The “Time of the End" has arrived !

Before reading this, you must read and understand : Rapture of the Church in 2019 and second coming of Jesus in 2022

Correcting the calendar

The main obstacle to pinpoint the year of Christ’s Second Coming and, by association, the year of the Rapture, has been the uncertainty about shemittas years.

Jesus tells us in Daniel 9 : 25 that "from the word to return and build biblical Jerusalem to Messiah Prince there shall be 7 weeks" or "7 sevens" (shemitta cycles). We know the official word to return and build Jerusalem was given by the Knesset on April 1, 1969 almost two years after Jerusalem was recaptured by Israel. But up to now we have not known in what year the first shemitta after that order began.

If we know the shemitta with absolute certainty, we know when Christ returns with absolute certainty. We also know exactly when the Church is taken up.

It’s been hard for me to accept rabbinic dates for the simple reason that they substracted 6 years from their B.C. calendar - on purpose - in a vain effort to obscure Jesus’ amazing fulfillment of the 70 weeks prophecy in His First Coming.

If they lied about the years in their own calendar, it’s logical to assume that they’re probably lying also about shemittas, Jubilees, and anything else related to it.

Likewise, their intentional tampering with their own, God-given calendar has made it nearly impossible to ascertain the precise year of Jesus’ birth. There’s wide dissent among scholars with estimates ranging from 6 B.C. to 1 B.C.

The same applies to the year of Jesus’ death and Resurrection.

The fact these historic events took place a couple thousand years ago, doesn’t help much either.

Nor does it help that one has to go from an intentionally altered Jewish calendar to a gentile ("christian") calendar, which is flawed from the start, since it contains a "year 0" when there’s no such thing, since "time", at least from a human perspective, does not stop.

Every time that I have tried to reconstruct the true timeline for the aforementioned events, and even when it seemed to make sense, seemed biblically correct, and most of the numbers and current events seemed to match, there was always at least one number that didn’t quite fit.

I’d pretty much given up on ever getting all the numbers to line up.

But the Holy Spirit is God and He knows everything. And no matter how much man may try to obscure Truth, when the Holy Spirit sovereignly decides to reveal such truth, nothing and no one can stand in His Way. Praise Him for all eternity !

What we know

In order to reconstruct an accurate timeline of biblical events concerning Jesus’ birth, ministry, death and Resurrection which would lead us to an accurate timeline for both, His Appearing in the sky, and His Second Coming to earth, we must start with what we know.

Nothing is more trustworthy than God’s Word.

What we know from the Bible :

1. Messiah must return in 70 sevens, and Tribulation must begin at half a 7 (3½ years prior to Second Coming of Messiah - Daniel 9 : 24).

2. Messiah would appear to Israel for the first time 7 + 62 (69) shemittas after the (first) decree to "return and build" Jerusalem (Daniel 7 : 25).

3. Messiah would die, but not for Himself (Daniel 9 : 26).

4. Messiah would confirm (strengthen) the Abrahamic covenant (by dying and pouring out His Blood) in the middle of the week : meaning both, on a Wednesday (the middle of the 7-day week) and in the middle of a shemitta (7-year week), meaning 3½ years into a shemitta cycle (Daniel 9 : 27).

5. Nehemiah finds out about Jerusalem’s ruin on or about Hanukkah 446 B.C. (Nehemiah 1 : 1-4).

6. He requests permission to rebuild Jerusalem, and permission is granted by Artaxerxes Longimanus in the spring of 445 B.C. (Nehemiah 2 : 1; Nehemiah 2 : 4-6).

7. Jesus was born when Caesar Augustus ruled the Roman Empire (Luke 2 : 1-11).

8. Jesus was born in Bethlehem (Luke 2 : 4-15) and was both a physical descendant of King David through David’s son Nathan and through Mary (Psalm 132 : 11), and a legal descendant of King David through his stepfather Joseph (Matthew 1 : 1-16).

