAL truth:

It's a freakin' LIE.


Anything, or anyone, therefore, that FALLS SHORT OF Ultimate Truth, is A LIE/LIAR.

And ALL LIARS, according to Revelation 21:8, will have their part in the lake of fire.

That why the Bible must be taken IN ITS TOTALITY:

All those who, like Satan, quote ONLY the portions of Scripture that suit THEIR RELIGIOUS AGENDA - TO THE NEGLECT of OTHER PORTIONS OF SCRIPTURE WHICH ARE JUST AS TRUE and discredit it - are INSTRUMENTS OF Satan.

All those who cling to the Old Testament (Tanach) for dear life, as though the New Testament DIDN'T EXIST, as though Jesus hadn't come and made A HUGE DIFFERENCE, and procured ETERNAL SALVATION for all those who TRUST Him, are headed for hell.

It's NOT the part that's true about those religions that will lead you to hell: it's the part that ISN'T true.

SOME truth is not THE Truth.

Hence SOME truth is A LIE.

In order to be saved you need TOTAL Truth.

And TOTAL TRUTH is personified in Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

Too many people are content with just having SOME truth.

But SOME truth has never satisfied, and will never satisfy, a HOLY, PERFECT God who is Ultimate Truth.

Only HAVING TOTAL TRUTH (Jesus) LIVING IN YOUR HEART by His Holy Spirit - will satisfy a Holy, Perfect God (1 John 5:12).

Don't settle for PARTIAL TRUTH that leads to damnation.

GET THE WHOLE TRUTH who is Salvation.



Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've doubtlessly heard about FOUR CONSECUTIVE TOTAL lunar eclipses that should happen this year and the next (2014-2015).

What makes them more interesting is that all four coincide with the Feasts of Passover and Sukkot in the rabbinic calendar.

There's also a total SOLAR eclipse that should happen on Aviv 1 (March 20, 2015), right in the middle of the four moon eclipses.

It all started with a clever Messianic Jew who marketed his DVD series using the misnomer "blood moons".

It wasn't long before several Christian copycats tried to capitalize on the financial bonanza and came out with their own printed or recorded apocalyptic version of "blood moons".

Messianic and Evangelical speculators have been buzzing ever since. They've been claiming that this series of eclipses signal everything from the Rapture, to the tribulation, to the Second Coming.

The buzz has only intensified in recent days, with the "Kaduri-Sharon prophecy", the death of Israel's former Prime Minister, and the fact we just entered 2014.

Let's set the record straight:

1. Lunar eclipses are NOT "blood moons"!

Repeat: Lunar eclipses are NOT "blood moons"!

You can call them "blood moons" til your lying face turns red, but THEY ARE NOT "blood moons"!!!

2. They DO NOT - DO NOT - signal either the Rapture or the Second Coming of Christ.

3. These eclipses ARE NOT what is described in Revelation 6:12.

4. Revelation 6:12, which is THE BEGINNING OF the tribulation, signals that the Rapture of believers is ABOUT TO happen (Matthew 24:29-31).

5. Revelation 6:12, Matthew 24:29-31, Joel 2:31 and EVERY OTHER PASSAGE that mentions the start of the tribulation, ALL HAVE THE SUN TURNING BLACK FIRST, THEN the moon turns blood-red, then there's a huge meteor shower, a tremendous shaking of heaven and earth that rearranges geography as we know it, and the sky splitting in the middle and rolling up like a scroll.

Show me a NATURAL lunar eclipse that's ever done THAT, and I'll become the most fervent advocate of that dumb theory you've ever seen.

6. Revelation 6:12 has the sun and moon changing color SIMULTANEOUSLY, or in quick succession.

SIMULTANEOUS solar and lunar eclipses ARE IMPOSSIBLE according to the laws of physics.

Clearly, then, what Revelation 6:12-16 describes 
is SUPERNATURAL in nature.

Since they DO NOT indicate either the Rapture or the Second Coming, the question becomes:

DO THEY POINT TO any major events happening in Israel?

The final lunar eclipse, occurring on Sukkot (September 28, 2015) is THE ONLY ONE visible from Israel.

However, in spite of this, there MAY BE (underline "MAY be") some relationship between the eclipses and Israel. Here's why:

Every time in the past 600 years that a series of 4 lunar eclipses coincides with the aforementioned Hebrew Feasts, SOME MAJOR EVENT concerning Israel seems to have taken place, just before:

1493-94 - The four total eclipses FOLLOWED the Spanish Inquisition and the expelling of Jews from Spain in 1492.

1949-50 - The four total eclipses FOLLOWED the formation of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948 and the War of Independence that ensued within not days but hours.

1967-68 - One lunar eclipse preceded and the other three FOLLOWED the pivotal Six-Day war of June 1967, in which Jews recovered the Old City.

This pattern seems to apply EVEN WHEN most of these eclipses AREN'T VISIBLE FROM the Holy Land.

Could it be mere "coincidence"?

There's no such thing as "coincidence" where Jesus is concerned.

The moon, in fact, is used several times in Scripture to symbolize Israel (see Genesis 37:9-11; Psalm 81:3; Jeremiah 31:35-36; Revelation 12:1).

The events that precede these eclipses are sometimes favorable and others unfavorable.

Since we are living at the VERY time of the end and the Rapture could take place ANY DAY, followed by the tribulation, it's a safe bet that IF the 2014-2015 eclipses are preceded by some major event that affects Israel, it won't be a pleasant one.