9. Jesus was born on Sukkot (John 1 : 14).

10. Jesus was born when Herod the Great ruled Judea (Matthew 2 : 1-2).

11. Herod died sometime after Jesus was born (Matthew 2 : 19-20).

12. Jesus was born some 6 month after John the Baptist (Luke 1 : 26-33).

13. John the Baptist’s ministry began on the 15th year of Tiberius’s reign (Luke 3 : 1-3).

14. Jesus began His public ministry sometime after John began his ministry (Matthew 3 : 11-13; John 1 : 29-31). Jesus’ ministry, therefore, would have also taken place during Tiberius’s reign.

15. Jesus was about (approximately) 30 years old when He began His public ministry (Luke 3 : 23).

16. Jesus’ public ministry lasted 3½ years - half a shemitta (John 2 : 13; John 6 : 4; John 11 : 55-57).

17. Jesus died on Passover, which is precisely "the middle of" (3½ years into) a shemitta "week" (Daniel 9 : 27; John 19 : 14).

18. When Jesus died Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea. Pilate signed the order to crucify Jesus (Mark 15 : 15; John 19 : 1, John 19 : 13-16).

19. When Jesus died Herod Antipas ruled Judea (Luke 3 : 1-2).

20. When Jesus died Caiaphas was the High Priest, and Annas, his father in law, the honorary "high priest" (Luke 3 : 1-2).

21. Jesus rose from the dead on first fruits, three days and nights later (Matthew 12 : 40; 1 Corinthians 15 : 23).

22. He ascended to heaven 40 days later on Iyyar 28 (Acts 1 : 1-3). Not coincidentally, His Ascension happened on the very same day Jerusalem was recovered by Jews in 1967 after many centuries of uninterrupted trampling by gentiles (Luke 21 : 24).

23. Jesus promised to come to earth a second time (Luke 21 : 27; John 14 : 1-3; Acts 1 : 11).

24. There would be a second order to "return and build" Jerusalem, leading to the second Coming of Christ. His Second Coming will take place 7 shemittas (49 years) after that second order to "return and build" (Daniel 7 : 25-26).

25. That second order to "return and build" biblical Jerusalem (the Jewish Quarter) came on April 1, 1969 (14 Aviv, Passover Eve - on the very same day that Jesus was crucified)… The "70 weeks" countdown came to a stop with His Crucifixion at exactly 69½ shemittas, leaving half a shemitta still in our "future" which is the coming great Tribulation.

26. The Tribulation must begin and the Rapture must take place in the middle of a shemitta, 3½ years prior to Jesus’ Second Coming (Daniel 9 : 24; Daniel 12 : 1, Daniel 12 : 7; Revelation 7 : 9-14).

27. Shemittas begin and end on Sukkot (Deuteronomy 31 : 10).

28. Therefore, Christ’s Second Coming must happen on Sukkot (on the 7th shemitta following the second order to "return and build Jerusalem"), thus ending the 70th shemitta week (Daniel 9 : 24).

29. The 70th week must end with Christ’s Second Coming (Daniel 9 : 24).

30. Therefore, the Tribulation must begin 3½ years prior to Sukkot - to His Second Coming (Daniel 7 : 25; Daniel 12 : 7; Revelation 11 : 2, Revelation 13 : 5). Therefore, the Rapture, which takes place 10 days after the Tribulation begins, must also take place 3½ years prior to Sukkot, in the spring, just prior to Passover.

What we know from reliable historical sources :

1. Herod died shortly after a lunar eclipse, that took place on March 23, 4 B.C. and before Passover which fell on April 10, 4 B.C. (Josephus, Jewish War 1.33.4; 2.1.3; Antiquities 17.6.4 & 5, 9.3).

2. Tiberius died on March 16, 37 A.D. (Suetonius, Twelve Caesars, Life of Tiberius 73.1; Tacitus, Annals Book VI.50, VI.5; Flavius Josephus, Antiquities, Book XVIII, Chapter 4, Paragraph 2; Chapter 5, Paragraph 3; Chapter 6, Paragraph 10; Jewish War, Book II, Chapter 9, Paragraph 5).

3. Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea until spring 37 A.D. According to Josephus, Pilate was deposed by Lucius Vitellius, who arrived in Jerusalem during Passover. Pilate was replaced by Marcellus, and sent to Rome after harshly suppressing a Samaritan uprising (Josephus, Antiquities 18.4.1-2).