"The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the ox... They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, says the LORD" (Isaiah 65:25).

The "lion" has gone into another dimension to meet the BIGGEST LION OF ALL, the God of Israel, who is the One true God, besides Whom THERE IS NO OTHER (Isaiah 45:5).

The former Prime Minister did honor to his first name Ariel, meaning "lion of God", during his brilliant military career, which spanned 25 years:

From the War of Independence in 1948, to the 1956 Suez Crisis, to the Six-Day War of 1967 during which Israel captured the Golan along with Judea and Samaria on the north, the Sinai on the south, and recovered the Old City after almost 2,000 years of uninterrupted gentile occupation, to the War of Attrition, and the Yom-Kippur War in 1973.

He also served as Minister of Defense, and was in charge of the the 1982 Lebanon War.

He was 85 years old.

Sharon is widely regarded as the greatest field commander in Israel's history, and one of the country's greatest military strategists.

It was due in large part to his spectacular counterattack to the Egyptian and Syrian armies during the 1967 Six-Day War that the Jews emerged victorious.

Of the 250 Egyptian tanks destroyed, Sharon's division took out 150. They then managed to cross the Suez Canal into Egyptian territory also destroying Egypt's air defenses and cutting off its Third Army.

By all accounts he was bold, gutsy, a straight shooter, and somewhat devious.

As politician, he exhibited those traits and always remained a realist.

He never entertained any illusions that peace with the Arabs would be achieved through diplomacy.

He is quoted as saying "they know that my yes means yes, my no means no, and what to do to change my no to a yes".

He knew, and commented on more than one occasion, that what so-called Palestinians really want is TO DESTROY Israel.

He refused to shake hands with infamous Yasser Arafat.

In a meeting with then Pope John Paul II (sadly, the Vatican has always been pro-"Palestinian") he reminded the Pontiff about the difference between terra sancta and terra promissa:

The Land of Israel is viewed as holy by Jews, Christians and Muslims, but God ONLY PROMISED IT TO JEWS (Genesis 48:3-4).

As someone raised in Roman Catholicism, I found it a bit embarrassing that the head of the largest Christian denomination in the world would have to be reminded of WHAT GOD ACTUALLY PROMISED by a warrior turned politician.

Sharon was maligned in the media for his visit to the Temple Mount on September 28, 2000, which Palestinian terrorist groups used as "excuse" to launch the "Second Intifada" of 2000-2005.

Although his visit was - and still is - often cited as the "cause" of the violence, evidence uncovered revealed that the Intifada had been planned long in advance.

His biggest blunder was to cave in to pressure from Europe and Washington (Bush Administration) and UNILATERALLY WITHDRAW FROM Gaza.

Although it was one of his few acts that garnered praise from the liberal press, it was a controversial move that got a lot of criticism within Israel, most notably for the forced evacuation of Jewish residents of Gush Katif in August, 2005.

It took only a few days for terrorist organization Hamas to seize power in Gaza, where they still remain.

Not only did Israel get NOTHING - I mean ZERO - in return but, to this day, the only "reward" for their generosity has been an almost daily dose of Katusha rockets fired indiscriminately by Hamas, which not only inflict structural damage to homes, schools, and other public buildings, but often kill and maim Jewish citizens.

Condolences to Prime Minister Sharon's family and to the people of Israel:

Rest in peace, lion of God...

Who knows? The "lion" may have even met "the Lamb".



"Who then is the FAITHFUL AND WISE SERVANT, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household TO GIVE THEM THEIR FOOD AT THE PROPER TIME? It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when He returns. Truly I tell you, He will put him in charge of all His possessions (Matthew 24:45-47).

Jesus, and His Message about THE GIFT of Salvation, is spiritual food for hungry souls (John 6:55-58).

His Word causes dead and detached spirits to COME ALIVE (John 6:63).

His Word gives ETERNAL LIFE and saves souls.

His Word nourishes, strengthens, energizes, and causes SPIRITUAL GROWTH.

All these things ARE BADLY NEEDED on this earth populated by 7 billion people, where only about 2 billion call themselves "Christian".

Of course, calling themselves and BEING Christian are two different things.

Real Christians are those who have experienced Jesus personally, have been born again of His Holy Spirit, and in whose hearts Jesus LIVES (John 3:3-5; Romans 8:9).

But even REAL Christians need the nourishment of God's Word, and they need it desperately.

Unfortunately, many real Christians have been intimidated into silence by the world, including certain ministers whom the Lord called into full-time service.

The ONLY Bible verse most liberal journalists know, and love to quote, is Matthew 6:6:

"But when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret shall reward you openly".

If they had their way, they'd send all of us into some dark closet, where nobody sees, reads or hears the Message of Salvation, LOCK US UP, and throw away the key.

Jesus was talking about PRAYING in that verse, NOT about preaching.

Preaching is supposed to be "shouted from the rooftops" whenever possible (Matthew 10:27; Acts 5:20).

We SHOULD NOT CARE AT ALL what the world thinks is "proper conduct" for Christians. Our only concern should be WHAT JESUS says to do.

2 Kings Chapter 7 tells the story of four lepers who found food and treasure at the Syrian camp in the days of Elisha the prophet:

"Then they said to each other, "THIS IS NOT RIGHT. This is A DAY OF GOOD NEWS, AND WE AREN'T SHARING IT WITH ANYONE! ...Come on, let's go back and tell the people..." (2 Kings 7:8-9).

If they felt that way about food and money, which only have temporary effect in this temporary life, HOW MUCH MORE is it NOT RIGHT to keep to ourselves the Bread of Life who gives ETERNAL life?(John 6:47-51)

The world which, for the most part, DOESN'T KNOW Jesus is IN NO POSITION TO TELL US ANYTHING.

Come on, Christians!




There are MANY reasons to love the Old Testament.

What we Christians call the Old Testament, and Jews call the Tanach, IS the inspired Word of God.

NO if's, and's, or but's.

That, if nothing else, is reason enough to love it.

There is SO MUCH Truth, Wisdom and inspiration contained in the Tanach!

It answers life's most basic questions: where (or rather, WHO) we came from, why we're here and where we're going.

There's so much prophecy that has already been fulfilled with stunning accuracy, some of which is being fulfilled before our very eyes, and some which will be fulfilled shortly...

And is there anything more beautiful than those timeless Psalms written by King David, which exalt God, and lift us up in the process?

Another reason to love the Old Testament is that without it there never would have been a NEW Testament.

Without question, the Old led to the NEW.

That means that for all its wondrous Truth, the Old Testament IS NOT COMPLETE.

If it were complete, then NOTHING ELSE would be needed.


Paul calls the Law "our schoolmaster" to LEAD US TO Christ (Galatians 3:24-25).

And WHAT was that schoolmaster called Torah supposed to teach Israel and, by extension, gentiles?

THAT, try as we might, we are INCAPABLE OF saving ourselves, earning salvation, or satisfying a PERFECT and righteous God.

That's why God gave Israel the Torah and allowed Israelites TO TRY to meet His standards for 1,500 years.

He figured that AFTER FAILING FOR 15 CENTURIES, they'd understand that their ONLY hope of reconciliation with the Divine was for God Himself to fulfill His own Divine Standard on their/our behalf.

That's precisely what Jesus (God Incarnate) DID (Matthew 5:17).

That's why I cringe every time some religiously brainwashed, legalistic "Christian" feels it his duty to exalt Saturday.

Do you think you will EVER observe Saturday (the Sabbath) BETTER than Jews have done for the past 3,500 years?

I DARE YOU to try.

One more question: ARE JEWS SAVED?


Sabbath keeping HASN'T SAVED THEM, and Sabbath keeping WON'T SAVE YOU!

That's why NO CHRISTIAN has ever been commanded by God to observe the Sabbath. Never!

You can't find that commandment in the New Testament and there were NO CHRISTIANS in the Old Testament.

EVERYTHING the Tanach says is true and is the Word of God.

EVERYTHING the Tanach says is as applicable today as it was 3,500 years ago:

EXCEPT - EXCEPT - EXCEPT the portions that pertain to salvation, justification (right standing with God).

EXCEPT the Law:

The Old Testament HAS BEEN FULFILLED, ABOLISHED as means of justification, and REPLACED WITH a New Testament, by none other than God (Jesus) Himself (Romans 10:4; Galatians 2:16; 2 Corinthians 3:14; Hebrews 10:9).


That's why Old Testament believers were kept IMPRISONED in the Paradise portion of a holding tank called Sheol UNTIL Christ came, fulfilled the Torah on their/our behalf, and TOOK THEM UP TO HEAVEN WITH Him (Luke 16:23-26; Matthew 27:52-53; Ephesians 4:7-9).

Had Jesus NOT fulfilled every jot and tittle of the Law FOR THEMSATAN WOULD STILL BE HOLDING THEM CAPTIVE.

So keep worshiping YOUR IDOL the Sabbath.

Keep trusting YOUR OWN "Sabbath keeping" AND YOUR OWN RELIGION, and YOUR OWN "obedience" and YOUR OWN "righteousness", instead of TRUSTING Jesus.

And see if that will SAVE YOU ANY MORE THAN IT HAS SAVED JEWS for the past 3,500 years : Shabbat Shalom.



There's never been a country or state named Palestine, and there never will be.

So-called "Palestinians" are simply Arabs from neighboring countries, who OCCUPIED the territory of ancient Israel after Israel was dispersed and ceased from being a nation.

Their former leader and founder of the PLO Yasser Arafat was an Egyptian, for Pete's sake!!!

They didn't even CALL THEMSELVES "Palestinian" until after Israel became a State in 1948.

Palestinians take their name from the ancient Philistines, who were widely regarded as Israel's worst enemies.

Following the Bar Kokhba revolt by the Jews in 135 A.D. and through 390 A.D., Roman Emperor Hadrian named THE ENTIRE PROVINCE of Judea, INCLUDING SYRIA AND LEBANON, "Syria-Palestina".

He did this in order to further annoy and humiliate the Jews who, from that time, were FORBIDDEN to enter or even VISIT Jerusalem, except on the anniversary of both their temples' destructions (Tisha B'Av).

So-called "Palestinians" COULD HAVE declared their independence, or "statehood" AT ANY TIME prior to 1947 and DIDN'T.


They were happy to live as SUBJECTS OF the Turkish Ottoman Empire, as WHAT THEY REALLY ARE, Arabs.

When Britain defeated the Ottoman Turks in 1917 under the command of General Edmund Allenby, THESE ARABS (that we now call "Palestinians") WERE ALLOWED TO REMAIN there.