4. Pilate arrived in Rome shortly after the death of Tiberius (Josephus, Antiquities 18.4.2). This is confirmed by 4th century historian Eusebius who states that Pilate suffered misfortune in the reign of Caligula, who succeeded Tiberius (Caligula reigned from AD 37–41). Pilate was exiled to Gaul and eventually killed himself there (Eusebius, Historia Ecclesiae, Book II: Chapter 7).

Additionally, 10th century historian Agapius of Hierapolis, also says that Pilate killed himself during the first year of Caligula's reign, in 37-38 A.D. (Agapius, Universal History, Part 2. p.27).

Can all these facts be pieced together to reconstruct the true and accurate timeline ?

The real timeline

We have established from three reputable historical sources that Tiberius died on March 16, 37 A.D. We have also established from three reputable historical sources that by the time Pilate left Judea and arrived in Rome, Tiberius had just died and been succeeded by Caligula. Therefore, we know that Pilate left Judea in spring 37 A.D.

Therefore, the Crucifixion of Jesus couldn't have happened any later than spring 37 A.D., since it was Pilate who gave the order to crucify Him.

Had it happened earlier than spring 37 A.D., the Rapture would have already taken place and the Tribulation would be underway.

And it couldn't happen after 37 A.D., since Pilate was no longer in Judea.

If we pin down the year of the crucifixion of Jesus being 37 A.D., and we know that He died at half a shemitta - on Passover (Daniel 9 : 27; John 19 : 14), then we know that the shemitta preceding His Crucifixion was 33-34 A.D. and the shemitta following His Crucifixion (3½ years later) was from Sukkot 40-41 A.D.

Therefore we can ascertain that the first shemitta following the 1969 order to "return and build" biblical Jerusalem was from Sukkot 1972-1973, and that seven shemittas from that leads us to 2021-2022 for His Second Coming.

Accordingly, here’s the true biblical and historical Timeline :

Around 540 B.C.

Gabriel gives Daniel the 70 weeks prophecy, indicating that there would be 69 shemittas (483 years) from the order to return and build Jerusalem to the (first) appearing of Messiah Prince.

Messiah would die in the middle of the final 70th shemitta (Daniel 9 : 27).

That would leave half a shemitta (3½ years) which will be the future Tribulation (Daniel 7 : 25; Daniel 9 : 25-27; Daniel 12 : 7) that will end with Messiah’s Second Coming (Daniel 7 : 13-14, Daniel 7 : 27), and will end the 70th week.

Hanukkah 446 B.C.

Nehemiah learns of Jerusalem’s gates being burnt and the sorry state of the Holy City.

Spring 445 B.C.

Artaxerxes Longimanus gives the order to return and build Jerusalem.

The first possible shemittah after his decree would have run from Sukkot 445-444 B.C.

30 A.D. (spring)

John the Baptist begins his ministry in Tiberius’s 15th year.

Tiberius’s reign began 18 September (8 Tishri) 14 A.D. His 15th year began on 18 Sept, 29 A.D. and ended on 18 Sept., 30 A.D.

Assuming that the first shemitta after Artaxerxes’ decree ran from Sukkot 445-444 B.C. :

445 B.C. – 483 years (69 shemittas) = 38 A.D.

Of the 6 years Jews intentionally removed from the B.C. calendar, the Gregorian (modern) calendar "gave back" one year, by adding a nonexistent "year 0", thus making the A.D. surplus only 5 years.

Substract 5 years from Sukkot 38 A.D. and that would take us to Sukkot 33 A.D.

33-34 A.D. therefore was the 69th shemitta from the decree to restore and build Jerusalem in 445 B.C.

Sukkot 33 A.D. is when Jesus (Messiah Prince) appeared openly to Israel (for the first time) and began His public ministry, exactly 69 shemittas (483 years) after Artaxerxes’ decree, and exactly and precisely as prophesied.

Jesus began His public ministry approximately 3½ years after John the Baptist began preaching.

Jesus was about (approximately) 30 years old.

He was actually 29 (Luke 3 : 23).

Passover, Wednesday, March 18, 37 A.D.

3½ years later, Jesus dies precisely at half shemitta, "in the middle of the week", exactly and precisely as prophesied (Daniel 9 : 27).