And when the League of Nations (presently known as the "United Nations") offered statehood to Israel in 1947, statehood was also offered to the so-called "Palestinians".

While Israel promptly accepted, THEY DECLINED.

All the current talk about a "two-state solution", therefore, is pure baloney.

They COULD HAVE declared themselves an independent state during all those centuries WHEN THEY OCCUPIED Israel's former territory and DIDN'T.

They were even OFFERED statehood by the League of Nations and REFUSED.

Their ONLY "problem" is Israel's existence. That's why NO PALESTINIAN LEADER can bring himself to RECOGNIZE Israel's RIGHT TO exist.

...Even when they are offered land.

Politicians can talk about a "framework for peace" all they want, but God's not buying it:

The Bible is clear about the future of Arabs who recently decided to call themselves "Palestinian":

When Israel is forced to flee into the wilderness during the 3½ year reign of Antichrist, "Palestinians" will THINK they'll have ALL OF ISRAEL, including Jerusalem, all to themselves, but their gladness will be short-lived.

Jesus will return 42 months later and STRAIGHTEN THINGS OUT IN the Middle East -- ONCE AND FOR ALL.

According to Joel 3:1-8, when Jesus restores Judah and Jerusalem, He will judge the nations round about: He will judge Lebanon and, ESPECIALLY, the "Palestinians".

Jesus will re-gather all Israel, from all over the world into their land, which He gave them AS ETERNAL POSSESSION (Genesis 15:18-21; 17:8), and will relocate so-called Palestinians to Saudi Arabia, where they will be assimilated into its Arab population.

There won't be any "Palestinians" during the Millennium. They'll be called "Saudis", or by their true name "Arabs".

As I said before, there's NEVER BEEN a country named "Palestine".

There's NO SUCH THING AS "a Palestinian".

There never was. There never will be.



The officers answered, "NO ONE EVER SPOKE LIKE this man!" (John 7:46).

NO ONE has EVER spoken like Jesus.

NO ONE has EVER claimed to remove sin from each person who receives Him, let alone FROM THE ENTIRE WORLD (1 John 3:5).

But Jesus DID.

NO ONE has EVER GUARANTEED ETERNAL LIFE to anyone (John 10:28) .

But Jesus DID.

Allah DIDN'T.

Mohammed DIDN'T.

Buddha DIDN'T.

Confucius DIDN'T.

Lao Tzu DIDN'T.

Krishna, or any other demon worshiped by Hindus, DIDN'T.

Moses - great as he was and is - DIDN'T.

L Ron Hubbard DIDN'T.

Ellen White DIDN'T.

Herbert W. Armstrong DIDN'T.

Joseph Smith DIDN'T.

Brigham Young DIDN'T.

Charles Taze Russell DIDN'T.

William Campbell DIDN'T.

Mary Baker Eddy DIDN'T.

And Deepak Chopra DOESN'T.

They DIDN'T and Chopra DOESN'T because THEY CAN'T.

They're ALL DEAD.

Chopra is physically alive, but spiritually DEAD, since he doesn't KNOW Jesus who is THE ONLY LIFE there is.

That brings me to the final point:


In order for any god, real or imagined, TO SAVE YOU, he himself MUST BE ALIVE.


Evidently, NOT EVEN himself!


None of the others EVER claimed they'd rise from the dead.


And three days and nights after His PUBLIC Crucifixion, His grave was EMPTY.

And NO ONE to this day, 2,000 years later, can EXPLAIN HOW THAT HAPPENED, APART FROM RESURRECTION (John 11:25).

There is NO MESSAGE ANYWHERE like the Good News of our most precious Jesus!

Give Him your heart and your sins, and He will give you His OWN ETERNAL Life, His very own Nature, His very own Righteousness IN EXCHANGE.


Be PROUD OF Jesus and His Message:  He is SUPERIOR AND SUPREME!



As soon as the news broke that former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's health is deteriorating, I thought to myself: "here's the next topic of discussion on YouTube and all those idiotic prophecy forums where ANY MORON can say ANYTHING about the Bible or Bible prophecy that pops into his or her confused head".

While I wouldn't visit those forums IF THEY PAID ME, we do have a YouTube channel:

It took EXACTLY THREE DAYS for the first video about Sharon's possible death and its "prophetic implications" to appear.

In case you're wondering what the former PM, who's been in a coma since 2006, has to do with prophecy, now deceased Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri said he had met the Messiah, left a very controversial written note saying His Name is Yehoshua or "Jesus", and even marked his personal study Bible with crosses, which is UNHEARD OF for ANY Jew, even Messianic ones.

Kaduri is also said to have prophesied that the Messiah would appear to Israel AFTER Ariel Sharon's death.

It's interesting that Sharon has been in a permanent vegetative state since suffering a stroke on January 4, 2006. And that Rabbi Kaduri died on January 28, 2006, merely 24 days later.

Normally, I wouldn't give any credence to such prediction, especially when it comes from a hyper-legalistic Haredi kabbalist, who may or may not have been born-again prior to his death.

Although the fact he saw Jesus and recognized Him as the Messiah seems to point to the salvation of his soul, even if we give him the benefit of the doubt, there are millions of saved people who believe in Jesus, love Jesus, and make wrong predictions.

So, salvation, in and of itself, does not make one a reliable source of prophecy.

However, there are several reasons why his prediction may (UNDERLINE "MAY") COME TRUE :


Every BIBLICAL indicator points to Messiah appearing to Israel in 2017 (Daniel 9:25; Luke 21:27-32).

If this prediction didn't dovetail perfectly with Scripture time wise, I wouldn't give it a chance in hell.

2. Kabbalists are very big on names and their symbolism. And Sharon's first name "Ariel" means "LION OF God" which refers to Messiah Jesus, the LION of the tribe of Judah, in His Second Coming (Revelation 5:5).

Jerusalem itself, where Messiah will return, is repeatedly referred to as Ariel in Isaiah chapter 29.

3. Kaduri did, in fact, see the Messiah.

We don't know whether this is something that Messiah told him, or whether the Rabbi came up with it on his own.

If the Messiah gave him this revelation, then it's 100% certain.

Since I know the Messiah quite well, I'm inclined to believe that Kaduri came up with it on his own. Either way, it COULD happen.

As Christians, however, we must never base our beliefs or teachings ON THE PREDICTION OF SOME RABBI (other than Jesus Himself) OR other MORTAL, but on God's Holy Word.

And God's Word, as previously stated, points to 2017.

Even history points to 2017.

One caveat: Although medical prognosis points to Sharon not living on this earth much longer, WE DON'T KNOW WHEN he will die. Only God knows.

If God wants him to live UNTIL Jesus returns, needless to say, the "lion of God" could remain in a vegetative state for several more years, or might even recover (John 21:22). 

Remember what Jesus said about not having to commit an act outwardly, but just having the desire in your heart is just as wrong:  It is wrong to wish or hope for Mr. Sharon's death, JUST SO WE CAN GET WHAT WE WANT, even when WHAT WE WANT is for Messiah to appear.

JESUS IS GOD ALMIGHTY.  He DOESN'T NEED for Mr. Sharon to die in order to rapture His Church, return in His Second Coming, or to do ANYTHING ELSE.

Jesus will appear when He will appear, and Sharon will die when he will die (assuming that will be the outcome).  Right now, it seems that Jesus (God) is THE ONLY ONE who has the answer to BOTH of these.

What we should do, meanwhile, is continue to search the Scriptures, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal the Mind of Christ, and pray for Prime Ministers Sharon's salvation, health and complete recovery.

Plus do what the Messiah told all believers to do:

WATCH FOR His appearing.



Every once in a while some jackass will write that he "doesn't agree" with certain minor details in my book Seed of Satan.

Like HIS OPINION is supposed to change my beliefs.

What do I care? Especially when it's someone I don't know and never even heard of.

Someone who DOES NOTHING for NO ONE, only thinks of himself, has NEVER in his entire life led a soul to Christ, and who, instead of praising God for His Revelation, is only interested in splitting eschatological hairs about who "the king of the south" might be, or where exactly the bottomless pit is located.

Who cares? Is he planning a visit?

If I went by human opinion, I wouldn't know WHAT to believe, because you can put 50 Christians in one room and get 200 different opinions about the Antichrist, or ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE, including Salvation.

And those 200 opinions are likely to change A LOT MORE OFTEN THAN any of them opens the Bible.

Case in point: if you Google "Obama antichrist", you'll find there are approximately 10 MILLION (repeat: 10 MILLION!!!) websites that make that FALSE UNBIBLICAL claim, not to mention COUNTLESS sensationalist YouTube videos with photo shopped images of the President with flaming red eyes and two horns protruding from his head.

Meanwhile, they are CLUELESS about the REAL Antichrist who IS PORTRAYED having "two horns" in both the Bible and the Quran (Daniel 8:5-8; Quran 18:83-99).

They invent all kinds of phony, unscriptural theories and COMPLETELY overlook the fact that GOD SAYS this dude must be A KING, of fierce countenance, from the territories of both the Roman and Greek Empires, must have lived prior to 96 A.D., be a military genius, be "like a leopard", believe himself to be God, and come from one of the 5 empires that preceded the Roman Empire.

President Obama doesn't meet ANY of these requirements.

But NONE OF THAT stops religious morons from "proving" that he is the feared Antichrist.

That's why they've been trying TO GUESS his identity for the past 60 years (60 years!!!) from among the famous, influential people LIVING on this planet, and the best they've come up with is some ridiculous theory about Prince Charles - who's never been king, can't even rule England, nor control the press, or Buckingham palace bureaucracy, or HIS OWN FAMILY - but he's going to rule THE WHOLE WORLD.

Oh, yeah, he's "fierce" alright: Oooooooh, I'm shaking in my boots!

Forget biblical requirements, neither the ugly Queen nor uglier Camilla would ever ALLOW IT.

This is THE ONLY MINISTRY I know of (to Jesus be all the glory) that actively teaches that the Antichrist is dead and will be raised from the dead and REAPPEAR on earth shortly after the Church is raptured.

That is WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS VERY CLEARLY, and has said for the past 2,000 years (Revelation 11:7; 13:1; 17:8; Isaiah 14:19; Daniel 11:28-29).

There isn't ONE verse of Scripture - NOT ONE - that says the Antichrist will be someone LIVING among us in these end times and that he will suddenly "take off his mask" and reveal himself to the world.

That is A MYTH. It's TOTAL religious invention.