Sukkot 40- 41 A.D., therefore is the first shemitta following the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Since Jesus began His public ministry on Sukkot 33 A.D. at 29 years of age :

33 A.D. – 29 (Jesus’ age) = 4 A.D. – 5 years surplus = 1 B.C. Sukkot, when Jesus was born (John 1 : 14).

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky : in going from A.D. to B.C. the 5 year surplus must be deducted from A.D. then added to B.C.

We have 5 extra years in A.D. reckoning due to the removal of 6 years from the rabbinic B.C. calendar.

Conversely, B.C. doesn't have those 5 years at all (it has a 5-year deficit) since those years were excised from their calendar - on purpose.

Hence they must be added back to B.C.

Consequently, Jesus was born on Sukkot, 1 B.C. by correct Gregorian reckoning.

But He was born on Sukkot, 6 B.C. by "correct" rabbinic reckoning (1 B.C. + 5 deficit = 6 B.C.).

Hanukkah (Kislev 25-Tevet 2), 5 B.C. (or shortly after)

Herod ordered the slaughter of Bethlehem’s children in the fall of 5 B.C.

By then Jesus was a toddler, slightly over one year old, and Joseph and Mary were no longer in the sukka ("stable") where He was born, but had moved into a house in Bethlehem (Matthew 2 : 11).

Herod then commanded his men to kill all babies two years of age or under (Matthew 2 : 16). He didn’t base the two years on Jesus’ actual birth date, but (in an overabundance of caution) on the time the star had appeared to the wise men prior to Jesus’ birth (Matthew 2 : 7; Matthew 2 : 16). He wanted to make sure that no potential king would escape, and eventually replace him.

Joseph, Mary and Jesus fled to Egypt (Matthew 2 : 13-14).

Spring 4 B.C.

Herod died about 4 months later (after ordering the slaughter of Bethlehem’s babies) in spring 4.B.C., just before Passover, exactly as Josephus says.

Sometime after his death, Joseph, Mary and Jesus came back into Israel and settled in Nazareth (Matthew 2 : 19-23).

Sukkot 33 A.D. (fall)

Jesus begins His public ministry.

1 B.C. + 29 (Jesus’ age when He began preaching) = 28 A.D. (because there’s no "year zero") + the 5-year deficit = fall 33 A.D. when Jesus began His public ministry appearing openly in Israel as their Messiah Prince.

Wednesday, March 18, 37 A.D. (Passover)

Jesus was crucified. 3½ years later "in the middle of the week", (meaning in the middle of both the 7-day week and the 7-year shemitta), at precisely half shemitta.

Saturday-Sunday, March 21-22, 37 A.D. First fruits of barley

Jesus rose from the dead three days and nights later.

Iyyar 28, 37 A.D.

He ascended to heaven 40 days later.

Counting from B.C.

Artaxerxes’ decree – spring 445 B.C.

First shemitta thereafter (this is an assumption) Sukkot 445-444 B.C.

445 + 5 year deficit = 450 minus 483 years (69 weeks) = Sukkot 33 A.D.

33 A.D. That’s when Jesus appeared to Israel and began His public ministry, as per the 70 weeks prophecy (Daniel 9 : 25).

Shemitta ran from 33-34 A.D.

Jesus was "approximately 30 years old". He was actually 29.

33 – 29 = 4 A.D. minus 5 year surplus = Jesus born on Sukkot 1 B.C.

Spring 37 A.D Jesus is crucified at half shemitta, 3½ years after beginning His public ministry on Sukkot 33 A.D.

Next shemitta : 40-41 A.D.

For the first time in human history, going backward (from A.D. to B.C.) and forward (from B.C. to A.D.), all the numbers match perfectly !

The odds

I am no expert on the Science of Probability. But the late Peter Stoner, chairman of the mathematics and astronomy departments at Pasadena City College, later chairman of the science division at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, and later professor emeritus of science at Westmont, was an expert.

Professor Stoner calculated the probability of one man, the Messiah, "accidentally" fulfilling just 8 prophecies from the Old Testament as 1 in 1017 or one in 100,000,000,000,000,000 !

That's one in one hundred quadrillons.