It may sell millions of worthless books to religious ignoramuses who love speculation and seek mortal's opinions, instead of THE ONLY OPINION THAT COUNTS, which is the Word of the immortal God.

It may make a convenient script for a cheesy Hellywood movie, but there's not one ounce of truth behind it.

Furthermore, 2 Thessalonians 2:9 plainly says that Antichrist's COMING will be by the "working" (energizing) of Satan.

If he "comes" it means that HE'S NOT HERE.   If he were already here, he wouldn't "come": he'd just TELL EVERYONE who he is.

And 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8 says HE CANNOT APPEAR UNTIL the Body of Christ is "taken out of the way" or raptured.

This ministry goes by Spirit-revealed Truth found in the written Word of God and by reliable, time-tested, well-documented secular history, in that order:

Truth, as we have stated since day one, CANNOT - simply CANNOT - be disproved.

Romans 3:4:




If they DON'T KNOW their Messiah and have not been born again of His Holy Spirit, the answer is "YES!"

Matter of fact, ANY PERSON who DOESN'T KNOW the Jewish Messiah and has not experienced that SPIRITUAL NEW BIRTH is also going to hell (John 3:3-5).

I don't care if they are satanists, atheists, agnostics, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Muslim or CHRISTIAN!!!

I don't care if they are New Age, Mormons, Church of God, Church of Christ, Christian Science, 7th Day Adventist, Scientologist, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Catholics, Episcopalians, Pentecostals, Presbyterian or Jehovah's Witnesses!

Do you think just CALLING YOURSELF "Christian" is your ticket to heaven?

Think again.

Do you think attending some religious country club every Saturday or Sunday will get you there?


RELIGION has never saved a single soul.

So-called "Christians" in hell may actually OUT-NUMBER those of all other religious orientations combined.

Do you think that GETTING WET ON THE OUTSIDE, or ingesting a round piece of flour ("communion wafer") or doing "good works", or following some religious rules like the 10 Commandments is gonna get you into heaven?

NO ONE has EVER made it to heaven by such means, and NO ONE EVER WILL.

There's ONLY ONE Way to heaven and that is to EXPERIENCE Jesus Christ personally, in your innermost being.

Matthew and 7:21-23 and Matthew 25:1-12 are shockingly clear:

THE ONLY THING that keeps ANYONE, even "good" RELIGIOUS people, OUT OF the Kingdom of God, is NOT KNOWING Jesus in the BIBLICAL sense, meaning personally and INTIMATELY.

It wasn't lack of good works, since they'd done many (Matthew 7:22).

It wasn't even wrong doctrine that kept the foolish virgins out of the Wedding Feast.

They DIDN'T KNOW the Bridegroom (Matthew 7:23, Matthew 25:12).

He had never ENTERED THEM and deposited His Holy Seed (His anointing, His sacred oil) in their spirits.

Even in this natural world, you wouldn't expect an invitation to the wedding of someone YOU DON'T KNOW.

So, WHY would you expect to be allowed into the Marriage Feast of the Heavenly Bridegroom, the Messiah, UNLESS you KNOW HIM AND HE KNOWS YOU?

Conversely, if you KNOW JESUS, if He KNOWS you, there's NOTHING and NO ONE that can keep you OUT OF heaven!


No angelic being, not 10 million demons, not even Satan himself!

When you KNOW JESUS, heaven is SURE (John 5:24; 1 John 5:12-13).

Heaven is already IN you (Philippians 3:20; Hebrews 12:22-24).

It's only a matter of "time" before you're transferred from "here" to "there".

Jesus IS Heaven!

If you want to go to heaven, I got 5 words of advice for you:




Most Christians want and are grateful for Jesus' cross.

But 99.9% of them DON'T WANT THEIR OWN CROSS.

We're glad Jesus went to the cross on our behalf: we even talk about how He defeated Satan on our behalf, BUT WE DON'T WANT THE CROSS FOR OURSELVES.

We want to stay as far away from it as possible.

That's only natural.

Denying our selves, taking up the cross DAILY and following Jesus, is SUPERNATURAL.

Lest anyone misunderstand, Jesus, on the cross, REMOVED all sin for all time (John 1:29; Hebrews 9:26; 1 John 3:5).

Those whose sin is NOT removed, are those who have not received Him or embraced His cross.

We're not talking about paying for sin today.

The Truth is that this false self subject to space-time must die, so that OUR TRUE, ETERNAL SELF will be revealed.

No, we're not talking about those deranged, mostly demon-possessed fanatics in the Philippines and other places who ARE LITERALLY crucified on Good Friday each year.

Or about that nut in Russia (no pun intended) who actually NAILED HIS OWN TESTICLES to Red Square in protest.

No, we don't live during the Roman Empire, and we're not talking about Romans literally driving nails through our hands and feet.

We don't have to endure the lashes, the spittle, the punches, being hit on the head with a pole, the crown of thorns, or the beard ripped from our face, as He did.

Jesus did THE HARD PART for us.

But ultimate victory is DYING TO self (small s), so that our true, glorious Self may be revealed.

Dying to self involves OFFERING OURSELVES daily AS LIVING SACRIFICES to God (Romans 12:1).

It involves TOTAL WILLINGNESS on our part TO LET GO OF (surrender) these earthly bodies.

It involves the crucifixion of OUR EGOS.

Our false self must die, so that our true Self may appear (Romans 8:18-21; 1 John 3:2).