Stoner illustrated the meaning of this number in vivid manner :

Imagine filling the State of Texas knee deep in silver dollars. Include in this huge number one silver dollar with a black check mark on it. Then, turn a blindfolded person loose in this immense sea of silver dollars. The odds that the first coin he would pick up would be the one with the black check mark are the same as 8 prophecies being fulfilled accidentally in the life of Jesus.

That indicates it’s beyond the realm of possibility (it’s impossible) for Jesus not to be the Messiah.

Jesus, of course, fulfilled more than 8 Old Testament prophecies. He fulfilled over 350 !

Glory to the one and only God and Savior forevermore !

In similar fashion, we have more than 8 Old Testament prophecies, and prophecy-related events, about the First and Second Comings of Jesus, whose precise fulfillment "by sheer accident" is beyond the realm of possibility :

In order for 2019 Rapture and 2022 Second Coming to be incorrect :

1. The two portions of the 69 weeks would have to not apply to the two comings of Messiah (Daniel 9 : 25). If they don't, there's no explanation for the division into 7 weeks and (in addition to) 62 weeks. Since Messiah promised to return, and since the 70 weeks must end with His Second Coming, for this to be mere "coincidence" is impossible (Luke 21 : 27; Acts 1 : 11; Revelation 19 : 11-20).

2. It would have to be "coincidence" that in the 1948 War of Independence, which Israel won, they lost only the Jewish Quarter, which is the Jerusalem that existed in Daniel’s time, and to which the 70 weeks prophecy applies.

3. It would have to be "coincidence" that the Jewish Quarter (the very Jerusalem that existed in Daniel’s time and to which this prophecy applies) was destroyed in the aftermath of the 1948 War of Independence, thus making it necessary to "return and build" it (Daniel 9 : 25). Jordanians could have taken the Quarter, evicted the Jews (which they did), occupied it, and left it intact : They didn't.

4. It would have to be "coincidence" that Jews recovered East Jerusalem, including the Jewish Quarter, on Ascension Day, June 7 (Iyyar 28), 1967 - the very same day Jesus went up to heaven, thus indicating that the 70 weeks prophecy countdown, interrupted in 37 A.D., was to begin again thereafter.

5. It would have to be mere "coincidence" that there was a second order, given by the Knesset in spring 1969, to "return and build" biblical Jerusalem (the Jewish Quarter).

6. It would have to be mere "coincidence" that the second order to "return and build Jerusalem" was given precisely on Passover Eve, the very day that Jesus was tried by the Jewish Sanhedrin and later crucified (the Jewish day begins and ends at sundown, not at midnight), thus bringing the 70 weeks countdown to a halt at 69½ sevens.

7. It would have to be "coincidence" that the second order was given exactly at half shemitta : exactly 1,932 "sevens" from Jesus’ Crucifixion. Thus indicating that this date, is where Jesus left off the 70 weeks prophecy countdown in His First Coming, and this date is where it picks up for His Second Coming. Therefore, the 7-week countdown to Jesus’ Second Coming must begin on the first shemitta following the order to "return and build" Jerusalem given on April 1, 1969 (Daniel 9 : 25).

8. The incontrovertible revelation about the Crucifixion year being 37 A.D. based on Tiberius’s death and Pilate’s departure from Judea, both of which occurred in that year, would have to be mere "coincidence".

9. The fact this allows us now to identify shemitta years with total certainty would have to be mere "coincidence".

10. God promised Daniel these things would remain "sealed" until (up to) the "time of the end" (Daniel 12 : 4; Daniel 12 : 9). It would have to be mere "coincidence" that this revelation didn't come 10, 5, 3 or even 2 years ago, but right at the "time of the end" like Jesus told Daniel. Had this revelation come even two years ago, there would still be uncertainty, since His Crucifixion could have taken place either in 36 or 37 A.D., thus still casting doubt on the correct shemitta years, on the year of His Second Coming, and on the year of the Rapture. But, by giving it now, it leaves no wiggle room.

11. It would have to be mere "coincidence" that we have three accredited historical witnesses to vouch for Tiberius’s death and three accredited historical witnesses to Pilate’s departure from Judea. By the testimony of two or three witnesses every matter is established (Deuteronomy 19 : 15).

12. It would have to be "coincidence" that we have, for the first time in human history, a perfect mathematical Timeline that fits in every detail, (from the order given by Artaxerxes in 445 B.C., to the birth of Jesus, the death of Herod, to John the Baptist’s ministry, to the beginning of Jesus’ Ministry, to His Crucifixion, to the Rapture, to His Second Coming) that checks out perfectly from AD to BC and from BC to AD. And that totally reconciles the altered B.C. rabbinic calendar to the flawed A.D. Gregorian calendar.

13. It would have to be mere "coincidence" that for the first time in human history the Bible, History and mathematics are all in perfect agreement with regards to the chronology of events in Jesus’ life and with regards to eschatology.

14. It would have to be "coincidence" that we now know exactly on what Feast shemittas begin and end. Deuteronomy 31 : 10 was a major piece of the puzzle. This marvelous verse also reveals that Jesus must return not just within a shemitta, but at the end of a seventh year thus fulfilling the 70 sevens.

15. It would have to be "coincidence" that, against all pundits’ predictions, and precisely at this time, we have a President, who has made headlines around the world, whose last name just happens to be "Trump", signaling that God’s "Trump" or "the last Trump" is about to sound (1 Corinthians 15 : 51-52; 1 Thessalonians 4 : 16-17). If you missed that very biblical message, you can view in our Archives 2011-2019, just click on October 2016 and scroll down to message from October 12, 2016.

16. It would have to be "coincidence" that for the first time in History (His story), we know the day (Joshua 4 : 9; Revelation 2 : 10), the hour (Isaiah 13 : 10), and the year !

In addition to these, and keeping in mind that eschatology would remain sealed until "the time of the end" (Daniel 12 : 4, Daniel 12 : 9) :

17. It would have to be "coincidence" that for the first time we have a 3½ year Tribulation Timeline of major Tribulation events that lines up perfectly with Scripture.

18. It would have to be "coincidence" that we now know the Church stays on earth for the first 10 days of the Tribulation (Revelation 2 : 10; Revelation 7 : 14).

19. It would have to be "coincidence" that we know exactly the meaning of the "2,300 evenings – mornings" (Daniel 8 : 13-14).

20. It would have to be "coincidence" that we know exactly when the 1,290 days end (Daniel 12:11).

21. It would have to be "coincidence" that we know exactly when the 1,335 days end (Daniel 12:12).

22. It would have to be "coincidence" that, for the first time in human history we know, beyond any doubt, the identity of the Antichrist (Daniel 7 : 6; Revelation 13 : 2 - Youtube)

23. It would have to be "coincidence" that for the first time in human history we can prove, biblically and authoritatively that the Rapture takes place shortly after the Tribulation begins and before any Tribulation (trumpet) judgments take place (Revelation 7 : 9-14 - Youtube)

24. Last but not least, it would have to be sheer "coincidence" that Messiah died on Passover which is the middle of a shemitta "week" or "seven", as the prophecy requires (Daniel 9 : 27). It would have to be sheer "coincidence" that Messiah died in the middle of the 70th week (Daniel 9 : 27), leaving only half a week (3½ years) to complete the 70 weeks, which is the future Tribulation (Daniel 7 : 25; Daniel 12 : 7). The Messiah had to die to strengthen the Abrahamic Covenant at half a "seven" (Daniel 9 : 27). He did. That "half a seven" was 37 A.D. Had Jesus been crucified even a year earlier, the Church would no longer be on earth. God’s judgments would be falling relentlessly. One third of mankind would have died. And His Crucifixion couldn’t have happened anytime after 37 A.D. since Pilate was no longer in the Holy Land.

There simply is no alternative.

If the odds of Jesus fulfilling only 8 of the Old Testament prophecies by sheer "coincidence" are 1 in 1017 or one in one hundred quadrillions.

The odds of 16 Old Testament prophecies (8 x 2) being fulfilled with regards to the Rapture and Second Coming must be at least twice greater.

Not to mention 24 such prophecies (or prophecy related events - 8x3).

For all these 24 thing to line up so perfectly, and for them being "mere coincidence", is almost as impossible as Jesus not being the Messiah.

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