That's what Paul meant when he said "I am crucified WITH Christ".

Nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ (my true Self) LIVES IN ME.

Paul did not LITERALLY HANG from a cross.

He meant that he HAD SURRENDERED his own life, his likes and dislikes, even his reputation, so that the Life of Jesus may manifest in him.

It means surrendering all pride, ego, and cares about "what others will think".

It's A DAILY attitude. We don't do it once and for all but ONE DAY AT A TIME.

There's victory in VOLUNTARILY DYING to self.

If Satan and his evil spirits had known, THEY WOULD HAVE NEVER CRUCIFIED THE LORD OF GLORY (1 Corinthians 2:8).

They never expected that by killing Jesus' physical body and allowing Jesus to die NOT JUST PHYSICALLY but to self (small "s") He would DEFEAT THEM and win eternal victory for us.

The Book of Revelation makes ALL KINDS OF WONDERFUL PROMISES to those who overcome.

Revelation 12:11 tells us HOW WE OVERCOME:

"By the Blood of the Lamb, the Word of our testimony and NOT LOVING OUR LIVES UNTO THE DEATH".

Death to self, so that Christ may manifest in us, is ULTIMATE VICTORY.



You gotta love Jesus.

When He appeared publicly Israelites and Jews had been UNSUCCESSFULLY trying to keep God's Law, including the 10 Commandments, for 1,500 years.

Then Jesus comes along and, IMPOSSIBLE as it already was to keep the Law (Torah), He MADE IT EVEN HARDER.

The Torah called for "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" (Deuteronomy 19:21), but Jesus took it up SEVERAL NOTCHES by saying that IF YOUR OWN hand or eye caused you to sin, YOU YOURSELF SHOULD CUT IT OFF! (Matthew 18:8-9).

That is, if you were to have ANY hope of escaping hell and being justified under the Law.

Of course, no one would ever do that: otherwise EVERYONE in the world would be without hands or eyes.

The 7th commandment says "you shall not commit adultery" (Exodus 20:14), but Jesus again RAISED THE BAR by saying that you didn't have to commit THE ACT, you didn't have to even lay a finger on that person: if you so much as LOOKED on him or her WITH LUST, you HAD ALREADY COMMITTED THE ACT in your heart (Matthew 5:28).

The fifth commandment said "you shall not murder" (Exodus 20:13). But Jesus upped the ante by saying that if you hold a grudge and have hatred toward someone in your heart, YOU'RE ALREADY A MURDERER (Matthew 5:21; 1 John 3:15).

Jesus, are you nuts?

Is THAT how you're going to save us?

...By making obedience to the Law EVEN HARDER?

As if it wasn't ALREADY IMPOSSIBLE to keep?

Jesus made those statements while the Old Covenant was still in force.

BEFORE dying on the cross and resurrecting.

BEFORE the New Covenant in His Blood came into effect (Hebrews 9:16).

What did He convey with such teachings?

He was PROVING beyond the slightest doubt HOW UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE IT IS to please God by trying to keep ANY part of the Law.


He was showing Israel that there was NO HOPE WHATSOEVER OF SALVATION UNDER THE LAW (Galatians 3:10).

He was PROVING that the Law - although good and holy - was UNABLE TO MAKE ANYONE RIGHTEOUS, no matter how much or how hard they tried to "keep it" (Galatians 2:16).

He was SHOWING Israel WHY THE ONLY WAY to REMOVE SIN FOREVER was for Him - the ONLY human ever to FULFILL God's Law down to the last jot or tittle - TO DIE and TAKE UPON HIMSELF THE PUNISHMENT for our sins.

He was showing them that THE ONLY WAY to be made righteous in God's eyes is for Him (God) to CREDIT HIS OWN PERFECT RIGHTEOUSNESS TO US (2 Corinthians 5:21).

There was, and is, NO OTHER WAY.

Jesus is NOT "one of" the ways to the Father: He is THE ONLY WAY to the Father and THE ONLY WAY to be saved.

Do YOU WANT Salvation?

Then dump religion, PUT ASIDE the Law, PUT ASIDE any pretense to obtain righteousness ON YOUR OWN, PUT ASIDE all pretense to "merit" or deserve ANYTHING.

I don't care how religious you are...

I don't care what a "good person" or "good Christian" you consider yourself to be...

I don't care how "righteous" you THINK you are, the ONLY THING you and I deserve IS HELL.

If you want Salvation, YOU HAVE TO get Jesus' PERFECT Righteousness, His perfect fulfillment of God's Law, CREDITED TO YOU.

And the ONLY WAY to get it is by receiving Jesus into your heart as only God and Savior and, from that moment forward, TRUSTING Him completely AS YOUR ALL-SUFFICIENT AND ETERNAL SAVIOR.

Jesus went to the cross, died, resurrected, ascended and sent His Holy Spirit so He could GIVE YOU His own perfect righteousness, FOR FREE.

What better time than a new year to LEAVE BEHIND THE OLD and BRING IN THE NEW?



According to certain politicians and liberal clergy, Christians are a major obstacle to world peace.

A couple days ago I watched a liberal Jew interviewing a liberal Episcopalian female priest who, besides lavishing praise on one another, were extolling the virtues of interfaith dialogue and saying that it's the only way to achieve world peace.

According to their Pollyannaish world view, since all three faiths, Jewish, Christian and Islamic stem from the Abrahamic tradition of monotheism, they should be able to find common ground and solve their differences.

They spoke about all the "progress" that has been made, and how achievable lasting peace is, as long as there's regular communication between these groups.

Welcome to La-La Land.

They didn't say A WORD, of course, about radical Islam being an obstacle to peace.

They didn't say A WORD about Islamic terrorism.

They didn't say A WORD about Islamic propaganda and brainwashing that begins as early as 5 years of age, destroying children's innocence, poisoning their minds and inciting them to "martyrdom", presenting it as a very heroic and desirable goal, which will earn them "paradise", as long as they take out Jews and Christians in the process.

They didn't say A WORD about the starkly different beliefs that separate the three faiths.

Nor did they mention the numerous attempts at achieving lasting peace through diplomacy, all of which have been doomed to failure.

They, however, felt the need to point the finger at those they termed "Christian Zionists" emphasizing the "danger" that our apocalyptic views present to lasting peace.

Well, last time I checked most Christians are not waging war against Israel, nor refusing to recognize its right to exist, nor calling them pigs and apes.

Nor does our eschatology call for the destruction of Jews or Arabs, but rather for a very auspicious Messianic Era for Israel and the whole world.

Nor are we blowing ourselves up for the sole purpose of murdering and maiming Jews and Muslims.

Nor are we committing other acts of terror.

Nor have we done ANYTHING to avert peace between Jews and Arabs.

The calamities that will happen during the 3½-year tribulation will be TOTALLY orchestrated by God, WITHOUT any "help" from Christians.

They will take place by His Sovereign Will, and there's NOTHING any of us can do about it.

These naive dreamers spoke about the Abrahamic tradition, but also failed to mention WHAT GOD SAID about Abraham and his descendants:

"CAST OUT this bond-woman, and her son: for the son of THIS BOND-WOMAN SHALL NOT BE HEIR WITH MY SON, even with Isaac... for in Isaac shall your seed be called" (Genesis 21:10-12).

"Nor because they are his PHYSICAL descendants are they all Abraham's children. On the contrary, "It is through Isaac that your offspring will be counted" (Romans 9:7).

I don't know any Christian who is opposed to dialogue or diplomacy, or to seeking peace.

What some of us oppose is Israel being pressured into making all sorts of concessions, including releasing scores of terrorists with Jewish blood on their evil hands, IN EXCHANGE FOR NOTHING.

Meanwhile Palestinians aren't pressured into ANYTHING, not even about discouraging violence, which is THE LEAST they can do if they're remotely serious about peace.

The fact of the matter is that they can hold all the interfaith conferences, engage in diplomacy ‘til their deluded faces turn Islamic green, and advance all the dialogue they want:

There WON'T BE ANY peace UNTIL Jesus returns and rules the earth (Isaiah 2:1-4, 9:6; Daniel 2:44-45; Zechariah 14:9).

Christians' only "threat" to peace is BELIEVING WHAT GOD SAYS.



"I must work the works of Him that sent me, while it is day: THE NIGHT COMES, WHEN NO MAN CAN WORK" (John 9:4)

Happy 2014 A.D. (YEAR OF our Lord)...

They can call it "CE" (Common Era) ALL THEY WANT, but EVERYONE KNOWS the calendar predominantly used world-wide is based ON JESUS' BIRTH.

As we ENTER 2014, it's STILL "day".

But "night" is coming...

Jesus made it clear that when night comes "NO MAN can work".

And He wasn't referring to the night shift at some factory in Detroit, Taiwan or Honduras. He was talking about the Kingdom of God.

Every pastor, every evangelist, every minister, every "church leader", and every Christian needs TO MAKE OF THE MOST OF what little "day" is still left.

Not because our Salvation depends on it. It doesn't.



To Him be all the glory now and for all eternity. Amen.

If EVERY believer would share Jesus with ONE - JUST ONE - person THIS month, this whole world would be evangelized IN NO TIME.

First century Christians did it despite RUTHLESS, UNRELENTING persecution.

NOBODY is persecuting you: At least, most of you...

There simply is NO EXCUSE.

We have the True God, the ONLY Savior, and THE BEST message.

There's NO OTHER MESSAGE ANYWHERE that can remotely compare to the Gospel of our Lord.

Many have expressed their concern over the years about the people who will remain on earth during the tribulation.

If they really are so concerned, then they need to share Jesus with those who would remain if He were to appear today.

I said "SHARE", I DIDN'T SAY "shove Him". I didn't say "FORCE Him" down someone else's throat.

If shared properly and accurately our Jesus is IRRESISTIBLE.

He doesn't need to be "forced" on anyone.

Please DON'T leave it "to the pastor", or the evangelist, or the missionary, to DO ALL THE WORK.


The early church grew as fast as it did because EVERYONE did their share to spread the Good News.

Yes, the apostles did more than the rest, Paul in particular. 

But every believer participated in spreading the Good News of FREE Salvation through Christ, in exchange for receiving Him into your heart and TRUSTING what He did to save you.

First century Christians didn't leave THE WHOLE TASK of evangelizing to the apostles and wash their hands of ANY responsibility as most Christians do today.

They all DID THEIR PART, even under threat of torture, exile or even death.

The Gospel was shared neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend, by one family member to another.

Please don't wait ‘til night to do what most of us should have been doing all along.

Make GOOD USE OF day, as long as there's any "day" left.

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